Are you tired of waiting for God?

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Why does it take so long?

God’s given you a promise or direction.

Now you’re waiting to see it happen.

and waiting……

Did you hear it right? Was it just wishful thinking?

Click on the video and I’ll tell you why you wait.

To live a transformed life, you need to trust God to guide your life as a loving parent.

Now I want to hear from you

What has God done in your life that was really worth waiting for? Just leave your comments in the box below.

We are the child, God is the parent

We are the child, God is the parent

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  1. I have many great promises from God for my life. I had numerous prophecies that I am called to be a leader/teacher/evangelist. I have a corporate anointing. i am called like a General in God’s army. I am called to be a prophet to the nations. I am going to be a financier to the kingdom of God. I will have financial breakthrough soon. I am told I have multi-faceted annointings

    Presently I have been struggling in the area of finances and emotional health for several years..even though i did get a breakthrough ..partially in my emotional health…feeling of unfullfillment keeps me trapped. But even in the midst of my storms i am able to motivate people and encourage people and build others up , while I am frequently un-motivated and get regular discouragement. I have opposition from my leaders, and no support in the things I venture to do for God, experiencing jealously from christian brothers and sisters who say who say they love me, I have a bachelors degree in accounting, but is now working as a janitor cleaning toilets, as i lost my passion for my accounting job.. i struggle in my relationships because my honesty.

    One of my prophecies received 3 years ago fulfilled 3 months ago, That I will be going on short term mission to many nations in south Asia . I went on a solo mission trip to Nepal 3 months ago…felt like i was on top of the world..all energy and motivation came..felt like i could move mountains..I thought I had finally broke out of prison and would be motivated to find work and be able help some very needy people i found in Nepal..but now i am back I felt myself standing at the same crossroads before i left and all hell broke loose on my finances, and obstacles from people who could help me move forward. I BELIEVE GOD’S WORD..BUT KEEP ASKING ..HOW SOON GOD ? YIKES !!!!

  2. In regards to ‘are you tired of waiting for the promises that God has given you’, well there doesn’t seem any point to be ‘tired of waiting’ any more, when I began my journey with God, around 26 years ago, I had a promise from God almost straight away and that was Joel 2:25 “for I will replace unto you all those years that the locusts have eaten away”, this scripture was very apt for my life up to that point, but there was more ‘heartache’ to come, and now 26 years later, I still believe that promise, although my human side gets in the way, by focusing on how ‘old’ I am, and my present financial circumstances, particularly my living conditions. I have listened eagerly to many teachings, and read many books on ‘why’ we wait or ‘why’ we get stuck, then I make sure that I don’t harbor ‘unforgiveness’, repent often and strive to be open to God, and relinquish every wrong attitude that may come up in a day. But even though I believe I have been doing all the ‘right’ things concerning my relationship with Jesus, I’m still waiting for ‘real’ evidence of that promise. I still believe that God will/ is bringing it to pass, but I admit that it is a ‘battle’ to stay ‘hopeful’ at times. Thank you for your DVD series that has been emailed to me, God Bless you for encouraging others with such passion, realness and some humour.:)

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