Do you feel like you don’t belong?

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I felt like an outsider

It’s unpleasant and uncomfortable.

Made me feel small and insignificant.

I bet you’ve felt that way too.

It can start very early in childhood and affect your whole life.

God wants to change the way you think about yourself.

Click on the video and start thinking differently.

Now I want to hear from you

Have you felt like an outcast? How did God help you overcome that? Just leave your testimony in the box below.

Do you feel like you don't belong?

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  1. Good words, Grant. Emotional pain from rejection is often far more long lasting and significant than physical pain. It speaks lies about your identity which can affect you life throughout your lifetime. Thanks for your encouraging words on the topic.

  2. The four biggest factors, for me, in not being lost feeling like an outcast, is knowing that the thoughts that come to my mind are not all from myself or God. Satan and his demons are able to send me thoughts that I absorb in my sin nature. So I know the crappie thoughts are not based in truth. As Satan is the father of lies who comes to kill steal and destroy my life, my well being, my testimony of God’s amazing live and restoration.

    Another knowledge that effects me is what Jesus said on the cross. “Forgive them Father, for they do not know what they do”. This is true for every human who hurts me. Even those who are being selfish and indifferent to my pain really don’t get my pain so they really don’t know.

    The third thing is to forgive people…every night… and again on other says … until I get resolved peace. We just can’t not forgive no matter how rude and deliberate and knowledgeable people are in their actions that harm us. Forgiving in duty has saved my life. I truly forgive readily now consistently.

    Finally, any action I take to bounce back, to do what I think Jesus wants me to do and any effort to be humble responsible for my own choices, actions and circumstances has great results. We don’t need to figure out a perfect plan, we just need to make a righteous plan and act on it. That humble obedience and submission is a signuficant way of how we get favor and blessing…change!

    Thank you Grant for your real messages that matter!

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