Are you sitting on a volcano?

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Volcanoes are dangerous places to be.

Today’s video comes from inside a volcanic crater in New Zealand.

It’s a wild place with steam coming out of the ground and a strong smell of sulphur.

Yes I’m a brave adventurer.

Your baggage is dangerous

Your baggage is dangerous

It reminded me of what emotional baggage does to us.

All those unhealed memories and the lies that you believe about yourself do not lay silent.

They are waiting to erupt.

In this video you will see how your baggage can be as dangerous as a volcano.

Just click on the video and be warned.

To live a transformed life, you need to get rid of your emotional volcanoes.

Now I want to hear from you

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Comments 3

  1. Used the power of forgiveness and used the power of words that I speak into people
    a church or a work. words that build people up and not tear down as it states in the book of james. thank you Dr Mullen for your very encouraging web site and the information you have God is using you greatly.
    Dennis Gries

  2. What a brilliant analogy. I have been involved in healing prayer ministry for a number of years and have received much healing for myself in the process. I heard a beautiful prayer minister say that we seek our own healing for the sake of others – an erupting volcano can do a lot of damage but repentance and forgiveness are even more powerful because our God heals and restores!

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