Are you struggling with fear?

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We’ve all struggled with fear

It’s a battle for your mind.

If you resist the attack, he will flee.

So how do you resist…. and win over fear?

Click on the video and I’ll teach you a new strategy.

Now I want to hear from you

What happened to your fear when you sent it to the cross? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Here’s the prayer declaration we used:
I know what you are trying to do to me.
You have no power over me!
I refuse to give in or agree with you.
I send you to the foot of the Cross

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  1. Excellent video Dr. Grant and so on time for me. I love what you said about fear bombs; I’ve been battling with some fear bombs for quite some time now. One of them was the fear of cancer. My mom died with cancer about three years ago and recently the enemy has been trying to do the what if scenario in my mind, not only what if I have cancer, but even worse were thoughts that kept coming saying I wish I had cancer. This was quite unusual and different for me, but I realized it was a satanic attack since I have no desire to die or to have cancer. So I did what you said on the video and I saw the Lord Jesus crush that lying spirit bringing thoughts of sickness and death under His feet. Hallelujah and praise You Jesus for Your goodness.. thanks again Dr. Grant. this was for me. . God bless you.

  2. This is an exercise I need to practice daily, speaking to the spirit of fear…I will begin using this daily and move on from there. Thank you for your teachings, they are Scriptural.

  3. Post

    Glory, thanks for your note. That is exactly the kind of thought bombs I’m talking about. Cancer phobia is a very common one. Glad you were able to counter attack using your authority. Your note will encourage many!

  4. I saw a slick black underwater suited being bent over and Jesus in bright light towering over him. As I said the words this figure cowered and jesus covered him in light and the evil disintegrated. NO MORE FEAR! Woo hop!

  5. Hi I’m 16 years old
    I’ve been struggling with fear at night a lot and I saw a picture of the demon and I saw Jesus standing in the corner where the demon was and when Jesus took care of it he jumped up and stomped on the demon and continuously flattened it. It made me laugh out loud

  6. I am trusting God’s word that He did not give me a spirit of fear but of power love & a sound mind. I’m not gonna give in to my emotions which are strong right now. Please keep me in prayer. Thank you & God bless!

  7. Thanks so much for this word of encouragement! Sometimes you know things but you are in a situations where the knowledge can’t help. The last several months I felt so much fear for my children. I think the reason for it is that they are old enough now to live their own lives. They are good young people, but still I am worrying for them all the time and struggling with negative thoughts about their future.

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