Do you feel like five loaves and two fishes?

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The Disciples had an impossible task

How were they going to feed over 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 fishes?

It was embarrassing.

It was clearly not enough.

But Jesus looked at the situation differently.

He saw the potential for a miracle.

That’s how he looks at your loaves and fishes.

Click on the video and see what Jesus can do with them.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God used you in unexpected ways? Share your testimony to encourage others. Just leave your comments in the box below.

loaves and fish

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  1. What a timely word of encouragement! God has presented an opportunity for our community when I made myself available to Him to help organize and plan the event. I l am completely out of my comfort zone; but believe there will be miracle’s and testimonies that will come from these events:) Thanks for sharing Dr. Grant!!

  2. Hello Grant,

    The Lord often uses your videos to encourage me, and He certainly used this one tonight! In the end of the year 2000, God very clearly called me to become a Christian therapist and confirmed it many times. Although I initially balked out of fear, I did obey, eventually obtained my master’s, and my state licensure. I have enjoyed working with clients in various secular settings for the past nearly 8 years. And now, I am starting up a private practice, where I can freely share about the Lord and truly partner with His Holy Spirit. Although I am really excited about stepping more fully into God’s true calling, and I have a great deal of passion for helping people to heal, I am also terrified of working on my own outside of the supportive structure of an agency. Your video was very encouraging and reminds me that it is not about me and not about what I see when I look at myself; rather, it is about what GOD WANTS TO ACCOMPLISH in and through me! Thanks Grant – BLESSINGS to you!! : )

  3. Sorry I am a little late in responding, but I have recently been hospitalized and am now attending a Transitional Day Program due to anxiety and depression. I really believe that God has been using me, even though I am struggling to bless the others in my group by being positive and sharing my faith with them. I know God is healing me and though I have only two loaves and five fishes, He is using me even in my current state to give others hope.

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