Are you called or just a layman?

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What is the highest calling?

Were you taught that the highest calling in life was to be a pastor, evangelist or missionary?

The rest of us just got a job.

Did that make you feel ripped off? I did.

I figured that I hadn’t made the cut so I was tossed into God’s plan B. Condemned to be just a worker drone serving those who were called.

Are you called or just a layman?

This week’s video is about calling. What are the callings and who gets called.

Just click on the video and find out if you are called.

To live a transformed life you need to know your calling and get on with it.

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Now I want to hear from you

What is your unique calling and how are you walking it out? Just leave your comments below.

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Comments 35

  1. Just a word of thanks for your wisdom sound bites. I am in the process of starting and sustaining a business. Would you pray for me? I will pray for you and your family. Am enjoying your evolving style of video making.

    God Bless You,
    Sheryl Crighton

  2. I love your weekly videos. Great teaching and perspective. Thank you so much for “your calling” and sharing it with me (us).


  3. I used to think that God would “Call” to me or magically make some big project
    clear too me with flashing lights or have to pack up and travel to a needy part of the world and maybe this is true for some but I feel for the majority of us God wants or has called us just right to where we are now. I am called to be the person I can be myself. I am called to be the best wife that I can be to my husband, the best mother to my two children, the best friend to my friends and the best employer to
    my staff, best etc in what ever circumstance I find myself. I used to get hung up on whether I was in the right place , meeting the right people, saying the right things.
    Thank goodness .. it’s hard trying to be someone I am not … : )

  4. I was a stay at home mom and knew that was my calling as we adopted 2 children who desperately needed us. It was a full time job as my daughter had alot of medical needs. When we moved to this area 12 years ago I did feelsort of alone as most moms in our church were also working outside the home. But everyone is called to serve the Lord wherever he plants you. Now that my kids are grown and have their own families I am trying to see what new adventure God has in store for me. My health is not great so some days i think maybe He just wants me to work on these areas for a while.

  5. Wonderful parable. Just last week I was reading the parable of the sower and just before the explanation Jesus give the scripture about seeing and hearing but not understanding, then he says he will explain it to them because it is for them to know. I thought, just by reading this God has brought me into the inner circle; that I am not one of the masses anymore, but am given the explanation… to know and understand! It’s always encouraging to read an “inner circle” message!
    Have a blessed day!

  6. Yes Sheryl, I’ll pray for your business. You’ve been called to the marketplace. Barbara, we’ve made “calling” far too dramatic. We are to shine where God has placed us.
    Lorlie, welcome to the inner circle. That’s where sons and daughters belong.

  7. Thank you Grant…:)
    That’s the best sermonette I’ve heard on “the calling’s” or gifts of God!
    I remember hearing many church leaders present and past saying that to be called into the “ministry” was the greatest calling….That has never sat right with me and still doesn’t.
    We are all called, all gifted, all anointed to preach, teach and live the gospel of Jesus Christ. God has NO favorites with His children, therefore to single out one over the other would be unloving and a lie and our Father in Heaven is LOVE and can not lie.
    The “Ministry” has been stereotyped for too long. It has been nothing more than a way to control and manipulate believers. We all have been given something, and some have been given much…It is up to us to discover what that is through our walk with God our Father who gives us Identity and Purpose. Through Christ Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit we can and will fulfill all He has planned for us. No offence to those who are ministers, but it would be a pretty bland world with only one calling and gifting.
    I’m an artist. For years I believed the lie that the “arts’ were not spiritually important, at least the visual arts. I carried guilt when ever I would create, because I wasn’t out winning souls. When He has me create art whether inside the church or outside,
    I can say now that I KNOW who I am and have come to understand my place in the body of Christ.
    When I create, I feel His pleasure and that is my measure, for this is the reason I have been called….

