Are you in God’s will?

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God should give us a map!

It would make finding his will so much easier.

Instead, we  struggle to know his will and make right decisions.

But what about when you step out in faith and everything goes wrong?

Are you out of God’s will?

Click on the video and I’ll explain how to sort that out.

To live a transformed life you need to learn how to walk by faith when you can’t see where you’re going.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God taught you to walk by faith? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Do you have vision?

Don't you wish you had a map?

Don’t you wish you had a map?

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  1. Hi there: It way too hard, Ok I feel that I have struggled all my life and I feel so unloved. I have experienced always road blocks and I all I really need is to stay calm and Peace I to have a really good sleeping pattern so I can experience God’s best thank you for your teachings

  2. What a wonderful message today that you have shared with us. Having faith and trusting in God for all things, good and sometimes not so good, I had to understand that God is for us and not against us. I went through a situation about 3 1/2 years ago where I had asked God for his guidance in whether or not the job I had accepted was in fact His will. He opened doors for me and shortly there after I became very ill after accepting that job. What I realize now and looking back that God had my back the entire time, not realizing what I see today that God had a purpose and plan for my life and He orchestrating it beautifully. I can truly say God is faithful to the very end. He took care of me while I was ill the entire time and financially He carried me through without being able to work but the company I worked for was wonderful and they had the best benefits anyone could ever ask for. So you see, we don’t see the big picture until God has taken us out of our trial and now I have a great testimony to attest to God wonderful faith and promises that He will take care of us no matter what we may think. Walking in faith can be difficult but trusting always in the Lord for all things, because He does what He says He will do! Thank you Dr. Grant for a great reminder to walk in faith!

  3. Thank you for the message today. It really blessed and encouraged me. Knowing if I am in His will has been a big issue for me. I have had some big things go to custard so to speak and felt such a failure and had got it wrong but I am beginning to see the God was at work in me throughout it all. Finding God in broken hopes and dreams has been hard. He has never let go of me. It’s all been part of the transforming work He is doing in my life. I am trusting Him to carry me through the brokenness to a better place. Your words today were like a hug from God saying “I am right there with you”. Bless you.

  4. I have been a Christian for many years and seen the Lord come through on many occasions. I have a number of prophetic words over my life that still have not come to pass, but I believe they will in the not to distant future. A challenge has just come my way to test and build me. I have many friends who are supporting me (an important strategy for living in the Kingdom) and I emailed them to let them know what was happening with me. I have pasted the email below as I believe it will help your readers. Ray

    Hi everyone,

    Again I ask for your understanding with sending an impersonal email.

    Yesterday I saw Dr ****** for the 4th time with the expectation of getting a diagnosis and prognosis regarding my health condition. He confirmed my suspicion that I have, Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. In some ways this maybe regarded as the worst form of MS (there are 4) because there’s no medication or remission just a slow decline. The rate of that decline is impossible to predict.

    As a Christian I have complete faith that God is in control and knows exactly what is going on. My desire is to maintain this faith, responding and co-operating with whatever He desires to do. I have no doubt that He could heal me at any moment for His glory. However He knows I am completely surrendered to whatever He considers would be the greatest witness to His love and grace, whatever is of value to extending His Kingdom and whatever He chooses to use to transform me into His image.

    I know many of you have been praying for me and I appreciate your prayers. I ask that you seek the knowledge of His will as you pray and like Jesus, “only do what the Father shows you to do”. I also appreciate the many acts of kindness and support that many of you have given. Be encouraged – there will likely be a lot more opportunities!

    I will now be going through a process of working out a care management plan with the MS Field Worker as well as going to the hospital physio for assessment of physical aids and exercise needs.

    Please pray that I maintain a positive attitude, walk in His grace but most of all hear His voice and receive the courage to obey.

    Love and blessings to you all


    PS. For those of you who want to know more about MS in New Zealand, you can go to:

  5. Ok you hit it on the nail!! We felt strongly my husband and I God clearly spoke to us last year to go buy home in USA we have . But now we are floundering looking for a job and out of money tonight your blog sooooo encouraged us thank u as we are back where we started from confused with job options and perplexed we will continue to trust .

  6. Thank you Grant! This was a great teaching video and I learned much from it . When I see the leadings of my Master, I try to follow them as obediently as possible . Two and a half years ago, the Lord Holy Spirit led me to write my autobiography which I have recently completed.
    As far as I’m concerned, believing still in the power and plans of Almighty God, I have only completed step one . There are many steps to go ! I have left it in His Hands as to what He wants me to do next. I don’t have a clue but I wrote it for His Glory not my own.
    Maybe the Lord will have me wait and see what is next. I don’t know what His Will is for me but I remain peaceful and content nonetheless .
    If anyone knows the next step , feel free to reply to this commentary .
    In Jesus , with Jesus and through Jesus,
    Larry Lewis .

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