Are you a Lego Christian?

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Lego taught me a lesson about Christians

My kids loved Lego and could play with it for hours.

I never understood what made it so addictive. So I decided to find out.

Now that they are off at University I was able to get the Lego box out and play/research with it myself.

I was surprised what I learned.

This week’s video is about coloured blocks (NOT blockheads) and the Kingdom of God.

Just click on the video and find out where you fit in.

To live a transformed life you have to know where you fit into the body of Christ.

Share the transformed life! Send this to a friend who still plays with Lego secretly.

Now I want to hear from you

What have you been able to do for God because you were part of a church family? Just leave your comments in the box below.

I’ll talk to you next week,


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  1. My mom made a difference. She came to faith about 8-10 years ago, was attending church before that, but not necessarily regularly. She began to go every Sunday, had a veracious appetite to read anything about Jesus, and together, with my dad, was helping out in our community those who had needs (ex. rides to doctor, meals, etc.). She went home to be with her Lord a week ago, and the church was packed for her funeral. She had touched a whole community, as well as her large family.

  2. Saturday I leave for a short term intensive mission to the Dominican Republic. I was asked to go not through my own church, but from another. I have personally experienced what God can do since I have given my life to him. I am very grateful because my life is getting so much better every day. I should have done this twenty years ago(or more). I plan to live my life according to God’s will or plan. I also have to thank you Dr. Mullen. The changes in my life can also be attributed to you and your wonderful video blogs. I watch them whenever I can. God Bless you and Kathy

  3. My church encouraged and prayed for me as I went to be a “dorm mom” for three weeks at a Bible school of a different denomination. The experience was amazing. What an example of connectedness.

  4. I have discovered I am in culture shock. I keep waiting for the intense energy upswing and realized it probably won’t come any more. I am more steady in emotion and mind. I couldn’t help but think, that now, I will have to learn a whole new way of thinking and acting. How does a person live in a steady mind? This is something I’ve really been pondering. I don’t feel the aggressive need to answer all the questions in bible class, or to rush though that yellow light or get all those projects finished before I crash… hmmm. I feel like I’m in a game I’ve always known and now the rules have changed. It’s very interesting to me to just stop and think, ‘how do I feel right now.’ I’m not so scattered all over the place doing and thinking a million things and not finishing much of anything. I also see the scatter around me and can focus long enough to get each spot in order. I think I like this peaceful new land in my mind. I thank God for the mind he gave you Dr. Grant!
    By the way my son loved lego! Great parable. I recently read where Jesus was explaining about the sower to his followers. Just before that he said he only spoke to others in parables but to them he explained. I thought, wow, just by reading this explaination I’ve been brought into Jesus inner circle and can ‘see and hear’. Blessings to you and your wife.

  5. Another good lesson Grant. Sometimes I feel like one lego block just sitting there by myself. This message encourages us to get out there and join other ‘legos” to work under God’s plan to get something done. God bless.

  6. I’d just like to write on the premise of Lego in the video, and I think the Kingdom. I have to respectfully disagree with the reason given as to why lego draws kids in. I think we’ve lost the magic of lego these days *because* the lego kits all come premanufacured with plans and purposes for the blocks. We have some lego at the church for some kids programming we do, and the great thing about it is that there is no defined plan or purpose for the blocks. The kids love figuring out how all these bits and pieces come together, and it is the process that draws them in, not so much the end product or what they will do with it. We, thankfully, were donated a bin of the “old style” lego which is full of just good old fashioned blocks. The kids love it (brings me back too I admit).
    I think the draw of lego is a chance to participate (or practice) in the creative character of God. We’re of his image and are drawn over and over to create (the arts especially). Lego plays off this drive. I think too, that God must have as much fun creating and re-creating us (transforming/sanctifying us) as the kids do with lego. And yes – God’s Spirit taking the bits and blocks of the church and building something more glorious (and more solid) than any one of us can imagine.

