Are you on the climb or the summit?

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Your walk with God is continually changing

Sometimes it’s a hard climb, other times it’s smooth sailing.

It sure can be confusing but it can also be exhilarating.

Today Kathy and I climbed a volcano and learned a lesson.

Sometimes life is a slow climb

Sometimes life is a slow climb

In this video you’ll understand how God leads us.

Just click on the video and join us on the volcano.

To live a transformed life you need to trust God in the climb and the summit.

Now I want to hear from you

Have you had a hard climb that led to an amazing summit? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 12

  1. We went through a time when life was black and the climb was steep. The battle was won through prayer, but most importantly worship – and “songs of deliverance” that the Lord kept flowing through my heart. Suddenly we came through a clearing in the confusion and the way was made plain. A solution came. Its been three years of living out this new phase.
    Now, however, we are back on another climb and the way has closed in quite a bit again and we have a new struggle but we are looking forward to new revelation.

  2. Inspiring video…I have been on the mountain path suffering from severe chronic pain for 9 years now and pray I will reach the top here on earth in this body! Until such a time I will keep on climbing and hanging on the God’s promises.

  3. Jan, what were your “songs of deliverance”? And Heather, I declare that by Jesus Christ’s Stripes you are healed – be healed in the name of Jesus – send that pain to Jesus who already took it and bore it for you. Isaiah 53:4, 1 Peter 2:24.

    I am on a climb to get out of captivity and move with my husband to my own homeland near my family who needs us there. I am trusting God – He is working on our behalf but I would like to sing these songs of deliverance you speak of Jan. I pray my husband will join me as He does not follow the Lord at the moment. Thanks.

  4. I am on a steep incline now and this message is a beautiful reminder of trusting in the climb and reminding myself that the view from the top is somewhere up ahead.
    i do get stretched and fatigued, discouraged and confused .I do not know if I can make it and I start to see the obstacles more than the goal. I look for God in the struggle and feel I am all alone, yet He is allowing me to reach out to Him and lean on him in new ways.

    Your joyful, hopeful, playful twinkle blesses in your words and pictures of continuing to walk in the Spirit when the going is tough and we can not see the outcome. Thank you for encouraging all of us to holding on to our faith on the long road and keep in mind the big picture.

    New Zealand looks wonderful, I smile thinking of you and your lady wandering the paths together.

  5. I am on a steep incline. I had a vision of the summit before committing to this position of mentoring volunteer women in leadership with the goal of introducing Canadian women to Jesus. that vision has helped me to keep climbing. the song that kept coming to me is,
    I will arise and go to Jesus; he will take me in his arms; in the arms of my dear Savior; O there are ten thousand charms…
    Grant Mullen inspirationals help a lot.

  6. I want to THANK you for caring about people and desiring to help me/us.
    Your emails are such a source of encouragement – I want to say THANKS so much!

  7. Went through a time when I have often wonderd were God was althow He was always revealing Himself to me through the Holy Spirit with words and answers that I was seeking after — but His time is not your time — promisses from the word and your life passing by and feeling attackt by the devil — but saved by God each time when I had epileptical attacks and should have been dead — miricals happened by still being alive — God must have a reason and gave me know Isa 53 as a promise when Iwas seeking Him the other day so I want 2 say amen and thank you in the name of Jesus

  8. I’m on the steepest climb ever, not even sure if I want to reach the summit – to scared it may be filled with lava. Yes I am a Christian and yes, I believe in my salvation. However I do not have the strength to stand in the gap once again, and
    keep the roaring lion at bay. My first attempt failed with very dire consequences and this time … God only knows. Thank you for your message tonight Dr Mullen You are an inspiration to us all

  9. To TAMMI

    Tammi my “songs of deliverance” were songs of worship – that came mostly as the Holy Spirit brought them to mind. Some were old “hymns” that I had not heard for years and was surprised by them coming to me and some were newer songs. But all the songs were real worship (not some of the “dittys” that have come to us in recent years that are mostly about us, rather than about Him). My battle was won through worship.

  10. Hi there Grant, thank you for an eye opener in to the realm of the mind and thinking on Saturday 28th at Tauranga South Baptist. The area that came alight was my mood swings and a lot of the times I am driven to do “things”, but when they are finished, I scratch my head a think, “Whats next???” But when I’m down i’m not too good, and snap out after a few hours. Another area was mking new friends with men my age, as well as dating. I have been seperated and divorce since 2006 and am tired of doing things on my own. Have spoken with my Doctor of some of these issues and is looking into some help. I enjoyed the time with you at the seminar and it started to open my eyes to some of these things that I pushed to the back of my mind. (probably a mear male thing???)

  11. Thank-you Grant and Kathy. This is so helpful because action brings the inspiration to life! In my time with the Lord, I imagine walking up these steps with you and I feel less lonely. I imagine we have Jesus on the right, Holy Spirit on the left. God is behind us picking us up as each foot touches the step. We are toddlers, He is a good dad, and we giggle each time he lifts us because it is fun. We expect Him to lift us as another foot touches the step. Then we take the next step wondering, “Will He do it again?”. Then we have a thrill and delight when He does. We have God’s favor, great love and sure salvation!

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