Can an empty bucket trigger addictions?

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Of course Christians don’t have addictions!

I know, when you think of addictions, your mind immediately pictures a needle and a bottle on a sidewalk. But there are a lot more addictions than those two. In fact there are even addictions that Christians consider respectable and admired!

Humans sure have a problem with addictions. Why is that?
Animals don’t seem to. I’m not aware of vets putting poodles into rehab (though some dogs sure seem to have emotional problems). We’re both mammals, what’s the difference?

Why are we so vulnerable to these habits and how do they get started?

Is you bucket empty or full?

Is you bucket empty or full?

In this video you’ll learn why addictions are so common and how we’ve made some of them socially acceptable with built in rewards. And yes it happens to Christians and sometimes we think it pleases God. How crazy is that?

If you want to know the source of addictions, what’s missing and how to find it, just click on the video.

To live a transformed life you need to keep your love bucket full.

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What do you think?

What addictions do Christians often overlook and why do we do that?
Also, what are the most successful tools or programs you know of to beat addictions? Let’s tell people what works.

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I’ll talk to you next week when I’ll tell you how I learned the difference between standard time and God time.


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  1. John 17:23 says that God loves us as much as He does Jesus. How much is that? At His baptism and also on the mount of transfiguration God said that Jesus is His BELOVED son. In order to believe that, we may need to meditate on that until the Holy Spirit makes it revelation to us. Our love bucket will not be empty again. It is interesting to note in the first temptation in Mat 4, that the devil left out one word –Beloved — in his tempting statement. Jesus in addition to the bread issue then called the devil on leaving out the word–beloved. You and I are His BELOVED children. In my thinking that is absolutely awesome. Thank you Lord!!!

  2. Thanks Snowden. How much God loves us is a very hard truth to get our human brains around. It’s beyond explanation or understanding. The revelation of the Father’s love for us is life changing.

  3. Hello Grant,

    I am one of the thirsty types and have my bucket firmly planted under the waterfall of God’s love. So glad I am in His love and acceptance! Thank you heaps for showing this so clearly!


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