Are you making excuses to God?

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Bible heroes got nervous!

…when God called them to do incredible things.

So they made excuses not to get involved.

God loves to partner with us to do amazing things.

Are you making excuses to get out of it?

Click on the video and I’ll explain a better response.

To live a transformed life, you need to stop making excuses and let God use you.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God used you in unexpected ways? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 3

  1. Is God doing something amazing in my life? Yes, a million times, yes. My story is too long to put here, but to highlight a little of it, about 7 years ago, I had an accident, and was quite traumatized emotionally from the accident. I did not deal with all of the trauma for a time, but just plodded ahead, trying to make it from one day to another. Almost a year later, my body went into trauma and I had to take a month off work, for both physical and emotional reasons. Through the depression, I clung to God’s Word, and God was faithful. I got some help from a homeopathic doctor to help me, and, after a period of time when my physical body was able, I was encouraged to change only one thing a week, but to start change. To keep this short, I started to run. I knew I couldn’t run, but I started. Now, as of a month ago, I ran my third marathon, and I qualified to run New York Marathon and Boston Marathon. God is faithful! God gives us purpose! God gives us joy! I’m terrified of big crowds, but Lord-willing, I will run New York because God will supply what I need when I need it, if He is the one leading me in this venture. God leads us on incredible journeys that we never dreamt of; this is a dream I never ever dreamt I was capable of. My runs are such a gift from the Lord. He gives joy, strength, and courage as I run. My favorite passage at the moment is Joshua 1:6-9. I just wanted to share; God is so faithful!!

  2. My Thursday morning Bible study teacher asked if I could do a lesson for her because she was going away . Well I froze I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t give her an answer right away because I had never in my life done anything like this. I was walking home and I was praying to God asking if this was his will and if it was I would do it. He spoke to me through jeremiah 29:11
    I was smilng and thanking for answering:) while studying the lesson psalm 91 I had head phones on to start listening to christian music and when I pressed the button it was like my finger had no control so I listened while studying and the words were of God being my refuge and strength:) when I went to teach this class before it started I talked to one of the ladies about this song and she told me that song is on psalm 91! I had never felt peace like I did doing this study
    God is amazing and without Him I could never done this
    Praise Jesus

  3. God is so powerful and amazing which I don’t really expect in my life. About 3 years ago, I got an electricity accident from the transformer for about 250 volts amps. I was unconscious for about how many minutes which my family thought I’m dying already but God give me the second chance to live in this world. A countless blessing He gave to me. This is how God is so amazing and powerful which we people didn’t see and appreciate things especially to smaller ones that everything happens in our life has it’s designated purposes and a lesson to be learn. Moreover, I had read some inspirational message about what is God and how much He loves us.

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