Are you wrapped up?

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Lazarus was alive but bound!

He needed more than a pulse, he needed to be set free.

Too many Christians have the same problem.

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To live a transformed life, you need to get out of your grave clothes.

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Many Christians are bound

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  1. Thank you Grant for sharing as much as you do . I remember when I was first saved and I got very discouraged when I found out that I was still tangled up and was not aware for a long time that the Lord wanted to free me from all those grave clothes.Then slowly after he revealed to me that is what was going on .Although when my parents died I feel all tangled up again and put back in the spot like I was first saved with trusting and letting go of things. I appreciate prayer for this .

  2. God is teaching me to spend more time with Him in His word and draw closer to Him this will help my thoughts and replace them with thoughts from the Holy spirit. It is difficult sometimes but knowing that God loves me and wants to use me someday hopefully to help others with their struggles also helps. Being aware of Satan who is the father of lies and needing the full armour of God to fight against moods and thoughts that pull you down, praying with other believers, Godly counsel, people who will pray with you and listen also help in the healing process. You are never alone but Satan would love to make you feel you are the only one suffering from whatever burdens you, and you are alone is not true. We are on a journey and if we remember these troubles are only temporary and focus on eternal heavenly things things that are lovely and true as Phillipians 4 says this will help. Ultimately spending time in the word of God is what God is telling me I need to do and it is so comforting to know that we are not alone and He will help us and encourage us along the way, hold our hand and walk with us every step of the way. He knows what we are struggling with and can help us get unstuck. I had to spend tome today getting unstuck in some thoughts but Christian programming , resources and Gods word can saturate us with truth and give us hope, praise and worship music, and of course Dr Grant Mullins Live a transformed life and all the resources that are available can encourage you too. We are sisters and brothers in Christ who can spur one another on and help us finish the race with flying heavenly colors so to speak, LOL, I hope everyone who reads this remember God loves you and has a future and a hope for you.

  3. I have learned a lot from reading your book ‘Emotionally free’ I am 72 years old and retired a year ago.My wife and I spent the last year preparing the sell our home and downsize to something smaller. The process of buying and selling a home has been very stressful. I don’t sleep well and occasionally take a tranquilizer-but I am hesitant to take anti-depressants-since, as you mention in your book there are 40 on the market and to keep trying each for a few weeks seems an arduous task especially since there is a risk of side effects from these medications.. Thank you for your e-mails-I am learning a lot from them. I first heard you some years ago at the Toronto Airport church and you helped me understand that Christians with the holy spirit can get depressed-I used to believe that if I had the holy spirit I shouldn’t get depressed. Thank you for your teachings and encouragement

  4. This teaching reminds me what a friend said to me years ago..that many Christians are saved but not delivered from their past. They’ve trusted Jesus to save them, so they know Him as Savior, but that’s all.Since they haven’t truly made Jesus the Lord of their lives, SELF is still on the throne in their lives, and therefore they are still bound. There is a big difference between knowing Him as Savior as opposed to making Him Lord of your entire life and surrendering all your past baggage to Him, so that He can heal you.I personally didn’t even know I was bound until I became a Christian and the Holy Spirit started showing me areas of abuse in my life that I had hidden so deep in my mind, that only God could have exposed it.I just thought something was wrong with everybody else and not me, since I didn’t know I was badly wounded as a child .A christian counselor I speak to sometimes told me that one of her patients came to her for help when memories of sexual abuse started surfacing in her mind at about sixty years of age. When she realized that it takes time for emotional wounds to be healed, she left and decided not to get help because it would be too much work for her, so she decided to stay bound and live with the pain instead of pursuing the healing..I thought that was sad..emotional healing definitely takes longer than physical healing, and the deeper the wounds, the more painful it can be to deal with, but it’s worth it to see people set free by the power of God..thanks Dr excellent point you made today..Blessings..

  5. I have been going to a course in London about inner healing for the child in me.
    I have a stuffed animal that represents my 3 yr. old self, and I say certain things morning and night and when I work on triggers from my childhood I talk to my stuffed animal about it. I had the best Thanksgiving Dinner that I can remember, and starting to feel better about myself.

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