    Debbie (Aristone) Jeans

  8. Hi Grant, Wayne here. Long time no see. I was watching your latest video on being a layman. GOOD STUFF. I really enjoy YOUR videos. Keep up the good work.God bless bless you and your family. Wayne

  9. Hi Grant..I had to listen to this video twice to really understand the message. I guess it’s because for years I have believed that God had only called the apostles, pastors. evangelists, etc, to share the gospel, while we support them as laypeople. But I have never really let that lie stop me from ministering to hurting people all around me these past thirteen years since I came to Christ. I kinda knew in my heart that my pulpit is wherever He has planted me.So, in addition to sharing my testimony of how God healed me and saved me as a dying moslem at churches and at various meetings, etc, I share my poems, I pray with others in need, I love to sing and do creative things, like making gifts and giving to others. In all of my endeavours, my goal has been to become more Christlike, which is what I believe the Lord requires of all of us, no matter where He has planted us.I used to be terrified as a babe in Christ that I would miss my calling or not fulfill God’s plan for my life, but I can say that I am truly contented in doing what I’m doing right now, which is living for Him and being a blessing to those around me.God Bless..

  10. Thanks once again for the wonderful videos which mean a lot to me! Yes we are called to bloom where we are planted and for me is working with the children and helping out the younger moms so they can enjoy their time out for a break too.
    Keep up the good work.



  11. Yes, bloom where you are planted. Your callings may change with different seasons of life so be flexible. Some callings may have to wait for example, until the kids are in school or have left home. Be patient.

  12. Really good… enjoyed the parable. Explanation of the “talent growing” was enjoyable. I’m so glad that I am not “just a layman”. I’m not sure of my calling completely, but would lean towards being a person who genuinely wants to love others and care for others regardless of situation, ie: homeless, lonely, or using drugs/alcohol/sex to alleviate the pain in their lives.

  13. Thanks Grant. Loved your take on the talents. It is a new slant on it for me and I have been blessed. I am currently involved as a layman in Healing Prayer Ministry in Melbourne Australia and have seen God do some amazing things in bringing healing, freedom and victory into people’s lives. Keep up the good work. God is blessing your ministry and blessing me through it.

  14. I’ve done missionary stints overseas, some shorter, one at least over two years. But God closed the door and ‘brought me home’ where I didn’t want to be! Even though theology tells me I’m wrong in feeling this, a part of me has felt “not good enough” to be “over there”, where I thought God had called me to be a full-time overseas missionary. Since coming home this last time – almost six years now – God has placed me in a job, driving a bus for the elderly and handicapped. It opened up a part of me that had been locked up, though I didn’t know it. It has turned out to be a huge blessing to me, as well as to the many customers who receive God’s love and grace working through me. When I’m alone in my bus, God directs me in praying for people – be it fellow church members, friends, family, passengers, or just people I see on the street! I’m still sad I’m not “over there” but there has also been a letting go of the missionary dream and a turning toward what He has for me here. Thanks, Grant, for contributing to the re-adjustment of perspective.

  15. Dear Dr. Mullen,

    Your video presentation hit the nail right on the head for me. My husband and I have been having marital difficulties for sometime now. I have sought the Lord and counseling, have found help, but am still not “presiding beside green pastures”. I had never seen the correlation that you made between the talents we have been giving and our calling. This is very freeing. We just “sow”. I can do that. Thank you! This also takes pressure off of me to try and be the “perfect wife”. Again, I can just sow.

    Thank you again. I am grateful for what you shared. Many blessings to you!


  16. I am a fairly new Christian and during the sermons I was told I had to go out there and spread the word. I have tried with my family…without lecturing, but they still didn’t want to hear it. My coworkers are aware that I am a Christian, but it would be inappropriate to try to share at work because I am a nurse and you are not supposed to bring personal beliefs into the workplace. I asked a friend about this who is also a nurse. She said you can share everyday at work, and at home, just by leading by example. This thought gave me renewed energy to be a better person with my family and coworkers and to provide care and nurturing to my patients whenever possible. My patients have been very grateful, and I have found improved relations with coworkers and my family.

    Thank-you for the great inspirational messages. I found your website when I was going through a bad depressive episode.I had gone off meds because I was told if I had enough faith I could be healed. I read your book and it was so good. It really put things into perspective. Thank-you.

