Can a Christian take antidepressants?

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Just snap out of it!

You’re a Christian, what do you have to be depressed about?

You don’t need antidepressants, where’s your faith?

Don’t take a worldly solution for a spiritual problem.

I spent my entire career listening to all the arguments against treatment for depression, anxiety and bipolar.

Click on the video and let’s have a straight talk about it.

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To live a transformed life, if you need medications, take them!

Now I want to hear from you

How have you overcome the objections to taking meds? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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  1. Dr. Mullen,
    I appreciated your talk this week as it addressed the many objections people have to using medication to deal with depression. My issue has been anxiety but you of course know treatment is similar. Twenty years ago I began my search to find a way to have some normalcy return to my life as anxiety was interfering with my ability to function in a healthy way. I explored many different strategies: grit my teeth and bear it; medical doctor; psychologist; professional prayer counselling and a personal prayer group; psychiatrist; self-help books and tapes (ie. Midwest “Attacking Anxiety” – 15 sessions); behaviour management (including hypnosis).

    All these approaches contributed in some way to my return to health and also helped me to better understand mental illness. The most dramatic change occurred however when the right combination of medications was found and I am grateful to God that option was available. It took a lot of work, much prayer, and the support of close friends and family who walked with me and provided concrete help (ie. rides to appointments because I was too anxious to drive). I found a freedom that allows me to actively enjoy life.

    Thanks Dr. Mullen for your clear message that mental illness needs to be addressed in a similar way to treating physical limitations. Even in 2014 there is still a stigma attached to mental illness but talks like yours are valuable in chipping away at it. Blessings to you.

  2. I have watched both weeks of your messages on mental health issues in the body of christ and was shocked by some of the comments people wrote no wonder people keep things to them selves if they would be judged so poorly. I believe Jesus wants us to commit any health issues to him and believe him for healing but we also have medical help that I believe that God has provided for us all as well if not most of the body of christ would be dead so I hope we can just show love and Grace to each other just has Jesus shows to each and every one of us.I would also like to thank you for your help has I was able to show my daughter one of your dvd’s to help her in answering some Questions for her I was unable to clarify to her and now is much better with medication .God bless

  3. I have taken meds for years and will use them as long as I need to, just like heart meds or any other. I’ve had many friends rush to get off them, not comfortable with knowing others know about them- it’s some kind of strange peer pressure.
    Please send me the healing prayer. May
    God continue to bless you and all that you do!
    Thanks so much,

  4. I have know I suffer from anxiety and depression for about five years–found out in counselling I have had anxiety all my life.

    Went for help to my GP–tried three medications over the last four years. I could not tolerate them at all–I could not sleep at all and felt like I was going crazy when I took them. I was unable to function at work while taking them.

    I guess I should not give up–but the meds were brutal and I don’t want to be taking both anxiety meds and sleeping pills.

    Please send me the healing prayer and any advice or encouragement anyone has would be awesome.

    Thanks for bringing all these mental health issues into the open!!!

  5. Post

    Hi HJ. There are 40 different antidepressants. You just have to try a different one and start with tiny doses. Ask for one that’s more relaxing that would help you sleep. DON’t GIVE UP!!! I’ll email the prayer to you.

  6. Many years ago, when I was going through some post-partum depression after a miscarriage, I went on anti-depressants. I had many fellow Christians chastise me for taking them – they judged me and saw me as weak, telling me I didn’t have enough faith. Those closest to me would tell me to just snap out of it. Thankfully I did not listen to them and after several months of taking anti-depressants, along with some counselling, I recovered. Several years later these same Christians came back to me and asked my forgiveness as they had received some teaching on the benefits of these medications and the harm they were doing by criticizing people who took them and just viewing what they were dealing with as an emotional or spiritual problem.

