Are you praying with authority?

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Jesus prayed with authority

He wants us to do the same with the authority he has given us.

Jesus modeled different ways of praying and releasing the supernatural.

The disciples followed Jesus’ example and turned the world upside down.

Speak to your mountain

Speak to your mountain!

What are your prayers like? Have you turned anything upside down?

In this video you will learn how Jesus prayed when he wanted to release a miracle.

Just click on the video and start using your authority.

 To live a transformed life, you need to pray with authority and speak to the mountains in your life.

Now I want to hear from you

Have you ever prayed like this? What happened? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 17

  1. Yes, O lord give me the grace and childlike faith to call out to you in rest and confidence of your authority and your very presence dwelling in and with me as you have promised. May I to speak Grace to my mountains, Grace to my troubles. Grace to my own heart, mind and will. Cleanse me of any doubt and unbelief and help me to abandon myself to you and the life of your Spirit in me. Wash me and purify my prayers in the simplicity of your presence. My only strength is in you, apart from you I can do nothing.

  2. Glory be to God and God bless you Dr. Grant. My day began with a migraine trying to take hold of me while I was reading the Bible at breakfast time. I sensed it was guilt, shame, self-blame for suffering with anxiety, depression and panic attacks and having to increase my paxil to 50gm this week. Also blame, self-condemnation, self-accusation were trying to take hold of me for any damage my illness has caused my husband and sons. So I took authority. In Jesus’ name, I cut off these negative entities and commanded them to leave. I spoke aloud, “In Jesus’ name I am not guilty, I am not ashamed, I am not to blame.” Within 5 minutes my vision cleared and the migraine did not materialize. I praise God, I thank Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

  3. Will have to rethink this and ask for wisdom. I have heard people yelling at the Holy Spirit saying “HOLY SPIRIT do such and such” and it turned me off! It felt wrong on a few levels. First, people would be offended if their employer talked to them that way, or, if a husband tried that with his wife it may not go over well! In fact, if a Master spoke to a slave that way people would find that offensive! So I question addressing Almighty God in such a manner (not that you are suggesting to address God in that manner, instead you are suggesting speaking to the issue which I am meditating on ). Second, the Holy Spirit draws attention to Jesus so I am not sure about focusing in the Holy Spirit.(Again you are not suggesting this, I think I just need healing from seeing strange things in this area) Now, in other situations, I am aware that “God’s ways are not my ways”. So for instance, there are a few situations that I have a will for, but I am not sure if it is God’s will. Let’s say Daniel did not want to go in the Lion’s den so he “took authority” he would look like a “successful Christian” if his prayer changed the mind of The King and he didn’t have to go. However, God had another plan, that in the end brought God more Glory…because no one could say…”Oh the King changed his mind”. Instead God came into the situation. I have been cautioned about taking “authority” over things God has not given me authority over. The word says “pray for those in authority”, then it says all authority has been given by God. I have been cautioned that I can actually enter into realms that I haven’t been called to by taking authority over things I haven’t been given authority over! For instance, what if I took on the “Prince of Persia” who Michael had to struggle with for days… mmm I need more wisdom. I feel more important when I pray for big things like governments and countries and I still will. However, my realm of authority is simply my home and my child, which needs me to bring order to ….”Husband submit to God in all things! ” ,”Home come in order!” “Child come under my authority!” looks like I have some work to do….

  4. in New Zealand, gorse is a bush that, when it catches fire, burns furiously! Folk were burning off their section (lot) a fer properties down form us. The wind changed and soon the roaring fire was leaping and bearing down upon our neighbour’s house. We quickly tried to fix a hose to a water outlet but he lnk broke! I spoke “Stop” to it and it did, much to the amazement of my non-chritian friend and I! Thank you Lord!

  5. Yes, last year my husband and I were arguing and it seemed to go on and on and he was making accusations and I was yelling and defending and there seemed to be so much noise and I couldn’t take it anymore and just said out loud “Peace be in this housefhold” and instantly my husband got quiet, I got quiet and all the strife just stopped. I was kind of astonished at first because I wasn’t used to talking like this, it was almost if it just came out. I wasn’t even thinking about taking authority because I was in the heat of moment, but those words just came out like that and it worked – it was amazing. Now I need to remember that glorious moment and practice it again with the help of the Holy Spirit. Thanks Grant.

  6. I have prayed for people’s legs to grow multiple times much like you described. EVERY time I prayed, legs grew! Once I was so exhausted from ministering to hundreds of people that I only placed my hand on a ladies belly. She responded, “Oh, no Sister Tommi, it’s my goiter!” I looked up as saw this huge goiter so I laid my hand on it and prayed. Several years later I saw this woman at a meeting. She came running towards me crying out, “Sister Tommi…do you remember me?” I thought…Oh, yes, you are the lady I botched on. She asked if I remembered laying my hand on her stomach…to which I thought…why do you have to rub this in? She said,”I didn’t tell you then, but I had a issue of blood for 12 years and it stopped the day you laid your hand on my belly. And look, my goiter is gone too.” What I’ve come to realize that that God wanted to do 2 miracles that day. He used a tired willing vessel to pray…

  7. Dr. Mullen, thank-you for your encouragement, wisdom, and passion.
    I was in excruciating abdominal pain, and no medication was helping. I laid outside on my reclining swing, and called out to God to move this ‘mountain’ from my life. As I looked up into the sky, I saw two clouds in the forms of an angel and an ugly creature. They had swords and were fighting. As I closed my eyes, I felt a calmness that the battle was not mine. I felt the pain release from my body. When I openned my eyes, I looked up to a clear blue sky. I was healed and additional complications that I had been experiencing were gone. Praise be to God, my Healer, and my Protector! Indeed… God hears and answers prayer. He knows the deepest moanings of our heart.

  8. We are unable to hear your blogs. The picture and action are there but there is no sound on any of the new videos. Help!

  9. This area of how to use our authority as followers of Jesus is one in which I desire to grow. A number of years ago I was home alone, in my bedroom getting ready to go to sleep. We live on an acreage just outside the city. I suddenly felt an intense fear, almost tangible, come upon me. The Lord put into my mind to say this out loud: “In the name of Jesus, fear leave!”. Immediately the fear left, and didn’t come back. I now knew my authority in this area. Whenever I start to feel any fear I command it to leave and then ask God for His protection. I do the same for anxiety, when I start to feel anxious–I command anxiety to leave and ask the Lord to fill me with His peace.

    I am now trying to apply this with physical issues. Due to an error in surgery 19 years ago I have struggled with chronic back pain–sometimes very intense. I am on a variety of medications, including morphine. I have been to many healing services, had lots of prayer–but still the pain. I have tried to speak to the pain and command it to go…still pain. If you have any advice, I am eager to learn!

  10. Diane, that’s an excellent example of using your authority. Keep speaking to your physical issues. You never know when the breakthrough will come. You are obeying Jesus, so just keep on.

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