Are you the older brother?

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The prodigal son experienced God’s love

But it made the older brother very upset.

He hadn’t experienced that love.

Because he didn’t know his father well enough.

Which son are you?

Click on the video and decide.

To live a transformed life, you need to stop being God’s servant and become His son.

Now I want to hear from you

How have you discovered God’s love? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Are you the elder brother?

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  1. Kathy: A very good word! It is easy to swing into the “older brother mentality”…and cry out: “What about me…?”………….But, you have skillfully brought us back to not only a very meaningful element of the passage, but back to hearing afresh the Father’s heart: “…so glad you’ve asked! Let me tell you about “you and me” from MY perspective.” Ah, working WITH HIM and not FOR HIM….very, very good! Thank you for all that you and Grant bring to all of us! With rejoicing…

  2. What an excellent reminder for us all.

    I began to wonder if, from Jesus’ perspective, having a feast thrown in one’s honor is a blessing, but being invited to help the father host the banquet is a vastly greater gift. My husband and I love holding pool parties in our backyard. When things go well—when lots of people come and the food is tasty and there is laughter and music and good conversation—there is a particular satisfaction and intimacy we share as we debrief together over the cleanup.

    Maybe the father in Jesus’ story felt he could honor and bless his oldest boy more by inviting him into the deep relationship of mutual service than by merely giving him a party of his own. Maybe becoming a Christian is not only accepting Jesus into my life, but also accepting His incredible invitation to be a part of His life—to participate missionally in the triune God’s cosmic plan of redemption.

    As Jesus tells it, the Father is hosting a lavish banquet, and we’re invited—not because of our own merit, but because He loves us. And there’s more. He’s invited us to help him throw the party—neither as servants nor as guests, but as family.

    Thank you Kathy for sharing this story with us today and just to realize that God wants the very best for all His children and all we need to do is ask. A wonderful reminder!

  3. Kathy…….once again……a beautiful message reminding us about relationship……
    not legalistic doing. For us who have had an orphan spirit a loooooooooooooong
    time (perhaps from abusive childhood) TRUST is huge with relating with THE FATHER. Pray i RECEIVE His love into my Heart……………..thank you

  4. Thank you Kathy.
    I wrote my comments last week and said that I have NEVER felt God’s love in 30 years of being a Christian. I also feel like the older brother in the parable. I have an orphan spirit, resulting from my childhood. I know that I was not wanted when I was born (I later found out that my parents only wanted one child, and I was the second born) and one of the (many) ways that my parents traumatized me was to threaten to take me to an orphanage when I misbehaved (in their mind). Imagine how hopeless and helpless I felt, especially when I was lying in the fetal position on the floor and my father (he was not a “dad” to me) yelling and swearing at me to get off the floor because he was going to drop me off at the orphanage……yes, every word is true, and this happened at least twice. I guess it is no wonder that I cannot feel God’s love, and I probably feel deep down that I am unlovable, and that is why I cannot connect with God.

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