Can you take a vacation?

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Do you find vacations stressful?

Yes I know who you are.

You are the Type A, high powered, driven person who can’t stop working.

You feel lost, bored and disconnected when you are away from your Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, laptop and desk. You live in fear of seeing the dreaded words, No Signal!

All the unstructured time drives you crazy. You set an alarm and make an agenda for each day that you expect the family to follow.

This week’s video will tell you how to vacation more effectively. I just came back from a cruise so I’ll tell you my secrets to relaxing better and faster. I want you to be on the cutting edge of relaxation like me.

How to take a cruise vacation

How to take a cruise vacation

Vacations are important if you are going to maintain creativity and consistent productivity.

So click on the video and join me onboard.

To live a transformed life you have to know how to take holidays and shut off work.

Share the transformed life! Send this to your friends who can’t slow down.

Now I want to hear from you

What was your best vacation and what made it great? Just leave your comments below.

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Comments 25

  1. our family used to go to this lake house for a whole week. Could not work or talk business. We swam, skied pontooned fished tubing. Just amazing that these are the vacations my kids remember. Not Disney World…

  2. The kids were still young and we were in the habit of taking some sort of a summer vacation. My family likes ruged camping, tenting and all that stuff. I like a little comfort and conveninces. So we planned, or I guess I could say I planned a week at a Fishing Camp and rented a cottage. It was up in the great white north. I like fishing and the guy hooked me, bait, line and sinker when he said the fish jump in the boat. I couldn’t resist it. We got there and it was outdoor bathrooms and my oldest daughter refused to use them. I don’t know how she did it but she didn’t. Even though my wife and kids said they would never go back there again we made the best of it. There were some nice sites nearby that we visited and a beautiful spot with a nice falls where we swam. We picked blueberries and enjoyed the beautiful nights. We even had a big black bear cross the road in front of us when we were site seeing along one of the nearby roads. Suffice to say we didn’t venture into the woods anymore after that. Apparently they were putting out bait for the bears because the hunters were coming the next week! It was fun (for me anyway!!!!) and yes the fish do jump in the boat, at least the one we caught did. Once we got it in the boat it jumped all over the place!

  3. Grant, your vacation video blog was hilarious! Great job! I hope your focus on “Transformed Lives” is attracting followers and revenues too. I like it and I pray for your success brother.


  4. I found mini vacations can really soothe the soul. One in particular is sea kayaking out and around Prince Edward County. Only an hour east of Toronto, yet you feel in a different world where the pace is slower, the people friendlier and the water challenging. I used to live out that way, but now I’m back in the GTA, so those many excursions around “The County” keep me balanced. I found that once out in the water and say 2km off shore you have time to just reflect and thank Jesus for it all.

  5. really enjoyed your ‘no blog’ video As far as my most enjoyable vacation it is retirement. Took me about a year to teach my self to sleep in but now that I’ve done that it’s great. –Just kidding my very best Vacation was the one my Sister & I took with our Father to meet his family in Sweden in 1983. We also visited his home Church, the Train Station he left home from, and the port the boat to Canada sailed from. We also seen a museum replica of the boat he sailed on. I took lots of pictures and can visit there again any time I want to renew the memories. My father went to be with the Lord the next year so the memory is very special.

  6. I am so glad you didn’t bolg this week! We’ve had a lot of favorite vacations: Camping and fishing when the kids were small. Some summers we were able to have a cottage up North with family and friends. One summer we took a week and did the “Trent-Severn Waterway”. We packed out little boat and had another family join us. Last summer we did an Alaska Cruise. We saw some of the beauty of Alaska, and you’re right, we ate. If I remember right, our ship was also called “The Good Ship Gluttony!’ (But the food was sooo good). We met folks from all over the world! In summary, it’s good to look back in this Thanksgiving Season and remember all the amazing things we’ve been able to see and enjoy with family and friends. Again, thank you for not blogging this week. Just thinking though, I’m not sure what triggered me to go down “memory lane.”

  7. Our best vacations were at a family resort in Jamaica. Everyone could do their own thing-activities for the kids (fishing off the dock, treasure hunts, movie nights, dress-up fashion show, “talent” night etc) and activities for parents (exercise classes, poolside games etc.) Most evenings there was some event-dancers etc.So we could do a lot as a family, and individually. We have 4 kids so it was great. Best of all, I could do things even if my husband wanted to sit in the room and read (He avoids too much sun!) And yes, we could eat-again everybody got to choose so EVERYONE was happy! -a rarity in our clan!
    PS I”m so glad you and Cathy had a great getaway-a good time of “growth” it sounds like!!

