Are you frustrated with God?

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Why doesn’t God answer your perfectly good prayer?

You’ve got a problem.

You know what God needs to do to solve it.

You’ll get the result you want and God will get all the glory. It’s perfect a plan so you pray it.

Then nothing happens.

You pray some more……. and nothing.

What is God waiting for?

What is God waiting for?

You’re not the first person to be frustrated with God.

In fact the Bible describes a life and death situation where devout people were very frustrated and hurt by God’s inaction.

In this video we’ll look at why God often delays his answers to our perfectly good prayers.

Just click on the video and let’s get honest with God.

To live a transformed life you have to learn to trust God through the frustrating times.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God come through for you after a long time of frustration? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 18

  1. For me it is not a matter of trust – I am at the point where I don’t believe that I am even loved by God. I beg him every day to remember me, to love me, to help me. I try to convince him that it won’t hurt him & not to abandon me but nothing. Am I trusting him more? Maybe – trusting that he will make my life even worse. I am not asking for worldly things or selfish things or a million dollars, just for a job w/o abuse so I can contribute to society. Think those are pretty good requests but apparently not. I do appreciate your movies though!

  2. I went for a period of a year and a half without a job, living off of savings, my credit card, and temporary jobs, here and there. God came through for me with a job, which some might say proved to be even tougher than not having a job because I was then faced with dealing with some very unloving people. I then changed churches where a prophecy given to a friend tried to ruin my life and still tries to inch its way into my thinking- part of the prophecy said that she would do the new thing because she’s faithful, and that some of her friends were going to leave, they won’t change, and they didn’t like her anyway. It got so bad that I was at the place where I did not think God loved me because of how this prophecy was delivered, scared that I would be the one who wouldn’t change, wouldn’t do the new thing, and didn’t like her anyway- none the less, I left the church angry and hurt, and my relationship with my friend suffered and its now going through what i believe is a healing stage. I went through a very hard time and my trust in God was at an all time low, but by the grace of God I am being healed and restored in my relationship with God and coming to understand that He loves me. The prophecy was delivered in such a way to make the friends who would leave sound like God didn’t want to have anything to do with them and thus didn’t love them in my ears- and I received that as meaning me, I’m sure with help from the Devil. I am in a place now where I can see that God came through with a job for me, kept me through the difficulties on my job, through the turmoil at my church and with my friend, and is the one restoring my relationship with Him. All things are possible with God, we just have to believe it.

  3. Thank-you, Dr. Grant, these have been exactly my thoughts and frustration has been my trial in these last few days. I think the Holy Spirit led me to Psalms 88 and 89. Can you please expand on “How to Trust God when we feel frustrated”. Do we walk around saying, “I choose to trust you God and Jesus” over and over and over until we pass out? Do we continue to do our spiritual exercises – Bible reading, journalling, listen to sermons, listen to Praise music, attend worship services, even though we seemingly get nothing out of it? It’s so hard!!!

  4. Hi Grant,
    Thanks for your great video clips.
    I have a problem with todays message though and the linking of the Lazarus story to my trusting God.
    The problem is that in our lives Lazarus often does not come to life and you have to ask what would have happened to Jesus’ relationship with his friends if he had stayed “dead”. Here it is easy because 2 or 3 days after the sad event Jesus came through but it is not so easy when you lose a loved one, have cancer, lose a job, are abused or live in a dark space.
    My life has been a good one – fortunately – but when the dark days arrive can I really expect a Lazarus outcome?

  5. Hi Grant,
    More than once, I thought that I’d lost everything but God restored what was lost & then some!
    Twice & lost my home & God provided a new one FULLY paid for!!
    Now I am trusting Him to do the same with my health.
    Many of the health challenges I have been battling most of my adult life but I don’t blame God for not answering my prayers. I know He’s already accomplished the work in Christ’s death on the cross. Now it is up to me to stand on that finished work, and receive Him as my healer, by faith, just as I trusted him to save me from my sins, almost 40 years ago.
    “No good thing will He withhold from from them that walk uprightly” Ps 84:11
    Thank God the I am clothed in Jesus righteousness.

  6. When I first got saved I came to know God the Son and God the Holy Spirit in a real and tangible way.However, because my earthly father was abusive I had real difficulty understanding God as my Father.I prayed for years for understanding in this area until I got plain, old mad with God. One night I was telling God exactly what I thought of him, and it wasn’t really good stuff either, when an incredible peace came over me, as if someone had covered me with a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night. I fell asleep, woke up and continued to tell Him off when all of a sudden it’s like a light went on and the Scriptures about Jesus and the Father being One became so very real to me. Prior to that I knew Jesus was also my Heavenly Father, but it was only intellectually, it was only head knowledge. After that night, I now know in my heart that He is my real, true Father who wants what’s best for me and not wanting to hurt me.I can trust Him because He is a good Father.This experience showed me how much God wants us to be honest with Him.So many people are afraid to be emotionally honest with God like I was that night.Instead of Him whacking me over the head, He wrapped His arms of love around me and finally revealed Himself as my Father..Praise God!!

