Do you have a dream?

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What happened to your dreams?

When you were a child did you have big dreams for the future?

Didn’t you feel like anything was possible?

So what happened to those dreams? Where did they go?

Why do so few adults still dream?

Launch into your dreamSome people can only dream of a beach front office. I’m living it!

Do you think it’s possible for God to give you a dream for the future?

If he did, what are you doing about it now?

In this video we’ll talk about dreams, where they come from, where have they gone and what does God want you to do about them.

To live a transformed life you need to step towards your dream.

Share the transformed life! Send this to your friends who like to dream.

Now I want to hear from you

What are the next steps you are going to take to move towards your dream? Just leave your comments below.

Figure our your moods

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Comments 20

  1. As long as I can remember I dreamt of being an excellent and loving wife and mother. My marriage crumbled and my children are upset with me and are not talking to me. They cannot understand the pain living in a marriage that is constantly attacked by adultery. I had also dreamed of helping others to finding freedom in Christ. I am moving forward now in getting emotionally healthy and learning to trust God for the provision. Someday I hope that God can use me in ministry again, but right now my focus is being the bride of Christ.

  2. God has been doing a work in this area of my life recently. I have come to realize that I have been living my life to make everyone else happy but not myself. I am at a point where I am willing to start to dream bigger things for myself…to please just myself and God and if it is God’s will then others will also benefit. I started writing a book and one of my dreams is to get it published. It is not a traditional cover-to-cover type book but rather a collection of poems, songs, collages that I’ve done as well as scriptures that God has used in my life. I’ve allowed myself to come to a stand-still with it because I am afraid of both my dream coming true and at the same time afraid of what would happen if it doesn’t come true.
    I am learning to trust God with it. I am taking one step at a time and look forward to what God has in store for someone like me who is learning to please Him and myself and not so much everyone else in my life.

  3. Yes, I have big dreams but I’ve had them for at least 10 years and I’m not ready for it yet. I don’t know what exactly it is but I’m still on and off drugs but one day (and I have before when I had 2 and then 4 years clean time in), I’d like to help girls on the street, specifically prostitutes. It’s not possible YET but at the same time, I AM wondering if it will EVER come true. I hope so. I just love addicts and I want to show them the way to Jesus.
    Thanks you

  4. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to helping us mature and be healthy. I have wanted to set up my own counselling through telephone ,part time and for retirement-your video came at a great time for encouragement!

  5. I am entering a new stage of life and look foward to seeing what God has in store for me. my children are finally on their own and my husband is taking some time off from his church duties to spend time with me. What does God have in store for us? Anything is possible with Him !!
    I love your new office Grant the ocean is my favourite spot even though i have a feeling you are near Lake Ont.

  6. Grant, this is a very good topic to both think and talk about. ‘Having a dream’, I had several dreams that did not come true for me which hurts. I know I should start to dream again but I am not sure about starting again. I enjoy reading other people’s comments.

  7. Hi Grant.. your video is right on target for me…I had been recently thinking on this very topic..When I was little, I used to dream of being a writer, or an astronaut, or something. But as I got older, got married, had a child and started facing reality, all my dreams disappeared. I started doing things to please others and went into the shadows, so to speak.I did not mind helping others to fulfill their dreams but I guess I was afraid to step out and try because I always felt like nothing good could come out of an ugly life like mine, due to abuse and dysfunction.I no longer want to be an astronaut, but I sure love writing, singing, praying for others, and most of all, sharing Jesus with people wherever I go..God Bless..

  8. Yes brother Grant this the dream the Lord has given me. It is to see the body of Christ flowing in the way He intended it to flow. This is the scriptural structure God intended for His body to flow in so we can began to be mature and grow to the mature man, Christ being the head.

  9. I stopped dreaming years ago because I always got hurt. So I opened myself up to dream again last year, and I got hurt. I was never going to dream again, but over the last 7 months I have been searching and getting closer to God that last month I took a step in faith towards a dream I had before. God is showing me how to fulfill my dream this time one step at a time. Mind you I prayed about it and asked God if it was what he wanted for my life. So far everyday a new part of my dream forms. Then today your message is on dreams and I feel through you God has given me another small step. Thank you and thank God.

  10. I love dreaming. I love looking back on the dreams I had as a child and teenager and how they have been apart of my life today. When I was 10, a lady in our church shared with the kids about a missions trip she when on. From then on I had a dream to do some missions work. So the first thing I did out of high school so go to Bible College and join the missions program. We went to China that year and had some really neat experiences. Next I thought that I wanted to be a teacher (have since I was young again), so I went to University and got my degree. Now I teach in a Christian School, but my dream is actually to teach in the Logos program where it’s a Christian Program with in a public school. Then I would have influence with in the school with Christians and non-Christians. I also dream of going on a missions trip with my husband. He is nervous to do anything like that, but I want to have this experience with him. God willing we will get to the place where we will go. The hardest things about dreams for me is sometimes understanding other peoples dreams. Like has God really given my husband the dream to drive a suped up truck with a lift kit? He is very creative when it comes to accessorizing vehicles and has many dreams about them. It’s hard for me to understand dreams that don’t make sense in my mind, but do make sense in someone else’s mind.