  8. It’s nice to see the scenery, Grant, accompanied by your Type A sense of humor.

    I know I’m definitely not that type because I would not be inclined to shoot a video, other than of my kids, while relaxing on a holiday.

    But you obviously enjoy it…you could not resist making the point to us of a person who can not break his routine, even during holidays. Well done.

  9. I am happy for you and your wife to have had a good rest from your rat race. I don’t know if I have had a true vacation. Seems I have always been going somewhere for some reason other than complete relaxation. Maybe a cruise would be the answer. I have not been on a cruise and worry that all the food would indeed be too tempting. But with discipline it just might be the thing to do to get away from it all. Thanks for keeping us posted and sharing your vacation. I love your dry sense of humour!

  10. Grant, I love your sense of humor. We’ve only been on 1 cruise but I loved it!! I really think vacations should be spent without cell phones or anything electronic. Too many people are under the false assumption that they’re indispensable and they have a hard time taking vacations. Glad you had a good “break”.

  11. Loved your video you are hilarious !! My best vacation is always by the ocean in N.S. where we rent a cottage and let the sound of the waves put us to sleep !! Long walks on the beach are really wonderful too !! I would like to take a river cruise in France some day !!

  12. Grant I love your sense of humor here. I believe our last vacation or cruise was 17 years ago on our 25th Anniversary when we went to the Brahamas. I thought it was terrific and relaxing so would love to go again someday. My husband is the hard working type who does not know when to quit. I am glad you wee able to go on a break.

  13. Hi Grant, I really enjoy a warm seaside, and thoroughly enjoyed listening to your video, I have not been on a sea cruise though I would love to especially to the warmer parts of the world. I love swiming in the sea but have not been able to for a while and look forward to when we can.

    Lovely to see you on a cruise and having a break away

  14. I think my least favourite holiday was the one that took my mind away from work. And the one that I have loved most did not relax me much. When I went camping last summer I managed to take my mind of work, but I think it was mostly because I hate camping, It was a crazy wind when we got there and tried to put our tents up. Then it rained like crazy and the water got in. Also, we were placed on a slope which meant i was tumbling down the heal during the night. On our way there we got lost a bit too, and I can go on and on. And also, did I mention that I HATE camping. But you see, all this took my mind away from work because I had challenges to deal with. On a slow and tranquil holiday, you have the time to think about work simply because you have the time for it. Not that you want to that is. But that is just my opinion.

  15. That’s an interesting new idea to get away from work. Make the experience so stressful that there is no time to think about work. Sounds like a great new product for travel agents to promote.

  16. I personally like doing nothing and find it easy to do. I love puttering. So the last 4 years of trying to camp was stressful and work-like activity not to mention the sleep deprivation. So, this year I declared to my farming husband that I refuse to camp for vacation unless he would like to take our 2 boys himself. Now THAT would be a vacation. Besides, we live in the country with wildlife, an amazing view, peace and serenity everyday on the farm, I love it and feel blessed to have this life. So, I vote for “STAYCATIONS” which is staying home in my comfortable bed, with running water and clean washrooms AND it’s cost efficient. Maybe a day trip to the beach and dinner out. I am content with where the good Lord planted me….. Now, if I could only get my farming husband to enjoy doing nothing at home, THAT’s the catch!

  17. This summer I rented a one room cottage right on a lake here in Ontario.
    It was my first holiday alone – I ate, swam, slept, watched movies, read, suntanned, sat by a mesmerising fire whenever I wanted, as there was no one else to schedule around. Just me and God.
    I was totally relaxed, had no time pressures, and came back planning to take “time out for fun or down time” on a regular basis when at home. I need to do that again – this is a fresh reminder to do so.

  18. hello thank you foor your comments.Yes I can see you were having a great time.
    Vacations are important to have. Perhaps eventually, I too can have them.
    Thanks for sahring. God Bless you both.

  19. Hi Grant,
    Loved this week’s blog! We’ve been on a cruise recently and I could relate totally to all you said. Must admit, it was my best holiday ever and I came back feeling totally relaxed.
    By the way, just want to thank you for all your DVD’s and blogs. My husband and I have had an extremely difficult year this year (lots of open pit mining), and God has used you to get us through it – and to become victorious christians for the first time ever. Love the picture of sitting on Jesus’ lap – that me now!!

  20. My and husband and I just had a most fabulous, relaxing week vacation at a resort in Jamaica. Loved every minute of it. The most stressful thing about it was trying to decide which restaurant to eat in or what bathing suit I wanted to wear that day!! It was our 25th wedding anniversary so no kids, just us. So wonderful!!

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