Do you feel like giving up praying?

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Are you tired of waiting for answers to prayer?

Are you embarrassed to keep asking for prayer for the same issues?

Do you think God’s tired of hearing from you?

Have you given up hope?

There’s good news!

Click on the video and learn how Jesus really feels about your prayers.

Click here for the video where I pray for your healing.

Now I want to hear from you

What answers to prayer have you received after a long delay? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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  1. I persisted in prayer to sell my house ,then when the sale fell through I went back into prayer to sell it again. God was faithful it sold after 40 days on the market. I believe that season was preparing me for this season.

  2. I’ve been waiting for 38 years for healing and still waiting – I have declared the word, agreed with His power and still am left crippling along in life – I’m tired, discouraged and don’t have the faith I once had. I know Jesus is real, hears prayers but the long waiting is not doing me much good at this point.

  3. Thank you for your video’s . I have posted and shared the ones about unanswered prayer and not giving up in prayer, on our facebook page. My wife Rhonda loves the Lord and has been fighting against the effects of MS for 12 years. She has been a quadriplegic for almost 6 years now. She has been moved to a nursing home 6 weeks ago and can no longer eat and drink enough to sustain herself much longer. God has changed both of our lives in special ways over this journey. But we want to see 1000’s come to the saving knolegde of Jesus Christ as their personal Savior; as well as seeing Christian’s and marriages strengthen and restored. We are praying that God will release His healing to Rhonda at just the right time so that everyone she has ever met will have a chance to know God is real and that He wants to have a relationship with them too. I believe Rhonda will be “walking and leaping and praising God here in this world and He will use this situation for a great response to His saving Love. (Acts 3:1-10

  4. God answers prayer but I really get bothered by the idea that when we pray a certain way and God “doesn’t do it” the way we want Him to we don’t think He’s answered. Let me give you an example. For 19 years we prayed for our son. During that time we had many difficult days and it ended one Sunday when our boy took his own life. Did God not hear our 19 years of praying? Yes, He did. Did we like the final outcome? No we didn’t. Did we pray “the wrong way”. No, God ALWAYS answers prayer and I’m so thankful that He also gives us the strength to accept His answers (even when we humanly don’t understand). Thanks be to God.

  5. I was going to post something different…about how much I got out of Dr Mullen’s video. When I read the comments above, I became tremendously humbled. Right now, I am more thankful for the life I have. I think I was guided to read these comments even more than experiencing the video. This has been both sobering and insightful.

  6. Thank you Doc for reminding us to continue in prayer and for bringing to mind Luke 18. I tend to give up praying for my atheistic sister every now and again, but now I’ll persevere until my last breath; whilst I’m here on this earth. I do like your videos; they’re short but weighty and I thank you.

  7. I have been praying for 2 yrs for marriage restoration and nothing has happened ….I prayed sometimes 5-6 times a day and then my wife stopped talking to me …. Then divorce papers came in fell into a depression for I still don’t know why she left when we had a great marriage ! People till me satan attacked my home because I am a christian and my wife believes In God but not my beliefs . I gave up last week and now feel much better and relieved because I know longer pray for her and restoration !

  8. Dear Mario, I am sorry to hear about your wife serving divorce papers on you. I want you to know I went through the same experience of being served divorce papers when I didn’t want to be divorced. People make choices, good or bad and God doesn’t interfere. I also prayed and begged God, but to no avail; He had blocked that reunion. So I gave up praying for my ex and started praying for other things and as a child of God, He gave me the desires of my heart because of my obedience to Him. Pray without ceasing.

  9. Being a single parent/grandparent I am encouraged to pray, and pray, and keep praying. I see the point in the parable of the persistent one and I am so glad of this reminder to continue praying for my growing family..thank you Lord for the teachings through these videos.

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