Can you forgive yourself?

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The hardest person to forgive….

Is yourself!

When you can’t forgive yourself,

It means you are believing a huge lie.

When you remove the lie, you’re set free!

Click on the video and discover the lie that’s holding you back.

Now I want to hear from you

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  1. Dr. Mullen ,
    The problem Im experiencing is I think im accepting Jesus’s Forgiveness for my sins but my life circumstances seem to be getting worse , no matter what I try to change in my daily life , and I feel like im being punished . Would you please guide me?
    Thank You

  2. Post

    Dan, the feeling of being punished is based on a lie that we all believe at times. It’s incompatible with God’s nature and love for you. I’d be happy to meet with you at a counselling appointment to uproot the lie and replace it with God’s truth. Let me know.

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