Are you limiting God?

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Do you need a miracle?

So did the widow in 2 Kings 4.

God didn’t give her a handout, he gave her a plan…

….that needed her participation and big expectations.

Click on the video and change your expectations of what God can do in your life.

To live a transformed life, you need to ask God for more jars!

Now I want to hear from you

How has God miraculously provided for you? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Get more jars!

Get more jars!

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Do you need a miracle?

Are you rolling your eyes at God?

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  1. Thank you brother Grant,
    I hadn’t looked at my marriage problem from this scriptural point before. I usually only think of it when dealing with financial matters. Perhaps my ‘little bit of oil’ is the little bit of courage I have. Thank you for giving me this scripture to meditate on. I will look at these other teachings referenced her on your page, also.
    Bless you.

  2. I have a tendency, like the widow woman, and so many others today, to limit God instead of raising my expectancy level in Him. I think this has been due to so many hurts and disappointments over the years from family, friends , christians and non-christians as well. But in the midst of all of that, God continues to amaze me by His faithfulness and miraculous intervention in my life. Even as a child, growing up with a single mom, and being the eldest of many children, God provided for all of us because I can never remember going to bed hungry. We always had food, shelter and clothing, for which I was and still am grateful. And we weren’t even christians then, though when I was little my mom had taken me to visit a church and the only story I remember was that of when Jesus had multiplied the bread and fish to feed the multitudes. I guess I need to start raising my expectancy level in Him and start expecting Him to do more miracles for His glory..Blessings to all..

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    You’re right Glory, that our disappointments crush our expectations of God. This video’s story shows how a person crushed by adversity can be victorious even when it looked the most hopeless.

  4. Hullo Dr Grant, today I felt ‘lead’ (Holy Spirit is that you?) to watch your video and in looking at my life I have been reduced to being nothing special in my own eyes and heart. 3 yrs ago suicidal and now bipolar 2, receiving treatment psychiatric and psychological and pharmaceutical I consider taking my humble story to the churches. Because they failed me absolutely. And I want to teach them (in compassion) by putting aside their fears. Is my oil my story? Is it enough? Is it enough because I fight it everyday and I am not healed?

  5. Thanks Grant,

    That was so encouraging. As you spoke I felt the Lord say that the products I sell online (see site in my name link), to help other people make money were effectively my “jars” which would fill not just my life but those who share in them.

    Thanks again

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  7. Dr. Grant:

    Wow! What a word! I definitely have history with II Kings 4, but you have stirred it afresh with a heavy dosage of faith! Your phrases like ‘we get to determine the size of our miracle’ etc. were being used by the Spirit to speak to me as I listened! This week I’ve been pondering the power of negative expectation…and your word today is the “GLORIOUS OPPOSITE”! Thank you!

  8. Recently my boss at work retired and she mentioned to me to be sure the new boss gave me a 5 year cost of living increase. I didn’t really want to ask new boss so just asked God instead. After writing in my journal I just left it in His timing. Not long after the new boss told I was getting a raise which was a lot more then a cost of living increase that I would have asked for. To God be the glory.

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