Are you using your spiritual weapons?

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What are your spiritual weapons?

I always thought they were mysterious rituals that only pastors could use or understand.

I was wrong.

Spiritual weapons are for every Christian.

And they aren’t complicated or difficult to use.

This week I’ll introduce you to some of your weapons and explain how to use them.

Click on the video and fill your arsenal!

To live a transformed life you need to know and use your spiritual weapons.

Now I want to hear from you

What weapons have you had the greatest success with? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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  1. jESUS SAID we must forgive each other — then we are becoming strong in Him by speaking the wowrds He spoke when Jesus were with us — Having the Holy Spirit in us we will hear the Lord speaking to us — by the power of His word we will receive power when the Spirit decome one with us — through praising Him — speakong in tonques — praying in the name of Jesus blessing Him to bless us — draw near to Me and I will draw neat to you — through our quiet time becoming stronger in God by hearing Him speahing back to us on several wayes

  2. A scripture that I have claimed for myself, as wellas sharing it with others is Romans 11: 36. because everything was done for us by Jesus at Calvary, He, (Jesus) has give us everything to over come the works of the enemy. Through the power and authority and the enableing we have the victory. Every thing we have done in jesus name will be returned to him at the end of the age. This has been a great help to me persoanaly as well as other scriptures.

  3. Dr. Grant,

    There are many weapons of warfare and, compassion for another human being(s), is one of them . I ask Jesus almost every day for the gift of Love~ which I believe is the greatest of all the gifts .

    I have found that as my heart grows in it’s ability to love, the Lord presents me with opportunities. For a four year period , I lived in a continuous care nursing home and on at least two occasions I prayed for two people who were about to die. I fully believe that both gave their hearts to Jesus.

    I believe also that a great “weapon” is the Word of God. When we quote Scriptures to the unseen world , it must respond!! ” Greater is He that is in me , than he that is in the world ” and ” we have not been given a spirit of fear or cowardice but a Spirit of love, power and a sound mind. “

  4. The past 2-3 months, at the suggestion from a friend, I have been telling God every morning that I trust Him with the day. Since that time, I don’t necessarily feel that my circumstances have changed dramatically or that everything has suddenly become more favorable to what I desire, I have become more content in my life. I am more accepting of where I am and what is happening around me and not always wishing for something better. I know that God is in control in every circumstance. I can’t say all of my circumstances have lined up with my desires but my attitude towards my life has changed. I thank God that what ever happens it is within God’s plan for my life. I am within a very God blessed time right now

  5. You know something, I never thought, but spiritual warfare and weapons of the spirit to make us normal with our happiness, is that of no mystery but every day you must say and do is that we as human’s should not be afraid and what God said about the Holy Spirit as a comforter of our whole structure. The body, mind, and soul, we are for sure most undoubtly and guaranteed to be made whole by his power, and how do I use discretion to use all my spiritual weapons and warfare to blast that idiot off this planet or should I ask God: give us strenght and might to fight that evil heir of his stupid ways and tricks to fool us in to believing that we should be afraid, and that all of us should join forces that we are not be under his control, and think that troublemaker does not belong in my planet and everything was fine until he started the whole mess! Thanks be to God, who gave us his plan and Jesus the lamb and the Holy Spirit to inspire us to fight back, Faithfully yours Dr. Mullen, John & Claudia

  6. Thank you, Dr Mullen, for this really useful recap! I learnt from the Free Your Mind programme about ‘walking in forgiveness’ which I find a very powerful approach as it suggests forgiveness as a lifestyle. When I walk to and from work each day, I listen to worship music – usually related to what I need for my faith at the time – and I find it prepares me for the next part of the day, stops me from ruminating and lifts my mood. I think it’s demon repellent too.

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