Are you facing Goliath?

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by circumstances?

Do you have insurmountable obstacles in your life?

Are you wondering what to do next?

There are 2 ways you can respond.

One leads to paralysis, the other to victory.

Click on the video and make your choice.

To live a transformed life you need to know how to face Goliath.

Now I want to hear from you

How have you faced Goliath, what happened? Just leave your comments in the box below.


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Comments 9

  1. I have faced many obstacles and God have brought me through , however I am once again facing some serious situations mainly Fianacial – I had to change employment and this new job depends on sales – if you don;t make the sale there is no income. I am trusting God for a break through in sales to once again to be the head and not the tail as he has promised.

  2. Post

    Father, you have given Clifford this job as an answer to his financial problems. We ask that you would bring him the clients that his product will be a blessing to. You have promised to look after your children and we stand on that today.

  3. Thanks Grant for starting my day off right. I have sent it on to a friend who needs so very much to know this truth as he faces the failure of his marriage. Thank you
    Rob Davis

  4. You are so right Grant.

    I have so much coming at me right now. Not one Goliath, but so many!

    My husband has filed for divorce, is in adultery, has become an alcoholic, has lost his job, and we have to sell our family home. We aren’t even sure where we (the kids and I) will live.

    Because of dealing w/ these for the past 3 + years, I am so much stronger in The Lord. In fact, I accepted Jesus as Lord as Savior of my life. Instead of living in fear, I know that God is allowing these things and He knows exactly what is going on. My faith and trust is in The Lord and not in my circumstances and man. It’s not easy, but God will see me through. Please pray for my husband’s salvation.

  5. I am facing several Goliaths right now. Addictions. Addictions that I will overcome. Thanks Grant for these video’s….they are so timely.

  6. Our family has just walked through the valley of the shadow of death. Our 24 y/o youngest daughter has just completed 580+ hours of chemo and fought non hodgkins lymphoma. She is cancer free and recovering here with us. We are rejoicing with the news. My heart has had many different feelings and now I just don’t know how to “kick” this overwhelming lament of all that has happened to our precious child and every negative side effect shows up. We have prayed against side effects and many other things. Our Lord has shown goodness and mercy to our daughter. I feel like I am at the “wailing wall” and can’t stop. I can only imagine this is similar to post traumatic stress. “How shall we then live?”

  7. Post

    Kristi, that’s indeed a very traumatic experience. Allow God to wrap his arms of love, comfort and reassurance around you. Give him your pain and receive his love in return. Thanks for sharing.

  8. My reality is sinking in. Empty…No words! My house and possessions were just up for sale. 6 days ago evacuated from flood disaster where i lived in a home in High River. I fled the waters coming towards us with my dogs after trying to bail sewage from basement. I just came through emotional break down from husband taking off for the 5th time 8 months ago. I couldn’t feel Gods presence for months and just got through it. And now I’m slipping back in a isolating state again! Numb with a.dead stare just zoning out. Billeted in my senior parents living room. They don’t handle emotional expression. (Only faith) And I am stuffing and swallowing so I can avoid being manipulated by guilt/shame told how i should be handling this. Closed off, Displaced, homeless and secretly dieing on the inside. Just completely overwhelmed. A village of giants.

  9. Post

    Yes Kristine, those are Goliaths! All of Canada has been shocked by the destruction of your town by the floods. Our hearts go out to you and wish we could be more help. God has not abandoned you. He is continuing to guide you even when you can’t feel Him. There is always hope! Continue to trust his guidance when you can’t see the way forward.

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