Do you ever get angry?

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Why did God give us the capacity for anger?

Isn’t anger a sin?

But Jesus got angry.

What’s the difference between righteous and unrighteous anger?

What triggers your anger?

What can you do about it?

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  1. What i did and needed was to understand what aroused my anger. When i linked the pain i had inside of me with my sudden strong feelings of anger, i started to appreciate what circumstances triggered me to be so negative. With good anger teachings, i also learned what my husbands pain was and appreciated his ugly silent responses too.

    Then i had to learn to recognize my emotions, to be alert to situations, and to leave circumstances that were not good for me.

    I had to really empty the other activities out of my life and focus on this area of becoming righteous before i was changed. Seeking God, being dependent on God and making persistent effort was key for my faith to increase, grow and mature in this area. |I had to “trust the process” even when i couldn’t see the outcomes coming.

    I am pleased to say I AM SO LESS OFFENDED and ANGRY and UPSET and CONFUSED and FRUSTRATED!! Thank you LORD!

    However, i need to continue to be alert, because when i am tired, sad, lonely, hungry, etc,,,and then i am surprised with something negative… yikes! I can slip and fall into sharp, ugly, unrighteous ways. So it takes diligence for me to be good and wise when i feel anger.

    Bless you all who are so easily angry and act angry in ugly ways! May God give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation to know him, to trust him, to know his ways and be able to walk in his ways as you seek him for such anointments! Seek and you will find!

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