Do you ever feel insignificant and unimportant?

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Do you ever feel insignificant and unimportant?

In this week’s video I explain why humans need to feel significant and how come so many of us never get to that point.  No, I’m not going to stuff you with pride. You will learn there’s a big difference between significance and pride.

You will get back the keys to meaning and significance that you lost years ago. In five minutes you will stand taller and walk with new confidence….. or your money refunded.

So go ahead, have the courage to click on the video.

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Grant Mullen

You're more important than you think!

You're more important than you think, you cast Jesus' shadow

Why are we so self conscious, defensive and oversensitive?
Humans are fragile. It doesn’t take much to damage our self esteem and self worth.
But if you can’t accept yourself then you won’t be able to accept anyone else. You will always feel weak and insecure which makes your life a lonely, constant struggle.

These problems are so common, I recorded the presentation, Finding Self Acceptance.
In this DVD/CD I answer these questions:
* Why have so few people found self acceptance?
* Why is lack of self acceptance dangerous?
* What is the difference between your true and false self?
* Why are fathers so important in adolescence?
* What does “dying to self” really mean?
I will lead you through the steps to find and accept your true self.
At the conclusion, you can join me in prayers to release you from your past and launch your future.
Click here for more information.

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  1. I’m on ODSP and unemployed. I don’t feel that I am contributing to society unless I am working but when I work I am really insecure and my bi-polar comes out. How can I feel significant apart from work? My life has very little meaning and significance to me.

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