  7. Thanks Grant. There’s another story in Daniel 9 where Daniel prayed but the answer was delayed because the Prince of Persia resisted the one who was coming for 21 days. Daniel kept praying and “again the one who looked like a man touched me and gave me strength. “Do not be afraid O man highly esteemed,” he said. “Peace!” Be strong now, be strong.” God does answer our prayers but sometimes the answer is delayed due to interference by the enemy. We must be like Daniel and keep praying and wait and rest in Him. God has plans for us – plans to prosper us and not harm us, plans for a hope and a future. Yes, I feel frustrated at times with God because I want my prayers answered NOW. (like my non- Christian friends coming to know Jesus as Saviour – I want them to come to know Jesus NOW!) We live in a NOW society but with God a thousand years is a day and a day is a thousand years. God’s timing is perfect so I must learn to trust Him completely in every given situation. Blessings to all and may Christ fill your Christmas

  8. I’m sorry for the delay in my response. I had a hard drive crash and had to get it replaced so I wasted several days on that.
    Thanks for the great comments.
    It’s wonderful to hear how God came through for others when you are in a difficult place and still in the frustration stage. Many of us can’t wait until we are able to give a testimony like that.
    Yes during frustrating times we have to continue to walk with God and keep reminding ourselves of how he brought us through things in the past.
    Yes we can be honest with God and he still wants to hug us!
    Keep on trusting!

  9. Thank you Dr. Grant. I know that I know God is there for me. But when I listened to this last video I realized that I had stopped praying alot because it seemed that God wasn’t doing anything. I wasn’t frustrated, just plain tired. My husband’s heart goes into atrial fibrilation about every 2 weeks for about 15 – 18 hours. Every time we pray but nothing changes how long. Well this last time it was past 35 hours. My husband went to emergency and they planned to defibrilate him. I put out text messages for everyone on my cell phone that had cells to pray. Within a minute I was getting responses of people praying. Within 5 minutes his heart converted on its own about a minute before the doctor walked in to jolt him.
    I praise God. I know he answers in his own good time for whatever reason. I don’t feel frustrated, just tired. Dreading the end of two weeks wondering how long it will be.

  10. God gave me a word of healing for my clicking jaw problem at a worship service in February 2012, while people around me prayed. Nothing changed. Then in March, God reminded me that 12 years ago, at a physiotherapy appointment, I was told my hip and pelvic area were compressed on that side of my body. So at the next worship service, someone prayed for God to reposition my hip and pelvic area but nothing changed. Then, the afternoon of April 4, 2012 (the day of Dr.Grant’s blog, “Are you praying with authority”) I asked my small group to pray for me. The ladies spoke with authority, in Jesus’ name, commanding my leg to grow out and my hip and pelvic area to be repositioned and at the end of the prayer, my heels met, in length, for the first time in my life. I saw it with my own eyes, but I was not sure until two days later when I began to feel healing pains in my legs. As a result, chronic pain in my alternate knee is going away. My shoulder and jaw on the healed side are recovering from a lifetime of imbalance. God never fails. You will receive a miracle today, in Jesus’ name!

  11. God brought Father Heart school ( to my city. God enabled me to attend the school. I entered school in fear and distress. I attended every session of the school and did not miss anything because I wanted the full benefit. I enjoyed every moment of the school and it was worth every penny. I finished school in love and sonship (daughtership). The school lasted one full week. Then it was done and I noticed that I can no longer panic. God disconnected my panic disorder. Now, when my old training tries to trigger a panic attack, my system does not respond. I AM TRULY FREE. God’s love in my heart soothes my soul. I am looking forward to many good surprises and heart adjustments as the reality of God’s LOVE in me radiates through the tiniest bit of my cells, frequencies, functions, processes, etc. I plan to stay on my medication for one full year, then seek God for a possible decrease at that time.
    Dr. Grant, your advice ALWAYS proves itself true to me. I believed and hoped God would have a spectacular solution for my panic disorder. God encouraged me to expect the unexpected…to hope without control. God’s promises are true and certain. I have true love from God through Jesus Christ via Holy Spirit.

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  13. Dr. Grant Mullen,
    I’ve heard testimonies of people suffering from God’s inaction, then a week, month, a few years later they get some sort of feeling, an answered prayer, you know something tangible. For me it has been decades of nothing, as far as I can tell. God’s silence is heartbreaking, discouraging, just plain misery. Now entering the 5th decade without anything from God. I am thankful for Jesus and his sacrifice for our eternal souls, but where is God in this life, absent. I cry because God seems to be ignoring me. I am depressed because of God’s complete lack of action. My faith is barely holding on, because I still pray, talk to, yell at, beg God to help me. I have only known poverty my whole life, just barely staying alive at times. So far none of my prayers, as far as I can tell, have been answered. Some can’t be answered as the person being prayed for died anyway. Not all of us have had a fruitful relationship with God and Jesus.

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