Can God use you?

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But I haven’t been to Bible School!

And you probably can’t play guitar, piano or run the soundboard.

How could God ever use you?

I understand, I can’t do those things either.

In this week’s video I’ll tell you about a Bible nobody who only has one recorded sentence. (No not Jabez)

But that one sentence transformed many lives and made God famous internationally.

Can God use you?

And I’ll tell you about a short prayer I made that brought instant healing to my very ill patient.

Just click on the video and prepare to add excitement to your life.

To live a transformed life you need to be ready to be used by God in unexpected ways and when you least expect it.

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Now I want to hear from you

How has God used you in unexpected ways? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 16

  1. Thank you Dr Grant. I can see how God can use any of us if we but let Him.
    I have been used by Him quite often and would like to be of greater service to Him…yet sometimes I don’t know if I’m as effective as He wants me to be.
    In 2008/2009 He assigned or commissioned me to keep vigil over two people one elderly and one just entering his prime (32/33 yrs of age) .Well all was fine in the beginning, Holy Spirit had us all under His wings and then hell broke loose..spiritual battle began because we were abiding God’s word and we were a great target for demonic forces. Unfortunately, our pact didn’t last long…as circumstances dictated. the forces were insiduously persuasive …..elderly fell ill and passed away and my friend the //child prodigy disappeared.ran away.(m.i.a ) and once again I was left to pick up broken pieces and felt a failure…well it was a most unexpected outcome. with much prayer and extra support we prayed my elderly friend into the Kingdom. she was close to the edge// it wasn’t that smooth.
    what next ? I’m hesitant to put my hand up too quickly for fear of messing up……. I’m still recovering from the spiritual battle…I’ve had prayer ministry and healing but every now and then I have flashbacks… shed a tear or two and ask why so difficult and instead of gaining a friend I lost one ??

  2. I am surprised how God gets my attention from so many different places and people that all dovetail into a message.

    We are currently going through Bill Hybels’ Whisper DVD. And then comes your video blog.

    Thank you.

  3. I was in Shoppers Drug Mart last Sunday afternoon looking for paper towels and had to ask one of the clerks for assistance to find the one that was on sale and
    I also had a coupon for. While she was checking if they had more stock and I was making sure that I did have the coupon in my wallet a lady came up beside me to take the store brand paper towels and made a little comment that she had to pinch every penny. I made the comment back that we all have to do that sometimes and she left. The clerk came back and said that they were out of stock of what I was looking for but I told her that I didn’t have my coupon so I would return another day. When she walked away God told me to take the only cash that I had -$10.00 and give it to the lady who said that she had to pinch her pennies. I took the 10 in my hand and started looking for the lady all the while thinking that she already might have left the store. I spotted her at the cash register ready to pay her account so I headed towards her. There were a lot of customers waiting in the line and as I approached her the enemy tried to stop me by putting negitive thoughts into my mind-there’s too many people that will see / she’s alreday paying you”re too late… so I turned away but 3 steps later I turned back and went and placed the $10.00 in her hand telling her that “God told me to give you this”. She thanked me and I walked away going to another cashier who was not as busy. As I was paying for my stuff using my debit card I noticed her
    waiting for me. I was wishing that she wasn’t because I really didn’t need any
    more acknowledgement -when I knew that I was just being obedient to God. She
    stopped me and told me what happened to her in Church that morning. When the
    offering time came she only had some change and a $5.00 bill. As she was putting the change into the basket God told her to give the $5.00 as well. She told Him that this was her only money that she had, then He just said “trust Me”
    So she did. When she got home her son gave her a $25.00 gift card from SDM
    so she could do some shopping in the afternoon. We both had tears in our eyes
    because of the goodnes of our God. She also said that the cashier who noticed all of this made the comment that “God had just Blessed her”. The other customers also saw what was going on. I ended up driving her home and we
    both praised God for the most intimate way that He works in the little and also in the big things of our lives. I am always astonished and thankfull when He uses me as His vessel.

  4. Joan, what a great story of how God speaks, his faithfulness, how he responds to faith and the fun he has with us. Thanks for sharing it.
    Denise, don’t be afraid to put your hand up again. God never stops using his kids. He’ll only give you what you can handle. Take is slow but don’t stop.

  5. Back in the days…when I was spending my inheritance and self medicating (HA)…I gave someone an extra Bible I had…years later, when I ran into her, she told me she still had that Bible. I had know memory of even doing this. I was so amazed that even in our immaturity, God uses us. I have come to believe, God uses us much more than we even know.

    Here’s to Believing,

  6. I once felt led to write to a young woman in our area who had just been sentenced for helping in a robbery and murder. Although i did not know her I wrote to her about her need for God’s forgiveness and grace. I gave the letter to a pastor who was involved in prison ministery with the women where she was. A year later she wrote back to me saying she had started to attend a Bible study after she received my letter and had accepted Christ as her Saviour. She was now filled with peace and joy something she had never experienced in her life before.She wanted to change her life and planned on finishing school and then going on so she could work with girls like herself who were caught up in the cycle of drugs and abuse.
    Only God could have directed me to write to her. Praise His Holy name!!

  7. Sometimes I feel that God has used me in the past but am I too broken for him to use now.

    Although I have to say that in the office he does use me. People have actually asked me how can someone with so many problems and with so much pain be cheerful so much of the time. And I have to give credit where it is due. Its not through my strength, but only through the strength of the Lord that I can function on a day by day basis.

    But do pray for me, some days to seem to be very hard, like today.

  8. I think God uses us to deliver a message perhaps a half world away.
    If I give assistance or a helpful word to someone here, it is entirely possible he or she will do likewise to someone else.
    Eventually this message of compassion will reach out and cover people as far as a half world away, and it all started with little old me.

  9. On of my favourite times, Grant, was following a teaching you gave at DOC in Ottawa. I don’t remember what it was about now, but I was feeling very “high” afterwards. My husband and I stopped off at the nearby mall to pick up something for supper and as we were about to enter the mall, a guy came out of the mall all stooped over and in obvious pain. I boldly asked him what was wrong and he said it was his back, and so I asked him if I could pray for him. By now his two friends had caught up to him and were standing there snickering and wanting to keep moving. They were a tough looking trio and I was glad my husband was with me. The guy, desperate for any relief, agreed that I could pray for him and so I placed my hand on his shoulder and prayed a quick prayer. To everyone’s astonishment, he straightened up and a big smile came on his face. I told him Jesus had just healed him, and the three of them left with him walking perfectly normally.

    Our God is full of surprises if we will just trust Him and reach out when an opportunity presents itself.

  10. Dear Dr.Grant Mullen: So, the faithful slave-girl shared her faith and was mentioned as a part of GOD’S plan to show the world that of all creation anyone can assist their fellow-human being from suffering to healing especially when it can be done by faith and the correct method that GOD will heal his people of the whole-wide-world anywhere in the earth. Thank-you Dr. Mullen for you bible story. Amen.

  11. I tick all boxes, no musical talents and our church has already got a pastor and a youth worker. But the Lord is using me mightily in the car park. He is using me in an amazing way to put the chairs out. It gets even crazier, old testament style when I am used to sweep the floors. I love it, because God is so good. He so obviously blesses me and honours me because of that to the point that other people say – “wow you are lucky”. we can be looking to be used in one way whilst God wants to use us in another way. Just roll your sleeves up and you will be used by God no end. Thanks Grant, it helped. Funny though how you put it because it is true.

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