  17. Tracey, welcome to Home Missions!
    Randi, keep sowing. God has promised a harvest.
    Susan, as a physician I understand the limits to sharing your faith at work. You are correct, lead by example and then take advantages of the opportunities that God opens to you. A gentle approach always works best. Aggressive witnessing just burns bridges.

  18. Thank you Grant for that message on the parables, and Ibelieve my calling is to be an intercessor, but I am having to learn how to pray and have confidence again, in the church I am in I am gaining confidence again in praying boldly. In my last church I had difficulty praying out loud in church, but I am really blessed where I am now.

    Thank you for all your wonderful videos God Bless Gayle

  19. Thanks Grant, can’t say I’ve ever heard THAT interpretation of that parable before! (When we did start getting monetary values and talents mixed up??) Anyway, being raised in a pretty evangelical environment, it’s been a bit of a struggle all these years to be “just” a teacher, in the public school system, no less! 😀 I’m feeing freer as I’m not attending such an evangelical church as before. Love what you have to say! Brings freedom!

  20. I enjoyed your video for the longest time I thought only those on the alter or on a mission field were to tell others about God and those who were supporting them were called of God the rest of us were just not doing anything for God but since having to stop work for medical reasons and volunteering to help in a nursing home and visiting people who did not have anyone checking on them did I realize we are all doing Gods work when we ask God to lead us

  21. Ha ha haaaa ….. What a great piece, Grant !

    I’m particularly opiniated and sensitive to matters of THE CALLLLLL …( spooky, mystical voice used here) … since my family is rampant with pastors and missionaries and each of their stories about how they Hearrrd Goddd. Well, I’ll just leave that business with Him, but I’m so glad to have at least one more person – You! – remind us that ALL work is honorable, needed and called forth, and in God’s blessing and keeping — necessary for the Whole Body.

    We’ve turned pastors into sacred cows, as it were. The way young people are fawned over when it is learned they are responding to THE Call, makes me shake my head. Some of the praise and nervously happy comments expressed seem to imply these ones are being elevated above the hordes. Why are other Christian young people with God-given purpose, passion and “call” upon them, not elevated and applauded when they head off to be great Anesthetists or Stay At Home Mothers, Loyal and Hardworking Truckdrivers, Physicists, Ace Tour Guides, Favorite Waitresses, Excellent Hairdressers, Denstists, Child Care Workers, or Accountants?

    I get especially worked up when God-loving young or old people get told by entirely too many well-meaning (but possibly misguided!) others, “Ohhhh …. YOU should be a pastor!” And on what do they base this? That person lives love in action, lends a hand at church in various ways, might lead a Bible Study or youth group, is conversant about Our Lord, stays out of trouble for the most part, and wonder of wonders, might even be asked by Herr Pastor to sometimes lead a service. All this because that person is able and willing to get up in front, and has an obvious ability to serve with a generous and willing heart. It MIGHT mean that person may eventually become a pulpit pastor, but it might only mean that h/h is able and willing to be helpful in these obvious “churchy” ways, has some apparent, budding leadership skills, and can be thanked and then encouraged to continue to grow. Those of us in the ministry are grateful for these come-alongside servants.

    Conversely, other Good Kids and Adults are good at other things, but their efforts and outcomes are not necessarily seen in such a holy light (cough cough !). Or their leadership skills develop later, or they’re not as bold and conversant about Jesus – yet !! Does it mean they are Call-less? No.

    Altogether too many of these Good Hearts listen to well-meaning church people praise their abilities and end up behind a pulpit when, possibly, they were intended to stay in “less holy” places in that unholy place called the secular world or the marketplace, and be wholly effective there.

    I truly believe some of the most potent examplers and ministers of The Word in our present culture are those Lovers and Workers of Jesus, and Servers of Him and Others, who do so faithfully, 24/7, in whichever environment they find themselves. They are real to those around them – Jesus with skin on – when they simply live out Faith in action, and not by owning a pulpit and pastor robes. Both arenas are needed in The Kingdom. But the world is not currently beating down the doors of our churches to get in, while many of these hungry ones are today being reached for The Lord in the ordinary workplace, by ordinary Jane and Joe, unadorned by certificates and degrees that boast they were at Bible School or Seminary.