  7. Only this morning I mentioned to a friend that I’m so tired of being a lone ranger christian, or, as Grant said, one lego block trying to change the world all by myself. Because of an abusive past, and also being hurt in the church, I had been avoiding activities with other Christians. I never really stopped going to church, I was physically there but emotionally distant, trying to protect myself instead of praying and trusting God to heal me. I realize I do need the fellowship with other saints of God because I’m not perfect either and I’m sure I’ve offended others also.I agree that we need each other to accomplish God’s plans here on earth.In fact, my friend and I who prayed together this morning experienced an awesome manifestation of God’s presence like we never had before!! To God be the glory…

  8. I’m not sure I’ve been able to do anything radical, but through volunteering in the 3 and 4 year old rooms at church I’ve learned to really love simple worship. I was one of those parents who wanted to go to a church that had a great kid’s program… but I didn’t really want to miss out on any great sermons and volunteer… but I felt God weighing on me to volunteer, so I did. And it’s been awesome. Fellowshipping with other volunteer parents, enjoying the kids, watching them learn about God… it’s amazing!

    And it’s helped me to learn how to guide my own kids. I wasn’t raised in a Christian household so I didn’t attend Sunday School, this is like a second chance for me.

  9. This particular video kinda struck a note inside of me. I have been avoiding going to church and being involved christian brothers and sisters have a very bad tendancy of taking advantage of other family members. I have found working and co habitating with non christians is much more self gratifing then when being involved with your christian family…It seems like a needle in a haystack when you hook up with a sincere Christian follower in the faith. One who loves and cares like Jesus does. One who listens to the Holy Spirit. and one who is humble of heart. Its hard to go to church and link up your purpose with fellow brother and sisters “In Christ”. But truly it is how God designed it to be I just need your Kathy to teach me how to build…

  10. Grant, You have an amazing mind and sense of humor. I’m so glad the Lord rescued you from the tedium of anesthesiology so that the kingdom of God can receive fresh insights and laugh more!!

  11. Your commentary today could not have come at a better time really. I am a new member in the Body of Christ and I have made a connections with a great Home Church who truly serves and loves the Lord. I am finally getting out a piece at a time because I too did not know what it mean to be a part of the Body of Christ but I now know that each one of us, much like each piece of lego is exceptionally designed just like we all are in Christ. I am blessed to be part of a “lego system” in Christ that allows me to be the person Christ made me to be, so that by putting myself out there with all these other “lego Christians” we can form a well-knit, togetherness, if one falls off, help it back up, and we are here as Christians to help one another just as Christ would want us to do for His name sake! So, now you got me thinking about cleaning out some of my kids toys, for which many are also lego pieces which are all over the place in my basement. It’s time to gather those pieces up and start on building that “Body of Christ” in unconditional love to where we are a part of a community and serve others that are less fortunate. Tonight is a great example, as I’m ready to head out to feed about 80 ppl at Kerr Ministries in Oakville with my Home Church Group which I cannot be more blessed that I was one of the lucky ones that found the right “fit”. Keep up the great work Dr. Mullen.

  12. I agree with what you said in your video one hundred percent. We need the right church with the right people. I did fit into a church and God was using me there in many ways. Then there were break ups and many things happened at that church including, that I became spirit filled. Started believing in the gifts of the spirit etc.and that church didnt ,so I didnt fit in any more.Iam praying that God will lead me to the right church where I will again fit in. Its also like a puzzle,when all the right pieces are in the right places,then the whole comes together and nothing is impossible.Thanks for the encouragement. Phyllis.

  13. LEGO is a wonderful system! And so many applications to the “system” our Creator gave to us as His children. We certainly do all fit together and have a special placce in His family. On a practical note, I build LEGO projects as a means of self-expression and creativity. It is a magical way to spend time. And I am a 57 year old woman!

  14. I have been a pianist, Sunday school teacher and choir member of my church. These activities were stopped during covid. I now changed what my service to God can be. During isolation I have become a prayer warrior and first responder for BGEA. I have been introducing people to Jesus. There is a purpose for our life although it may change over time.

  15. Grant:
    How timely that you dug into you archives to share this message. At a time when many Christians have gotten out of the ‘habit’ of going to in person church your ‘connect the blocks’ illustration of the value of in person church is priceless. Pandemic inspired or otherwise, too many of us have become convinced that making the effort to physically be with others isn’t necessary (maybe there really are blockheads out there!) and that I can be in Christ without having to be with others. Jesus spent a lot of time alone with God. Yet the scriptures show us that He spent much of His waking time in the presence of people, especially His disciples. Even more so, the disciples needed to be in close proximity to Jesus and their fellow disciples to learn to carry out His mission. 20 centuries later are we so ‘evolved’ that we don’t need the same?
    Bravo Zulu for a job well done.

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