    As a result of this experience, I have not hesitated to take anti-depressants when I’ve needed them, which has been 2 times since then, each time during a time of deep grief related to some sad life events (divorce & death of my mother). Each time I recognized the symptoms of depression were overwhelming me and I went to my doctor right away, even though each time there were still people who didn’t think I should need medication. I also went through some counselling, along with the medication, which helped as well. Anti-depressants are certainly a gift. I don’t have a condition where I need to take them all the time, but if I did, I wouldn’t hesitate to.

    In fact, I have a dear friend who needs to take them all the time. It took a long time for me to convince her it was okay to take them. We meet together once a month for a bible study time and we decided to take your book “Emotionally Free” and read and discussed several chapters at a time until we’d worked through the entire book. We just recently finished going through it and I typed out all the prayers in the book to give them to her as a separate handout to make it easier for her to pray them when she needed to. Since going through your book, my friend has finally quit resisting taking her medication and has come to terms with it being a gift and not a crutch she is forced to take.

    Thank you for the excellent teaching in your book. As a result of going through this book, my friend ordered another copy for a friend who has a mental illness and is hoping she will find it helpful as well since it has such a balanced view of not just medication but the need for emotional and spiritual healing as well.

    Thank you for your ministry in the area of mental illness. You are truly God’s gift to the church in clearing up false teaching in this area! 🙂

  7. I take a combination of 2 anti-depressants. It has taken about a year to get the right combination. My depression is most definitely a chemical imbalance. It has existed for 30 years. I have had counseling and was able to conquer it until the meds no longer worked and needed to be changed. Now I am doing some Biblical counseling along with new meds and I am getting on the right track again. I believe God helped get the meds created in the first place so how could taking them be wrong.

  8. Apart from my loving and supportive family and close friends, one of the ways I deal with the stigma of taking anti-depressants is through yours – Grant and Kathy’s encouragement. Thank you for faithfulness to this ministry.

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  10. Hi Grant. It does take some time to work out the medications. This is a rare warning. I was given anti depressions in 1990 for the depression I was suffering from; however, this medicine produced hypo mania in me. I was then given lithium but the antidepressant was left in place. It was 20 yrs and 5 doctors later before the antidepressant was removed and my hypo mania was propery managed. So I agree with you that sometimes it takes time and fiddling but the end result is worth it.

  11. I totally disagree, I usually agree but not today. Two of my friends committed suicide on medicine. I went through depression and came out sane, changed my thinking and didn’t take meds. My son was put on medicines in the hospital and it was a total nightmare. After he left the hospital and took himself off meds, he is fine.
    I know this is anecdotal. I trust anecdotal evidence over big pharma vested interests. God bless

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  13. If it weren’t for God, counselling, prayer, the support of Christian friends and anti-depressants, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I often wonder how King David did it in the Old Testament, and I so appreciate the Psalms where he pours out his heart in identifiable vulnerability.

  14. Thank you, Dr Mullen for this message. Many years ago I also went through a very tough time and had terrible thoughts. My doctor who was new to me at the time, recognized immediately what was going on and prescribed an antidepressant as well as time off work to help me get my health back. This probably saved my life and after I fully recovered I was able to taper off the meds and went on to live fully and with courage to make changes including meaningful work, that also has helped to maintain my health. As mentioned in the video, i also received healing prayer, much prayer support and counselling, which helped probably more than I will ever know, including dealing with issues and learning about tools to use to manage emotions and feelings better. I recall my doc saying that this could happen again from time to time in my life and to get help quickly, but from this experience, I now recognized the early warning symptoms and pay attention!

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  16. Your message from Aug. 26/14 about taking meds for depression is so RIGHT ON – and THEN go for the counselling, prayer ministry, but you cannot focus on anything while your mind is racing and going from one thing to another!

    On another note, I just listened to Cathy’s message about inner healing and why the same subject(s) seem to keep cropping up and she thoroughly explained the reasons and I’m glad to hear what she said, and will keep on seeking…….

    Thank you both Grant and Cathy. Your ministry is so clear and simple and yet so critical to help people. God bless. Heather.

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