    Ordinary = extra-ordinary, since we are royal sons and daughters, capable of all He leads us to do with willing hearts and hands, in hidden or visible ways.

    We ALL have The Call to serve and minister in Jesus’ Name.

  22. Thank you once again for a very good word from the Lord. It is a blessing to know that whatever we do for the Lord, in our homes, at our jobs or in our churches is what our calling is. To show the Lord to all people not only by our words but also by our deeds.
    The most cheerful person, who had answered a call, I have ever seen was a janitor at a church I attended. I was doing the bookkeeping at the time and often caught a ride with him to get out to the church. He always ‘whistled while he worked. Just like one of the dwarfs (the one named Cheerful). Even on a day there had been a significant downpour of rain during the night and came out to find half of the building covered in a layer of muddy goo on carpeting no less. He still whistled the whole time he cleaned it up. He answered one of the less favored callings a church has as most people do not consider any kind of Janitorial work a calling. He has gone to live with Jesus now and is fondly remembered by all who attended that Church during the years he did the Janitorial work.

  23. I believe everyone is called.

    Brought up as a Catholic, I was taught the most important virtue is humility. Without it you’re a hollow drum, making a lot of noise but lacking something important; in the heart. I was taught to put God first, myself last, and everone else between God and me.

    I believe it was a true and most important lesson. And very difficult. But I could see why Jesus said, the first shall be last and the last first.

    Years ago I was watching the PTL club or as it was later changed to the Jim Baker Club or Show. There was a panel of business men all dressed in their 3 piece suits and all talking about how they had become born again Christians and gone from being poor to being rich. They all puffed themselves up and spoke authoritively.

    At the end of the panel was someone who looked like Friar Tuck with the same haircut and cassock. He was just listening for almost the whole show until finally near the end they asked him what it meant to be a Christian.

    He said to be a Christian you have to know what it feels like to be a lamb. They were startled and asked him what he meant. He then told them the story that Jesus told about the Good Shepherd (himself) going out and finding that poor lost sheep and protecting it with his strength and love and carrying it back home. He said to be a Christian is to feel Jesus’ strong loving arms wrapped around you and carrying you, protecting you from all evil and harm.

    To me it sounded so beautiful compared to what I had heard before that I expected the panel of businessmen to say, “Wow. How incredibly beautiful!” Instead they sneered at him and castigated him and said, “How dare you try to teach us!” He was visibly hurt by their reaction.

    He didn’t realise that he had just “cast pearls before swine”.

    Even though that show claimed to be interdenominational, I believe that was the first and last time I ever saw a Catholic on the program.

    So for myself, I’ve never been disappointed to not be a priest, minister or missionary. Every day I have the opportunity to pick up my cross and follow that Good Shepherd because I know how that lamb felt.

  24. Dr. Mullen…thank you for bringing up this subject. For many years I felt a failure for not living up to what I was supposed to be as a christian…an evangelist I am not. Though sometimes I’d hear about us “lesser” gifted people, but still the emphasis was on preaching and teaching as if it was the only calling. It took until recently to realize that we all have gifts that together with others truly make up the church, and each part is important.

    I have the gift of helps and discernment. Doing little things are very clear to me; things that will help others to accomplish what they’re are doing. Like preparing the church for service, helping in the nursery and children’s ministry, greeting, helping an elderly person while going for a walk, helping to feed the homeless, just being dependable. Most of the time it is unnoticed, but I know God sees. While most of attention goes to the front-line preachers, worship teams, the behind the scene people really have a major importance and purpose too.

  25. Hi thank you for the video and all of the comments, they are freeing. I do pray for a clear awareness of my calling where ever that maybe. And all the necessary things I will need to be fruitful in that. Thanks,

  26. Appreciated your comments…I remember once I had a dream that I was wearing shoes that were way too big for my feet. I asked the Lord about that and he said I needed to walk in my own shoes. (not try to be someone else)

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