Can a shipwreck sail again?

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Have you ever felt shipwrecked?

You thought you were doing the right thing sailing along and then it all blew up.

Events spun out of control and left you hanging on for your life.

Things just didn’t turn out the way you planned.

It left you feeling like your life had run aground, burned out and discouraged.

Have you ever felt shipwrecked?Can you sail again?

God has a totally different view of what we consider disasters.

In this video you’ll learn what God does with shipwrecked lives.

Grab your captain’s hat and click on the video.

To live a transformed life you need to look at wrecks God’s way.

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Now I want to hear from you

What shipwrecks in your life has God turned into something great? Just leave your comments below.

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Comments 22

  1. I was shipwreaked I lost my job, a huge amount of money that I am paying back, my 2 sons laid off and moved home, our little house burst at the seams, and my dear husband looked old. It has taken just over 2 years of trusting and learning to rest in my Fathers arms for me to feel again. It isnt easy todo, all the old teaching from childhood wanted me to suck it up dont say anything be strong and dont say anything to anyone. I was ashamed of my failure. I am so glad my father didnt condemn me., instead he said he was my sufficency and I would not want.
    and He has been and I will praise him. The debt is getting paid and we have not yet went hungry.
    we were depending on self for future needs now we trust God.

  2. I was shipwrecked when I was diagnosed with a mental health condition 12 years ago. I was put on medication. My husband, who became depressed, was not. I had to learn a lot to support and encourage him to better health, because his depression just made me more sick!

    I also took that time to delve into God’s word. My spiritual life improved immensely. It caused me to slow down and reconsider what was really important in my life…to put things in focus and prioritize the most important things I wanted to do. I was able to educate my extended family about mental health and healthy living.

    Over the years I have been amazed at how God has used me and my illness to help and support not only others around me with this illness, but also my own family and myself. I know I’m doing something right and am being used mightily when the retired nurse comments “You don’t know how many people you’ve helped by speaking out.” And the psych nurse says “You aren’t sick!” LOL If only she knew! I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without that diagnosis.

    That’s not to say I’m exactly happy I have this illness. I’m not! I’d rather be without it. But it certainly brought unexpected rewards and positive experiences into my life. 🙂

  3. I am shipwrecked at the moment, waiting for God to help me. My career really didn’t go as planned and it is devastating. My first business adventure was a flop and relationships at the moment are not strong. I am hoping soon to have a good story to tell when God turns this around.

  4. I was a Mom with a newborn infant boy and a 3 year old boy, my husband became addicted to crack, had an affair, and left us. Besides living for the love of my boys, I could see no purpose in life and became very depressed. A lawyer counseled me and told me about a book he had heard of but not read. I never did receive any bills from him…an angel. I checked out the book. It was about having a relationship with God, I began to pray for the first time. God lead me to Jesus and I accepted Him into my heart. My heavenly Father provided and comforted my boys and I for 9 years of single parenthood. With the help of many loving Christians I grew in my faith and God eventually restored my family with a loving Christian husband and stepfather to my boys. Many challenges, successes and miracles happened in those 9yrs of single parenthood. My heavenly Father taught me to trust and obey, serve and share the Gospel. I have been blessed with two boys who follow Christ. God is good.

  5. When I was 26 years old, married for three years, our baby daughter was 20 days old when my husband passed away suddenly! That left me in a tail spin and I had been brought up in a Christian (religious) family. However, God never took his hand off me and through many series of changes, brought me a wonderful guy to father my daughter and give me a son. When I was six months pregnant with my son, my Dad was killed in an accident. Again another emotional turmoil but God was always there bringing me people to help me keep going. This all happened in a span of 2 1/2 years! Needless to say there has been a lot of inner healing but God has been faithful through it all – my precious daughter is 29 years old now and I couldn’t have picked a better Dad for her. God is the restorer and I am so thankful that He is my Daddy! Without Him I am quite sure the outcome would have been very different.

  6. I came to know Christ during one of these shipwreck experiences. About twelve years ago I almost died.I spent two years on what some would call a deathbed. About twenty two doctors had given up hope on me and couldn’t help me. In fact, I was told that I was at death’s door.My sister took me to church and as a dying moslem I heard the Gospel for the first time. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and He miraculously healed me and delivered me, Hallelujah!!! It was and has been THE best decision of my life, and I give Him all the glory for what He has done for someone like me.What the enemy meant for harm,God has turned around and used for His good as I have shared my testimony with many people and gave them hope that even at death’s door, when there seems to be no hope, He gives us hope.Christ in me, the HOPE of glory..Blessings to you all..

  7. I was shipwrecked with a broken romance, followed by two epileptic seizures, loss of job, another self inflicted health problem, and two years of mild depression. By that time at aged 27 I was really beginning to ask some questions about life. The three most on my mind were what would I do, where would I live, and who would I marry? I had no answers. Then I met God, out of the blue. Bit by bit the pieces were put together. Since then I have the only job I’ve ever really enjoyed which in turn defined where I should live, and have been happily married for 29 years and raised 4 great kids. God did it.

  8. I was shipwrecked but God had his hand on me and brought me back to Him in 1997 , my life was a mess, i was in a lot of pain, had struggled to keep jobs, my mother was dying but Jesus healed me at my mother’s bedside two days before she died, my Mum’s sister, my Aunt brought me back to the Lord, and then in 2003 went into deep depression, but I believe Our Lord is showing me areas that I need to deal with, I just love spending time with Our Lord, and hopefully soon God will speak to me again,

    Thank you Grant, for helping us see the light more and more clearly, we have to persevere .

