Are you a slave or a son/daughter?

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Was Jesus religious?

Actually he came to bring the end of religion.

Religion is a system of rules.

Jesus wants a relationship.

Religion creates slaves.

Jesus wants sons and daughters.

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  1. I find it challenging as a parent of kids/teens to convey this grace relationship to my children. While we let them know all the time how much we love them, unconditionally, when we chastise them for something like being unkind to their sibling, they feel like we don’t love them and want perfection. Yet I can’t hold back from giving my children any correction at all. I’m asking God for wisdom in this.

  2. The recent situation in Kentucky [I think] is on my mind; I don’t agree with the clerk refusing to provide marriage licences to gay couples. I think her issue is deeper i.e., the right to refuse due to religious beliefs, but she is working in a governmental office. I am praying for wisdom on this. Christians are going to be perceived more and more as judgemental and unloving…as you note, relationship building is God’s interest.

  3. I agree that we are not slaves, but unfortunately some famous pastors like John MacArthur base their whole sermons and books on this lies. I bought one of his books “The gospel according to Jesus” and I throw it out in the garbage so nobody would read it. I feel sorry for his church.

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