Are you a scary Christian?

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Samuel was incredibly gifted

But he was also scary!

People were afraid of him.

Is that a good combination?

How can you use your gifts the way God intended,

…..and not be scary?

Click on the video and I’ll explain.

To live a transformed life, you need to grow the fruits of the spirit.

Now I want to hear from you

How is God growing the fruits of the Spirit in your life? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Are you gifted or scary?

Are you gifted or scary?

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  1. You are so right on with this one. I used to tell my husband, “It’s not what you say; It is how you say it!” He was speaking the truth, but in a harsh way. Over the years he has learned to say things in a loving way! I, on the other hand, was a person that was so afraid to loose friends that I would not say anything or I would say it in way that they would not take it seriously. When I lost the “orphen spirit” I realized who I am because of Jesus. Now I have and am learning to say what I know that Lord wants said in a way that is received. It has been a 35 year process but well worth the work. Process is amazing!

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    Good question Mitch. The fruits of the spirit are listed in Galatians 5:22: But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

    The fruits grow the more you walk with God and as you unload your emotional baggage. Unloading is best done with a Christian counsellor.

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  4. Good food for thought.
    In addition to what was mentioned,and perhaps to provide a balance,there are times when we should be scary to others – not in our manner of approach to them but the testimony and witness of our lives can seem scary at times to others. Similar to the balance of God’s wrath [which we always tend to want to water down, or say it is Old Testament or rationalize it away in some way, although C.S. Lewis captured it so well in The Witch, The Lion and The Wardrobe in the line – is the lion (who depicts God) trustworthy – yes totally – is He safe – No] and His love, there is likely a place and time where scary is appropriate (not devoid of love but together with love). Christians who operate in the Spirit with purity, honesty and integrity (as Samuel did) will see things in others lives, especially sin (Samuel was a “Seer”/another term for a prophet) and that information can often bring conviction to the sinner simply by making eye contact with them (life is conveyed through the eyes). When you combine that with the anointing and power of God which Samuel carried with him, people obviously trembled in his presence. We must not forget that as scary as Samuel was, the ungodly King Saul in his desperation went to great lengths to call on Samuel even after he was dead – which indicates to me that Saul was not scary in the sense that he made you frightened for no reason – but to be respected because the gifting and power of God was on his life. In our modern day culture, I believe we have lost this profound truth that would help to keep conviction sharp. Jesus solicited a similar response as Samuel did at times – but He was never not loving. And we never have a reason to not be loving either. But in the rare occasion both scary and loving are needed.

  5. Hi I agree I’ve been trying, with God’s help, to be more loving and accepting towards people. Our family has gone through an amazingly stressful three years and God’s has sanded off some very rough edges off of me. I would like to be greeted with anything but fear because I don’t want to be scary.

    I have been receiving your emails for awhile and was wondering if I could get your 4 week self assessment guide again. I think if I received it I was too stressed out to appreciate it and to do it. If not that’s okay. I have just started looking at devotions, your weekly email, and other things more. God’s bringing our family through these times. It feels like we are able to breathe a little more. Shelley Bergh.

  6. That is an interesting message. Some spiritual gifts including prophecy, signs and wonders, etc. flow with intensity for a season so that God can reveal His greatness, His purposes and plans, and aspects of His personality in a special way. Christians operating in these gifts need to be valued and loved for who they are on the inside, not their gifts. Unfortunately we don’t get to choose our gifts. Christians who are “incredibly” gifted also often struggle with loneliness, depression and a sense of not being loved, valued or accepted for who they really are on the inside. It’s unfortunate that we elevate Christians with certain gifts over others – it really doesn’t help the body of Christ.

    In order to grow in the fruits of the Spirit, I like to be around people in everyday life who need to receive that fruit. I work for many frail, sick people. As I serve them, help them, listen to them, etc. fruits (love, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control) are being developed in me. Peace is developed in me through regular times of worship, praying in the Spirit/speaking in tongues, being in a quiet place listening for God’s still, small voice. Peace comes to me in an environment/atmosphere where there is creativity, diversity and quietness. God has at times used trials and tribulations, as well as times of having to wait on Him to develop fruit. Reading/meditating on Scriptures that describe God’s love and attributes develops fruit.

    I struggle with growing in love and especially growing in joy, because of my problems with depression. I have faced a lot of abuse and opposition from family members who don’t believe and several religious, legalistic leaders who have made life very hard for me. When people tell me I take God too seriously, I become depressed, and when I try not to take God too seriously, I also become depressed. A Christian with certain gifts who struggles with depression has to be very careful. If you say the wrong thing to a secular psychiatrist or nonbeliever you could get told that you’re delusional, in a state of psychosis, given a psychiatric label, etc. Then the accuser comes and confirms those lies. Unfortunately many Christians and churches consider people who struggle with depression and other mental health issues as failures, a source of shame and embarrassment – not a good witness. They want to give a quick fix – cast out a demon or get you to memorize and speak the Word. These can be helpful, but ultimately love is the answer.

    I’m thankful that mental health is being talked about more these days and that the stigma, fear, and sense of shame are being removed. Recently, the Holy Spirit reminded me that I need to accept and openly admit to myself and others that I have a problem with depression. I wanted to believe that I was recovered so that I wouldn’t have to feel like a failure anymore. As I acknowledged the truth, the tears flowed and Jesus poured mercy, forgiveness, grace and love into me. Although I don’t like the label “mentally ill”, I’m thankful for various individuals who are willing to openly and publicly tell others about their struggles. I’m thankful for Dr. Mullen and all the ways God is using him to bring encouragement, hope and freedom.

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