Discover a hidden key to good health

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Would you like to have better health?

Of course you do, we all do.

In 3rd John, there is a key to better health that few people know about.

Because it’s rarely discussed.

But it works.

We’ve proven it many times at our seminars.

Click on the video and start your journey to better health.

Now I want to hear from you

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  1. Hi Dr. Grant
    that was a fantastic Emotional Healing Seminar!! thank you
    I have been refreshed and revived by your teachings on the baggage and then the recovery that flows from the word, I didn’t think there was much more baggage because I attended your talks 20 yrs ago, but I soon found out that I hadn’t dealt
    with all the baggage, so there I was facing some more of my past, at first I was overwhelmed by it, then as I asked Jesus to tell me see what is the truth; and I recovered some new ground, that very day on sat. I was able to walk a lot, as never before, because of the prayers of forgiveness and being obedient to the Word of God, I can now walk all over Niagara Falls and enjoy the view with no pain in my legs; thank you Jesus and Dr. Grant Mullen ; I am very grateful, Judith

  2. yes I had a swollen arthritic finger and after my pastor led me to forgive my exwife and her husband I woke the next morning and my finger swelling and pain were gone my finger was back tp normal.

  3. Dr grant, that was very enlighting and I believe I have had a physical healing from depression. I am still doing medication but believing I will be freed from them. Blessings gerri

  4. I don’t believe I had any unforgive ness in my heart against anyone.i have asked the Lord to show me if I do.And have asked for his forgiveness. BLESSINGS Gerri

  5. About 20 years ago, I was healed of lung cancer by God. It should be noted: I was NOT a man that cared about God at the time, and He healed me regardless.

    It was after pulling a midnight shift at the prison where I was an officer. I was sitting in my living room. smoking a cigarette, watching Benny Hinn. The only reason I was watching him, was due to the fact that I thought – and still do think – he was a religious, charlatan, nutter.

    For some time prior, I was experiencing sharp pains that were presenting under my rib cage. There were other symptoms, and due to that fact that I was raised by a Registered Nurse Practitioner, and was also a trained/skilled EMT, I had my suspicions as to what I had.

    Fear kept me from seeing my MD, but as time progressed, I was beginning to think I would soon have no choice.

    Back to the show. Benny was on TV, walking across the stage. He began telling the audience that “God was telling him that there was someone out there with lung troubles – SERIOUS lung troubles – and God was healing him right now, hallelujah!” I sat there watching and laughing as Benny did this.

    Immediately after Benny finished saying that, my entire Thorax instantly became extremely hot. It was like a large pair of hands took a hold of it on the flanks. The heat was quite intense, but not painful. It lasted about 10 seconds at most, and then just as quick, dissipated.

    The pain in my thorax & the other symptoms were completely gone…never to return.

    I sat there staring at the TV. Benny had nothing to do with it, but my Agnostic mind was convinced that The Almighty God had indeed healed me.

    I turned my gaze to the cigarette in my hand. I watched the smoke rise from the very thing that nearly killed me. I didn’t know what to do or think other than extinguish the thing.

    In all honesty, I didn’t immediately turn to God. That took another 6 years, and another wife for me to finally do that. But thankfully, The Almighty is patient.


  6. Post

    That’s a powerful testimony Thomas. Particularly because you were a cynic and unbeliever when it happened! Thanks for sharing.

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