Do you feel like God’s son or daughter?

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God won’t listen to my declarations

I’m not good enough, I don’t have any authority.

Do you ever feel like that?

Most Christians do!

It’s impossible to pray like a son if you feel like a slave.

You can change that today!

Click on the video and I’ll tell you how.

To live a transformed life, you need to get rid of your baggage and take your seat with Christ.

Now I want to hear from you

How has Jesus helped empty your baggage? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Climb onto Jesus' lap

Climb onto Jesus’ lap

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Comments 9

  1. Thank you! You’ve opened up the pathway to freedom with your help connecting the dots between who we really are and what has convinced us otherwise! I appreciate this…and I’m sure many will!

  2. Jesus has helped me get rid of baggage by knowing I am His daughter. I have had teaching on the orphan spirit which is similar to what you have taught. Thank you. I know I belong to the Royal Family and am not a slave.

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  4. The Lord has been helping me to empty my past baggage through christian counseling . Also, the Holy Spirit speaks directly to me by His still, small voice and tells me of things I need to let go of that I had no idea was there, until He reveals it to me.Things like unforgiveness toward parents who mistreated me, anger toward God for not protecting me from them, etc..I am so grateful that even as a baby christian I was taught that I was seated in heavenly places with Christ, and that I was fighting FROM a position of victory, and not fighting FOR victory..I understood my position in Christ from the very beginning of my christian walk and am so thankful for the Pastor who God had in my life at that time. So I’ve never really seen myself as a slave of God but as a daughter of the Most High God..I approach Him boldly because of the spiritual authority given to me by Christ Jesus in Luke 10:19..I was taught to never beg God for anything, but rather to declare and confess what He has said in His Word and wait on His timing for it to manifest..I havent practiced all of this perfectly, but I thank God I’ve been taught right..thanks Dr Grant..This message brings clarity where spiritual authority is concerned..Blessings and prayers..

  5. Grant Just had the time to look at your blog and realized how timely it was in my own experience the last couple of days. I have only came to the full understanding of who I really am in Christ over the last little while. I had to see a doctor yesterday about some medical issues that I have experienced and the diagnosis was very negative. Immediately on leaving the doctors office I strongly began to declare that my identity was not in my diagnosed condition, but that I am a blood bought son of the living God, who is holding my life in the palm of His hands. If I want to know what His plans for my future are, I just have to go to His Word. It’s all detailed there and it is extremly positive. Even though I was in the eye of the storm, the peace and confidence that settled over me was awesome. Grant keep on declaring that we are His children, and He is our Father who cares for us more than we could ever imagine.

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  7. God doesnt waste anything! very timely (like Bill says). I would like to recommend a chapter of a book called “The Grace of Giving” by Che’ Ahn: The 5th Chapter called The Original Design. I am enlightened with the combination of what The Word says, You: Grant, and Che’ says about we are ‘Created to Reign’.
    In Gen 1:28 we are called to multiply in number and penetrate the entire earth with our presence. And even tho we began in the Garden of Eden, it was always Gods plan that we would rule and reign over the entire earth. We are given dominion – not domination. This implies we are to tend and nuture it, to care for it, to protect it. (probably nothing new here?) The bit in Gen 1:28 we tend to overlook is the command to “subdue the earth”. I had never really understood this part before. To subdue, means to make low, to reduce the intensity or degree of, to tone down, to bring under control, to bring under cultivation (dictionary terms), and Che’s description: subdue means to humble or to bring low. He says, I Quote Che here “It implies subduing the enemies. We are given the authority and the responsibility to exercise loving dominion over everything on the earth, but this command indicates that there would be opposition we would have to put down. Ultimately, we were called to bring Satan down.”
    There is more to this chapter. But it has opened my eyes to the whole “taking the responsibility God has given to me (Christine Caine also enlightens this in her recent book – forgotten what its called), to live in the Position of Victory, already seated in heaven with Christ, and declaring His Dominion in everything.
    Anyhows just a thought enlightened with your awesome video posts. Thanks.
    Im laughing now – I think you already did a video post on this??

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