Are you on standard time or God time?

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God is in a totally different time zone!

Have you noticed the difference between our time and God’s time?

I’m always in a hurry with goals, schedules and deadlines…. he isn’t.

His goals are totally different from mine and that drives me nuts.

I get so frustrated when our schedules don’t match.

Are you on Standard time?

Are you on Standard time?

God's time

or God's time?

In this video I’ll explain the differences between the two and why God’s time is hard for me to adjust to. You may have the same problem.

To live a transformed life you need to know how to set your watch to God time.

Just click on the video and I’ll explain what I learned. It won’t take long, I’m in a hurry too.

Share the transformed life, send this to a friend who’s in a hurry.

What do you think?

Have you been frustrated with God’s timing but later you looked back and saw that he was right on time after all? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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I’ll talk to you next week when you will learn how to find God’s will for your life.


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  1. Dr. Mullen: Your video about God’s timing was right on!!!! It made me smile – and gave me a chuckle or two as well, knowing just how true what you were saying is. And when I reflect on the two different ways of living with time, I know that it is definately God’s time I want to be on, in order to really live life to the full!!! I gotta go as I want to watch the video again!

  2. Hi Doc, that is hilarious and had to laugh because in my experience all so true. I have also found i can not even manipulate God to hurry. lol

  3. As I listened to your comments today, I thought about Is 40:31. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall run and not faint.

  4. Thank you for the God Time talk. I am much better now as I am learning from experience that God Time is what is needed. I need to be in synche with God. I don’t need to try to rush Him or drag behind. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Talking about time, I always make time to listen, as this blog is short enough to listen to every time. Thank you for that. I have to fit quite a bit into my day, so I appreciate your attempt to be considerate that way.

  6. Along my journey I have learned to wait upon God and have built up a trust in Him that His timing is perfect but sometimes it takes a while before I put this information into action as often our situation is viewed in small focus on what we want annd we want it now and we are blind to the bigger picture that God sees. Example was my husband and I were buying a house and before the builder had even started building he went bust. We had no place to live as we had agreed to move out of our own home as we had sold it. We had to start from scratch looking for a new home… but guess what we ended up with a much bigger, better home at a cheaper price. and we were provided with a roof over our heads until the new home was ready. Unknown to us my husband was to be sent on a six month course and he only came home on weekends so I ended up with a 1 year oold baby but company and support under one roof.

    What I find more astounding is that God waits endlessly for us to show up or respond or deal with things in our lives. His patience is endless, there is no judgement only love and open arms waiting to greet us. He is delighted with us when we just turn to him.
    I have enjoyed changing my life from one of tryinig to fill every moment with good christian things to a relaxing one of just being me and allowing God to use me in everyday actiities…. this is when is yoke is easy and the burden is light and time becomes irelevant.

  7. Fos some time now, God has been speaking to me that it is TIME FOR CHANGE. I keep finding coins everywhere I go, and daily I see multiple clock numbers, like 2:22, 4:44, etc. When I asked the Lord what these two things meant, He said it was TIME FOR CHANGE. And then teachings like this one keep coming to me about TIME. Very interesting. Thanks Dr. Mullen.

  8. Dr. Mullen,

    Thanks for your encouraging messages!

    While I know that we can only go as fast as God allows us, at times the journey really becomes overwhelming, especially when it is in the valley for an extended length of time. However, I will continue to trust Him daily.

  9. Love it!! Especially the goat tracks, and throwing away the watch.
    It isn’t just about smelling the flowers and enjoying the scenery; there are some very difficult chasms and unpleasant obstacles to negotiate, and they are not the way I would normally choose for myself. (We are in the midst of a fractured family situation, with money matters and children to consider)
    I’m a goal person too. And that has to be the case for work, the boss prefers us to meet deadlines and budgets; but some things in “real life” (and where is the line with that one?) just take time.
    Thank you for being such a blessing!

  10. I have been going through a lot of serious tribulations these last number of years Yes, I certainly do need to wait for God’s timing as I realy do not know what the future has in store for me, financially and relationship. I thank God for my praying Christian friends and the strength that God gives me each day.
    It’s tough to be alone even with knowing that God is always there.

    Thank you Grant

  11. Very good information..I’ve learnt to slow down and synchronise with God’s timing and it’s great..things happen as they are meant to..slowly…yes I’ve had to learn patience…and thank God for that otherwise I wouldn’t be alive today.
    Our lives have spiralled out of control and we are running to our graves if we don’t all learn to slow down…but it takes discipline…just like all good things…along life’s journey. I alos have been programmed to reach goals no matter what. Blessings to you. Denise

  12. This is an excellent message Grant. Taking time to walk with God is so important and this message reminds me of this. Thank you for taking the time to minister to the body of Christ Globally. God Bless, Alistair

  13. this was very timely for me as I had been waiting to hear from new prospective employer. All came together today but this am I was anxious and fretting. got peace once I sat still and asked for God’s help to be calm and just prayed Thy Will be done in YOUR timing , dear Lord. How awesome a God we serve.

