Are you living in a bubble?

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Are you taking “Shore Excursions” every week?

Shore excursions are very popular activities on cruises.

It allows you to stand (or swim) inside a new country for a few hours and say that you’ve been there.

It’s quite a sight to see thousands of cameras and sunhats pour off a boat and swarm into a downtown area looking for local bargains all made in China.

The shore excursion bubble

The shore excursion bubble

Shore excursions create a safe bubble for tourists to see a new culture without ever touching it.

In this video I’ll tell you how easily our Christian lives can become just a shore excursion.

Just click on the video and join me on the cruise.

To live a transformed life you need to have meaningful interactions with non Christians.

Now I want to hear from you

How have you been salt and light to your culture? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 7

  1. Hi Doctor Grant,

    I get my hands dirty here and there in my community. Someone told me years ago that I could be a blessing by reaching out in love to one person each day; just one person. Most of the time I simply share with them how God has touched my life in a powerful way, and that His healing and peace is available to them also. I sometimes offer to pray with them depending how they receive what I’ve shared. Sounds simple enough, but I don’t always get it done, and so I’m not progressing as quickly as I’d like. I want to get to the point where I don’t concern myself with the result or how they will react. I can sense the Spirit leading me, but I can also sense fear and insecurity and lies constantly bombarding me as I try to do what I’m called to do.

    When I get it done, though, the peace that comes over me is intense and amazing. It seems to be a step of faith every time.

  2. I had the preveledge of serving as a team leader in a cold weather mat program several weeks ago at our church. During that week I got to meet several couples that were homeless and as the week went on I gained their confidence to help them talk about their housing needs. I didn’t try to do this alone I involved others who were able to help, sparking their interest as well. This reminds me about how Paul described the body of Christ ( the church) every part needs each other.

    Thank you for the work you do to encourage believers in their journey.

    blessings Clive

  3. I have served as a missionary the past 20 years in several foreign countries where there are almost no churches. I fully support what Grant is saying. Back home — choose to use professionals who are NOT Christians … check their credentials of course. Go sit in the park and ask the Lord to bring someone to talk with you. Visit the library and other places — mingle with the people Jesus loves and wants us to meet. Have a simple tract to pass out when the opportunity comes up — telling them there is a God who loves them and through faith in Christ they can know God and His salvation etc… Why not print your own – short, attractive, and to the point — maybe with your testimony . In short, as someone has said Let’s Get out of our comfort zone and into the world — (HIS world) .
    Thank you Grant — I came to your seminars in New Zealand — keep up the great work – Denis Shuker. NZ

  4. Amen. We got to get out there and show others we care, how else will they see we have something they don’t have and have the courage to ask us any questions if we keep within our “bubble”?

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