Are you trying to break a habit?

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Habits are hard to break

Because they are meeting a need you have.

Even while they are sinful and destructive.

Willpower rarely works.

You need supernatural help.

Click on the video and I’ll give you the key to freedom.

Now I want to hear from you

What habits has God set you free from? Just leave your testimony in the box below that will encourage someone.

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  1. Nice shirt, I really like it! Thank you for this very timely reminder. I am taking time this week to memorize Phil 4:8, which reminds me “whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy, think on these things”…because the enemy is after my mind. (Monica paraphrase)
    Thanks for what you do!!!

  2. Never been to an Emotionally Free weekend of yours. However, looking forward to seeing and experiencing your session work in May.

  3. God set me free of lust and a porn addiction starting about 10 years ago. Overcoming it began with a sincere, heartfelt desire to become a man who would one day be a good husband. I was able to stay away from it for years at a time, but then would receive it in email from ‘friends’ and would be triggered into it again. Guilt was a regular result of watching porn, and even when I wasn’t watching porn, I would often spend time lusting after women and fantasizing.

    True freedom; a change of heart and mind, finally began when my misery led me to confess my sins (to a priest) and cry to God for help. Gradually the Lord led me to let go of all sources of soft porn, like television, magazines, and movies. These have been replaced by volunteering, ministry at church, bible studies, and work.

    Now when I see beautiful lady, I pray for her and her family / husband, and their relationships. I’m still careful about what I read and watch, so that I don’t pollute my mind again. I recognize that my vision and attitude are affected one choice at a time, so I regularly confess any small sins so that a small problem won’t gradually become a big one.

  4. I have a dependency habit which has led to broken friendships. I seem to hold onto certain friends too tightly , it feels like I need to talk to them several times a week and when they pull back I get hurt. This pattern has occurred many times and is very frustrating.

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