Are you saved…. and free?

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Too many Christians are struggling

They are bound by habits, addictions and negative thought patterns.

But that’s not God’s will for his children.

He wants us to be saved…. and free!

Click on the video and get out of your prison.

Now I want to hear from you

How have you overcome habits and thought patterns? Just leave your comments in the box below.


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  1. I am truly amazed how God works and continues to work to show us the things he wants us to see! I have struggled many years from depression and once I accepted Jesus as LORD, I believed so whole heartedly that he wanted to heal me to take my hurt my pain. It has only been over the last 2 years of my 12 years that true healing has begun to happen. God lead me to Celebrate Recovery to deal with my hurts, hang ups those self condemning thoughts had raged and continued to be louder than the spirit within me!
    However with God he has lead me to a counsellor, celebrate recovery and a couple of wonderful women whom have travelled this well worn road of saved but not free! If I can encourage anyone it would be to step out in faith once again and allow God to heal, transform and renew! He loves us so much and wants us to be free!!!!
    Reading Dr Mullens email message that came today on the heals of a healing that Jesus completed just recently reminds me of the power of HIS life and love for each of us ….. Jesus is truly amazing……
    Love in HIM,

  2. I too have met the real Jesus and His family in CR. Thanks Grant for promoting “our part”. I want the John 10:10 life that Jesus offers us and for me, showing up at CR meetings and working “the program”(learning and practicing Gods way of doing and being) what you called #3 in today’s link, is my part. I will continue to do what I need to do by His grace and will let Father do what only He can. Today “my part” included getting counsel with Grant.
    Really appreciate the way you present what’s going on in us and with us in your videos. Im starting to “get it” 🙂 Thanks “Team Mullen” for serving our faith family in such a helpful and needed way.
    Multiplied peace and grace to you and yours. I ask in Jesus amazing name.

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