Are you ready for a divine appointment?

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I was on the SWAT team!

Yes I know it’s hard for you to believe.

But it’s true.  I was suddenly called into action by my local police SWAT team.

They needed my unique combination of skills, agility, insight, analysis, pattern recognition, strength, mental stamina and good looks.

In just a few minutes I diffused a crisis that they just couldn’t solve even with all their training, weapons and equipment.

How to use pepper spray

This is how to use pepper spray

I was a hero.

In this video I’ll tell you how I was able to step into a divine appointment with amazing results.

Just click on the video and find out how you can be a hero too.

To live a transformed life you need to be ready to step into divine appointments.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God used your unique abilities? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 16

  1. Great story Grant! Come on, I’m sure you would have broken a little sweat in a situation like that. Also, I would have thought that the reason the man surrendered to you was because he knew you and felt safe with you. It’s about the relationship he had with you.

    I really enjoy your video blogs! Funny and instructive.

    Best regards,

  2. Hi Dr Grant, that certainly was a divine appointment ordained by God.Thank God this person didn’t end up hurting himself, you or the police officers!! Recently, the Lord has been using me to help see people set free through the power of intercessory prayer.Last week, a friend and I prayed for someone who’s been battling PTSD due to sexual trauma and was having suicidal thoughts.When we were finished praying for this person, she looked like a different person.There was a glow on her face and much needed joy because she had been so depressed , you could see it in her countenance.She is trusting God for complete healing but calls me regularly just to say thank you for that prayer of faith and the encouragement that lifted her soul out of the depths of despair.Isn’t our God good? I give Him all the glory and thank you Dr Grant for this blog..came on time for me..Blessings to you and your family..

  3. When I work up the courage to reach out God uses me. Often I miss, or mess up the appointment out of fear I may get a very negative reaction when offering help.

    Often I meet people downtown who are down and out. About six weeks ago while I was taking a walk with a friend, we met a lady who was drunk, miserable and wanted it to end. She asked for change. I offered her change, but not the same kind she was asking for. Soon after I introduced myself as a Christian minister, she started holding and kissing my hand (I was a little shocked) and asking me to pray for her.

    I only prayed about 30 seconds when her body shook for a moment followed by a small grown, and tears of sorrow turned to joy. I urged her to turn to God and away from old habits, speaking peace to her and hugging her.

    I spoke with authority and yet it was all so unexpected. One minute we were strolling along and the next God moved powerfully in our midst. What God wants to do is really amazing.

    Thank you doctor, for teaching about the spiritual realm, and our God given authority to set captives free.


  4. A Spot-On example, Dr. Grant, of how that NOTHING we experience, learn, or endure in life is lost, discounted or wasted. God can and does use it all, and we need only be ready, in season and out, for changed plans in our tidily structured lives. Did you, at least, get your first service stripe? :o)

  5. Grant – this was such a meaningful clip for me to watch. I am a grandmother with a grandchild who has Autism. The last three weeks have been very stressful with him but amazingly he responded really well to me. So like you – no equipment – but being able to step into a volatile situation – and I realise now…use the unique gifting God has given me in the life of this precious child. I was able to help him and his Mom get through a bad patch. Blessings – Bev

  6. No Anita, no stripes. Just a polite thank you and I went home and finished my dinner. Kathy of course was pretty nervous about the whole thing since she didn’t know what was happening.
    Way to go Bev….well done!

  7. that is the funniest thing i heard all day. but what an amazing example of Goliath with all the kit and David in God’s authority steps in. that was a couragious thing to do Big G. well done !!!

  8. Well sonny, you must have been listening in my converstions with the Lord and He sent you to encourage me to just step up to the plate in my gifting.

    Even young whipper snappers can help us old folks to move into a closer walk with God. God even said I get new shoes ’cause the old ones are worn. All He asked of me is that I be willing and I said yes.

    Brother in Christ, Dale

  9. My devine appointment will be occuring at my next meeting. I will be part of a team addressing an on going problem within our establishment. I have never been trained in confrontational discussion and know that this will be an event to use all that God has equipped me with such as compassion, self-control, grace, mercy and to love this person, no matter the flaming arrows that come at us, unconditionally. Please pray this matter can be solved quickly, others will be uncomfortable.

  10. I enjoy your stories. My story of God using me is as follows. A phone call I took during my shift as voluneer prayer partner for 100 Huntley Street was a tearful confused woman who was an obvious victim of spiritual abuse. As I talked and prayed with her she realized that she was not guilty of the sin she had been accused of. The sound of her voice changed noticably and she became willing to forgive that individual. Only by the grace of God. He had prepared me.

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