Are you being deceived?

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I had been deceived by a lie!

…for 6 years.

It was very embarrassing.

Particularly because I teach people how to recognize lies and replace them with truth.

Then I got angry!

I wasn’t going to be the victim of those lies any longer!

Click on the video so this won’t happen to you.

To live a transformed life, you need to ask God where you are being deceived.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God shown you areas of deception? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Here’s a link to the book that helped me, Conquering the Religious Spirit.

The antidote to pessimism video -with Steve Backlund

I believed a deception for 6 years

I believed a deception for 6 years

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  1. Is Steve Backlund’s book that same book that you refer to in your Video Blog that describes the symptoms of being under the spirit of deception?

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  5. Hi Dr Mullen
    The video titled ‘Are you being deceived’ certainly spoke to me! I would love to know what the title of the book is that affected you so strongly and set you free.
    Thanks very much

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  7. Yes, I believed a lie and was deceived for 37 years! I believed a lie that says ‘Blood IS thicker than water’. In other words relatives are more important that friends. I knew the Proverb that says a friend can be closer than a brother, but it never made sense to me, that’s because I was believing a lie. Once I gave myself permission to question any core beliefs (and I certainly received and overhaul) I was released from the entrapment of only making family significant to me. It’s a bittersweet experience as I’m now experiencing rejection from the very people I thought loved me! But I now have a wonderful sphere of Godly people with whom I am close and I am free to love everyone. God certain has repaid the years that the locusts stole!
    It’s been 10 years since the beginning of that treacherous journey and I think I am ready for God to do it again – this time I know I am a little wiser and definitely more experienced! Thanks for sharing so candidly with us, you’re very brave.

  8. I am enlightened by your video. I am sure that I have been decieved. I have said the prayer that you mentioned and I am expecting God to reveal the truth to me.Thank you for your videos . They have been a real blessing to me. Phyllis .

  9. Through Elijah house ministries and Grant’s ministry I have recieved a tonne of healing and dismantling of lies over the past two years. I still can’t shake this lie and I need to get alone with God and let Him Show me His truth: people don’t change. True transformations are few and far between. Especially with men and the men I choose to be in my life…something to work on.

  10. God has been showing me several areas of deception in my life. They were developed through lies I believed in my early teens. When I found life too painful to bear I in a sense lost the will to live. One of the lies that I’ve believed is that God in His mercy will let me die and go to heaven soon. Another lie that I’ve believed from my early teens is that there’s something wrong with me or abnormal about me for wanting to please God and love God the way I do because nobody else seems to care about God. Another deceiving habit from my early teens that seems entrenched within me is that every day I hope and believe that this is my last day here and that tomorrow I will get to go to heaven to be with Jesus and the Father. As a result I don’t like to make plans for myself or have dreams for my future. I prefer living in the moment.

    Since my job involves a fair bit of menial labor, I tend to daydream a lot about heaven, about being in the presence of Jesus and the Father, and about the fact that heaven is a safe, comforting place. There is no suffering, sadness, pain, loss, or rejection there. When I was 20, I tried to take my own life. I believed since I received Jesus as Savior that God would let me come to heaven. I ended up in the hospital. While lying on the bed, I had an experience or vision where I was taken to hell, left there for a little while and then was allowed to come back. Since then I’ve received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and have gone for counselling, confession of my sins and family sins, speaking forgiveness, receiving deliverance, inner healing, various teachings, etc. I also read my Bible regularly and speak positive confessions over my life. These have helped to some degree.

    I recently discovered that I use some of my sources of comfort (reading the Bible, praying in the Spirit, worshiping, daydreaming) as a form of escapism at times. I guess escapism is a form of deception. I’ve begun to realize that God requires more from me in this life after all.

  11. Thanks for your helpful videos…I look forward to watching them and receiving encouragement. I would like to read some of those prayers you prayed.


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