Are your prayers big enough?

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God spoke to me in a commanding voice!

It was totally unexpected.

I wasn’t praying or worshiping at the time.

I was so startled that my initial response was, “You’ve got to be kidding.”

God had an important message for me that has changed the way I pray.

Click on the video and I’ll tell you what happened.

To live a transformed life, you need to pray bigger prayers.

Now I want to hear from you

What big prayers has God answered in your life? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Pray bigger prayers!

Pray bigger prayers!

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  1. Grant,

    Amen! With your skills and as a valuable resource to the Body of Christ, do you also think that the hesitancy and reluctance to “pray big prayers” could be rooted in our woundedness? Do we need to be “released” to pray bigger prayers…or simply informed to do so??? Thanks for assisting us with this.

  2. Awesome what a delightful blog for sure I guess we really don’t get the vastness or how RICH and WEALTHY the Father God really is to expand our minds on HIS kingdom what a challenge !!! Thx for heading the voice of The Lord and promptly obeying its time for me to explore this as well !!!

  3. Dear Dr. Mullen,
    Thank you for this encouragement! I love how you said praying like a Canadian. My prayers have been becoming bolder only out of desperation. I have had a son who has been a drug addict for about four years off and on. I have seen breakthoughs and then set backs. He has been to jail, Teen Challenge and now will be seeing a good counselor because he wants to be set free for good. I prayed a big, bold prayer on Monday over my son while laying hands on him. This twenty-two year old wept and wept. The next day he went out jogging and today as well like he used to. Thank you for writing your book, “Emotionally Free” . It’s time I re-read it again. I really appreciate your work and sense of humour. Sincerely Sara

  4. Hi Grant:-) Last Spring I prayed for a motorhome for my Husband, and I, to do ministry trips, as well as taking our Grandkids on trips. Within a couple of weeks the perfect motorhome, for far less money than was imaginably possible, was dropped into our laps. Now I am praying for a large house to do ministry with young Mom’s coming off of drugs: of course we need a big play set in the back yard, which is fully fenced:-) I am excited to see what God is going to do!!!!!

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    Peggy that’s a good point. There’s no doubt that our emotional baggage and lies inside that we believe about ourselves and God will certainly place limits on our expectation of God or ourselves. Yes we need to be released from the bondage of the baggage that keeps us trapped in low expectations. That actually is the subject of next week’s blog.

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  7. Hi Grant. Thanks for your willingness to step out in faith and let God use you to bless people the world over.

    Some years ago I suffered with a stomach ulcer. It was awful, constant gaseous indigestion and pain. I did change my diet but I totally believe it was God who healed me as my Doctor said that stomach ulcers RARELY heal. It didn’t heal overnight but it did go. This was in my early twenties and since then have had no recurring problems.

    I love your child like faith, its wonderful to see someone seeing God like you do. When I say childlike I mean that children don’t have the same kinds of rules that us adults do, especially when it comes to God. They just believe and thats it and there is no such thing as you cant do this or you cant pray that and thats how God wants us to be right?

    Im currently doing a health profession degree in occupational therapy and need to pass my exams. Im in my late 40’s so this heavy learning is new to me. My big prayer today is God please make me really smart so I can get A’s. Thanks again Grant. Graeme

  8. Grant, I need big prayers tonight and over the next 2 days at least. I am scheduled for a major surgery that may lead to major complications, infection, or answers we’re hoping not to hear. My biggest fear has always been that for some reason I wouldn’t be around to nuture and love my children through their growing years. They are currently 6 and 9… please, anyone who feels the spirit moving in them…ask for my healing and quick return to health, for no complications or mistakes, for no infections or worse, those dreaded words cancer.
    So, a selfish prayer? Honestly, it seems like a big selfish prayer for me, but really its about my little ones. I want to be around for a long time to care for them and lead them in the lord. PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY for me and my family, and my doctors and surgeons,

  9. Hi Grant, Wow this message is so timely for Dave and I and our Church just now as God is leading us to make an offer (a Tender) on a new building for our congregation as a worship and ministry centre. Some of us have been praying about this particular unique building complex for 4 years… it has been on the market for 18 months but we haven’t been in a position to do anything. Then suddenly 10 days ago we hear it is going up for tender again…and God prompts us to take action – rapid action to fulfill all the requirements – and the tenders close on 12th Sept! We just need 3 miracles!!! (Why not?!) then to have our tender accepted… and so far things are on track. Our eyes are on God and YES we are praying BIG prayers because we don’t want to miss what God has for us and for the future in our city as we reach out in greater ways with the love and power of Jesus!

  10. That’s a great message. I have been praying some big prayers for myself and believing promises spoken over me. As a result, I have been required to step out in faith and take risks as an act of obedience. When I’ve prayed and done what God has shown me to do I then wait patiently for the fulfillment. One of the greatest hindrances I have found to answered prayers are not the devil or unbelievers, but other Christians. It’s very disheartening to persistently pray a big prayer for oneself, take a risk/a step of faith in order to see the promise fulfilled only to have more well-established Christians who are higher up in God’s hierarchy shut the door in your face. What we see as a liability can sometimes be an asset in disguise. When that happens we have to go back to the drawing board, pray and wait for another opening/opportunity. As Christians we need to realize that our faith or unbelief, our words and the attitude of our heart can all have a positive or negative impact on our brothers and sisters in the Lord. We can open a door for someone or shut a door, we can bring encouragement/edification or we can squelch what God wants to do. If we have questions or are unsure about what someone is believing for we should ask them ourselves and pray with them rather than engaging in gossip, assumptions, speculation, backbiting, or slander. When trust is violated, damaged or lacking there is a corresponding lack of unity in the Spirit and this hinders God. Let’s give other Christians the benefit of the doubt – if what they’re believing is of God it will eventually come to pass. We might be surprised at what God wants to do. It’s important to listen to other people and hear what they have to say.

    God gave Abraham many big promises, including: “I will make you a great nation”, “you shall be a father of many nations”, and “I will multiply your descendants as the stars of the heaven”. I think Abraham had an advantage because he got to leave everything behind and start afresh. He was in a position of authority and only had Sarah, Lot, and his servants to contend with. These days there are many different churches each with its own hierarchy of authority and each with its own level of faith and expectation. It’s sometimes difficult to pray big prayers for ourselves in some of these environments. Thankfully a great shifting is about to take place.

    I think of you as an answer to prayer, Dr. Mullen. I see you not only as a doctor and a teacher, but also as an advocate. Recently God gave me a wonderful picture of you. You were standing in a doorway holding open two huge, heavy doors. You were a picture of strength: your eyes were filled with joy, you had a big smile on your face, your arms looked strong and you had a great sense of confidence about you. You were literally beaming. I saw heaven behind you and all around you, white fluffy clouds and lots of light. You were welcoming many people into Jesus’ Kingdom. The darkness behind them as they entered in looked small and pitiful in comparison.

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    Lee, thanks for sharing your need with us. PRAYING FOR YOUR OWN HEALING IS NOT A SELFISH PRAYER! Yes I’m shouting. Even if you had no kids it’s still the right prayer. Jesus told us to speak to the mountains in our lives. This is your mountain.
    Jesus, we agree with Lee today that this mountain of illness will be removed. We declare that the surgery will be much easier than the doctors anticipate, there will be a rapid recovery and there will be no serious issues discovered. Go to my blog on praying for healing and pray along with me:
    We agree and declare that Lee will have a great time at the weddings of her grandchildren!

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