  14. Hi Grant,

    Yes I do try and hurry and do things in a hurry, but today I am going to spend some quiet time and relax, I need to spend more time in God
    ‘s word and I am feeling tired.

    thanks for all your great encouragement and messages, God Bless Gayle

  15. Hi Grant, This is a very timely video. My life has been very busy and caught up with trying to fit in so many things it was driving me nuts. Then about two and a half weeks ago I became very sick. I ended up flat on my back with a bad case of the flu and various different infections. All I could do was sleep, and even that was hard with all the coughing etc! Time was all I had and I was forced to pray more, think more and listen more! You see another problem was I lost my voice! As I am somewhat of a “counsellor” and adviser to my friends and family, things really became hard. One friend came over for advice which I tried to give in whispers but left with us both feeling quite frustrated! My phone has stopped ringing (a tragedy for me!) and I’m left pondering if the way I normally spend my time is the way God would like me to spend it? I’m slowly improving and my voice is slowly returning but what I have learned is that God wants to spend quality time with me – no distractions or interuptions and my time must be spent listening to HIM first and foremost to live it out in the most fulfilling and wonderful way.

  16. I was late watching this one, but fully needed it. As I am retired and have no set schedule I should be alwllays living on “God time” It is so easy to get caught up in the busy rush of doing things instead of stopping to enjoy what is passing you by. Keep the videos coming Grant. I find I need so many of them to keep my life in order with what God has for me. Have a God blessed day and week.

  17. I’m just catching up on e-mails-a quick story- my husband had planned his life out-join the military as a pilot, get out after the 5 years required service, and get a job in our national airline-AC. When the 5 years were up, AC was in the headlines-350 pilots let go!!! not a good time to quit your military job. My husband was desolated! He was nearing 30, and AC never hired pilots over 30. Guess he’d better stay in the military and give up his dream of being an airline pilot. Fast forward………has now been working with AC for 12 years. They hire guys in their 40’s and 50’s. God’s timing is NOT our timing!

  18. Hi Grant…
    I really needed to hear that today! Thanks! I am also goal driven and have been really struggling with feeling like a failure as a home schooling mom when my wonderful plans and schedules completely fall apart each day when the kids don’t put on their running shoes to keep up with me. God’s been trying to get through to me that relationship with Him and with them is more important that my overly ambitious, neatly typed, colour coded schedule, but I’m usually running too fast to hear Him or crying in a corner of the house because the day has become another “train wreck” and I just don’t know what to do with it all. I know that raising kids is a “marathon” event and not a sprint but it’s so good to be reminded.

  19. God had done a work in me and I really felt I needed to make amends to my father. I gave him a hard time as a teenager and young adult and caused him a lot of grief. So I made several attempts but my father was not ready to talk about the past or feelings (we were never a family that talked about emotions) and got so uncomfortable he’d end up yelling at me and swearing or trying to start an argument. I didn’t respect his discomfort level and his need to be left alone and the more I tried to make this amend (whether he liked it or not!) the more strained things became between us. Finally I realized that I was forcing something unpleasant on my father and didn’t have the right to do that so I left the situation in God’s hands and waited for His timing. Awhile after that my father was diagnosed with Stage IV liver cancer and did not have much time left on this earth. I was aware that I needed to set things right before he passed away but asked God to intervene instead. On Christmas Eve my father and I finally had an opportunity to talk at length uninterrupted and my father asked my forgiveness and felt that he owed me an amend. I asked his forgiveness and made my amends and the three weeks we had left after that were the best three weeks of our 28-year relationship. It was like a veil had been lifted. It was God’s Christmas gift to both of us that year and could not have happened any sooner. My timing had been all wrong because I was operating on my agenda instead of leaving it up to God and when I let go and let God, He orchestrated everything in His perfect time. He is rarely early and He’s never late!

  20. Just listened to the Blessed by God Time-Coming into the Lord, He gives us time ( eternity with Him) Where else can you get more time in this world? From another women’s words-We have everlasting existence, if christians run out of time, wouldn’t we lose out on our very own existence? If anyone should have time isn’t it the Christ followers? Pause, slow down and realize we have enough time.
    I need to slow down and appreciate the small, tiny things and joy’s thru out the day.
    In doing so, the day seems to become bigger, more full and rich and small praises and thanks

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