Are you listening to these stories?

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Everyone is listening to a different story

It can be positive or negative.

Like it or not….

It shapes the course of your life.

But you can change it.

Click on the video and find your story.

To live a transformed life, you need to change the story you are listening to.

Now I want to hear from you

How have you been able to change the story you’ve always listened to? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Chp 2:4 jesus at work

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Comments 7

  1. thanks for being a doc in THIS area……..i believe ther are so many brethren
    emotionally and mentally captive to strongholds and lies

  2. I can see how satan uses the lies we’ve believed and our emotional baggage to discourage us and keep us in bondage. God has helped me change some parts of my story, and I do know that God is for me not against me and that God is love. I still struggle with thinking of myself as slow, deficient, a failure, alone. My problems often overlap and involve lack of skills, money and/or relationships. I know my childhood has a lot to do with it. I was kept alone a lot/isolated, punished for talking or making noise, and if I needed help I was told “do it yourself”. It was a very angry, violent, harsh place. I find writing helps me to express myself and gives me a sense of freedom. I started writing in a journal as a teenager because a counselor encouraged me to. My family became very angry about the journal because they didn’t want me to say or write something that would get them into trouble. Even though I’m an adult and rarely talk to my family of origin, I still feel very much like a prisoner. There’s a terrible pain, emptiness, and shame that comes from missing out on a lot of life, and also when you don’t have the freedom to communicate freely because you’ve been bullied a lot and are afraid of retaliation. Other people don’t usually understand what that’s like. I practice confession and forgiveness. I’ve gone for inner healing, deliverance, counselling, etc. I read the Word daily and speak positive confessions daily. I often feel guilty about my children because I tried to give them a Christian foundation and a better life, but I failed in many ways. I continue to believe that God can restore them to Himself, and give them a safe place where they can grow in their faith, and I can gain greater freedom from my past.

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  4. Dr Mullen, I have listened to a lot of negative stories in the past.God showed me through your self, His word,His spirit,and others about this trick of satin,and now God gives me greater decernment on this problem.This is not to say that I dont need more wisdom,knowledge, about this,but God is helping me.Praise God for what He is doing through your ministry. God Bless You. Phyllis.

  5. This is very poignant, very revealing. Thank you for helping us to recognize the techniques that are used to keep us down.

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