Are you talking yourself out of greatness?

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You will do greater things!

That’s what Jesus said.

It’s the destiny of every Christian.

But you probably talked yourself out of it.

It’s just so much easier to stay in your comfort zone.

It’s time to step into your destiny.

Click on the video and let’s get started.

Now I want to hear from you

How is God leading you to your destiny? Just leave your comments in the box below

The comfort zone

The comfort zone

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  1. I used to think that I would not be able to do something great for the kingdom. That I was not as gifted or called as others that are doing big things for God. I’m just someone who volunteers at my local church and manages my household. I’m a woman and I’m limited by what people think about women in Ministry. But God used his word, people in my life including my pastor, Neil Anderson’s book Bondage Breaker and Grant Mullen to help me reach my full potential. The Lord gave me the vision to start Burning Hearts House of prayer for the Body of Christ in Ottawa Ontario. We started in January 11, 2015 we pray every night and now it is opened for leaders of all ethnicity to lead prayer anytime day or night. The Lord has done this through me and I am excited for even greater things he is doing in our city and country through the prayers of the saints. Praise be to God for equipping each of us and has prepared good works for us in advance because we are his workmanship. See Eph 2 :10

  2. Ty for Your Encouraging Reminder Grant!
    I have a reading blind dyslexic tendencied child. May it be so J.C., continues to do greater things than He did in life. This being through us/our families/community/world!

    With Blessings,

  3. Another wonderful uplifting topic thank you
    At 74 I feel God is calling me into looking at ways to help the chronic low cost housing shortage in Auckland City by way of using upmarket low cost Tiny Homes and imported good quality trailer homes ex USA and UK for under $100,000 to get young marrieds on the property ladder, I have no experience nor suitable leased land but am believing God will open doors to help solve this problem; and for retirees with low savings

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