    God Bless Gayle

  9. These are amazing and very touching stories of disasters that God turned into something good. Thanks so much for sharing with us so honestly and building our faith. How about the rest of you? Have you had a shipwreck experience?

  10. Thanks again Dr Mullin for a great teaching. What testamonies!

    Through a series of events in my life, I became very angry with God. Refused to pray for seventeen years. Long story short, after giving God the silent treatment for seventeen years, I began to pray. He answered me without chastising me. He healed me emotionally and drew me close to Him. What love, huh? This is the a perfect example of grace. I haven’t stop praising and thaking Him since.
    That was thirty-two years ago and it seems like yesterday.


  11. Thanks for the video, I could use some prayer. Please be discerning and if lead to pray for my situation, I am sure God will make it such a joy and blessing for those who will be in Captive thought for me and in prayer!

    Great video fam. 🙂

  12. When I was 15 my father died, leaving me with responsibility for my mother. I was “fatherless” but God found me. When I accepted Christ as my Saviour and Lord I was no longer “Fatherless”! Praise God. That was 70 years ago and He has never failed me yet!
    Thanks for your encouraging messages! God bless you.
    Nora Groves

  13. Don’t know much about nautical stuff or things that float but ship wrecked life is what it was without Christ. Little did I know that the alcohol was wrecking family, marriage and the dogslife. Wasn’t sober very often. Didn’t have clear mind. Jesus removed the craving and 36 years have passed since that day he took it from me. Now as a testimony to HIM, I teach and preach at the local prison tooooo (You guessed it. ) Alcoholics. I share the love of Christ and the hope that they to can be free of this addiction by putting their trust in HIM. It is wonderful to have “a sound mind” again.

  14. Hi Dr Grant,

    I am a big fan of your blog but I couldn’t help but notice a historical inaccuracy in this one. I am sorry to say that I believe you have been misinformed that the ship you are in front of in your video is Christopher Columbus’s mystery fourth ship, “The Santa Loser.” I am pretty sure that the ship is a replica of Jacques Cartier’s ship, “Grande Hermine”. Here is a wikipedia article to support my claim: On top of that, I don’t believe they ever found Columbus’s fourth ship, though it is rumored to have sunk somewhere in Lake Erie.

    None the less, great video.

  15. I was shipwrecked when I became depressed (a third time), realized my marriage was dead, received counselling and medication, realized I was codependant and in an emotionally abusive marriage. (a big factor in my depressions)
    Through Godly Christian counselling, I learned to set healthy boundaries… sadly, my husband left the home. Happily, my two children and I have had an awesome season of healing and restored joy in our lives.
    This past Monday, a girlfriend and I picked up her mom, who was in an abusive marriage, and she is now staying safely in my home.
    The Lord works things out for good for those who love Him. Through reconciliation with the Lord and His principles, He is able to be a Reconciler to others through me. I’m so pleased to be His vessel!!
    And, I know the Lord shows Himself to my husband and provides him an opportunity to be healed. I still pray for and love my husband, but am willing to stay as I am if he is not willing to work things out. The Lord has been able to get through to me that I can trust Him with my life, my future, and He is able to be my provider, shield, and lover.
    Thank you, Dr. Mullen, for having a part in my healing. The Lord is truly in your ministry.

  16. I was shipwrecked when an alteration in my medication for a chronic disease triggered chronic depression and anxiety. I couldn’t stop crying, 24/7. This was not the usual upbeat wifey that hubby normally encountered.

    I ended up in a private psych hospital whilst they changed my meds and levelled me out but I learnt some big lessons. I went from a respected senior lawyer to someone who could barely decide what to wear let alone what clients should do with their problems.

    God stripped away my masks and made me think about who I really was, who others saw me as and how God saw me. He LOVES me yes out loud, he LOVES ME, not the masks.

    I now deal with a lot of people with depression in my job as a lawyer and can empathise with them and encourage them not to feel ashamed, weak, stigmatised etc.

    God shipwrecked me so I could unveil the real me.

  17. I was sexually assaulted by a cousin of mine at a very young age and it has been devastating for my entire life as I stuffed down and didn’t tell anyone about it. Not until our daughter was ill treated by her godfather and it came flooding back. I still struggle with this, emotions, insecurities, depression, inadquecies. But on the positive side I have been able to talk to other women who have gone through this and tell them my story and listen to theirs. I still have a long, long way to go to really feel emotionally well, but with God’s help it will happen. I know prayers help and I believe in prayer, sometimes I don’t see how God is working through my prayers, but I just have to keep believing that He is and that everything will work to His good.
    I really would like to come out the other side healed, so that I can Get on with my Life and feel useful again.

  18. I felt shipwrecked years ago when I had to break relationships with the man I loved,
    I went to Bible College and thought that I would marry an ordained minister. I didn’t:
    I married a Mailman instead. When our first-born son suffered a grand mal xeizure
    at 10 months old which left him with brain damage, I thought that God was punishing me because I married the wrong man. Thirty-three years and 3 more children later, I can testify to the faithfulness of God and the knowledge that He didn’t punish me: in
    fact, our special needs son/his situation has turned out to be a blessing in many ways. God has used our situation to minister to many people whom we have met.
    Thank you for that video, Dr. Mullen. Thank God that He always had a plan.!

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