  11. I had a dream for many years that God would allow me to serve him as a pastor. Then he gave me my dream and it turned into one of my worst nightmares.

    I am real hesitate to dream anymore.

  12. I too, had forgotten how to dream. It was limited to “getting out of debt”. How exciting was that! I forced myself to imagine past that and realized part of me was already living my dream. I live in the country, with a wonderful husband, beautiful daughter – we have chickens and 2 horses. Adding to that, I wish to travel a little bit, but then be in the position to help others financially. So, I started a business which I am using as a vehicle to become financially free and to be help others. I want to help individuals, but also organizations like Teen Challenge, Hope Mission as well as environmental organizations like getting rid of all the plastic in the ocean. I thank God for helping me to recognize my dreams and I pray that it will materialize. He has given me hope for a future of freedom – financial freedom and a freedom to give to whomever I please and whomever he prompts me to give to.

  13. Thanks Grant and the other comments for your encouragement with a sometimes very tough process to reach our dreams. My dream is to full time pastoral care type work. I love praying for people, for healing, emotional, physical etc. I have been doing Prayer Ministry for 10 years and God brings people into my life that I walk with on their journey. A brain tumour, ex satanic cult involvement, the broken and hurt, elderly needing transport or visits, practical repairs to cars or things around the home. I love giving, even financially when I don’t have resources for my own needs. For almost a year I have been waiting for the doors to open, they appear but only enough to encourage the hope of the dream. So it is a journey of faith.

  14. Love it…..the encouragement to dream of planning a vacation. Those waves put it over the top for me. I agree, we need to believe in the dreams God gives us and keep hope that they will be accomplished.This is a great segment Dr. Grant. I will be sending it along to some friends. I love reading the comments from your readers as well…..(except those from people like R… who just used it as his personal pulpit…)Keep up the good work!!! You are helping us all to think bigger, go further and believe!

  15. I dreamed of waking up each morning and not feeling bad about about myself. So far the first part is happening really consistently and the second part is happening more consistently – so much so that I upgraded my dream to hope to wake up feeling good about myself. I have used your CDs, amongst other things, to help me see myself through God’s eyes. I love what he sees and my health is responding to treatment.
    Blessings to you and your family. XX

  16. That’s a lot of dreams! I think God gives everyone a dream but because we are in a fallen world, people and circumstances get in the way and so many dreams are abandoned. Have the courage to dream and take even a small step. Thanks for all the great comments.

  17. Reading all your dreams has been great! I just want to add, I see a common theme about “waiting until”. I want to encourage you all to see you are on mission everyday. As Dr. Mullen has suggested, everyday take a baby step. Goggle information, visit places, take a course–online or in person, talk to others about your dream, minister to whoever has you cross paths with–start with prayer and look at what happens next. Connect the two and take steps—start today!

  18. Grant ,
    The video stopped at 2.35 mins and I couldn’t get it going again. What do I do if I find myself in a marriage where my husband was interested in dreams and we thought we had the same dreams, now he is bringing up obstacles. It is automatically defeating when your dreams are based on a happy family but there are negative forces coming from all directions pulling and attacking. I thought my dream to have my own baby was good (was taken away), my dream of building our company (my husband doesn’t seem interested), my dream of raising healthy teenagers (they do their own thing and don’t want relationship, just money).
    When I was single, I dreamed of many things – to travel the world – came true – to buy my own house – came true – to live a healthy lifestyle near the ocean – came true. Why is it that I am now married and committed more than ever to Christ, that my dreams seems insurmountable ….. unachievable ….. like a cruel joke.
    Can you answer this?

  19. Helen,

    Life can be difficult and not work out how we expect. You sound discouraged. I want to encourage you Helen, to understand that the reason God gives us dreams is for his purposes. The results are up to him. It’s important to ask God to see things through his eyes. You think your teens don’t need you, but be assured they do need you as a stable force. God works out his purposes through our dreams in ways we cannot even fathom. Romans 12:12 Living Bible says, “Be glad for all God is planning for you. Be patient in trouble, and prayerful always” Ask God to redefine your dreams. Be faithful in prayer, and get excited about the new things he will bring a willing servant to.

  20. Thanks Rosalie, I never thought to ask God to redefine my dream/s. I have heard of him resurrecting dreams, but I strongly identify with Charmaine …… I am very hesitant to go there again. I am still grieving the loss of my one and only child (the teenagers are step-chidlren and have rejected me since I’ve been in the marriage) and just when I think I am ok and doing well in that area, I tend to topple and fall in a heap again. It is overwhelming.
    On the positive side, I did have a faint dream to be a runner and for some peculiar reason God has decided to bless me in this area, as I am currently training for a 1/2 marathon and it seems effortless, compared to other areas of my life. Also he has blessed us with opportunity to visit friends and relatives in Australia frequently.
    I don’t want to come across as negative or trite, but the subject of dreams can bring up a lot of anger for me, due to the emotions of loss and failure I have to deal with.
    It is wonderful to hear others perspectives and the freshness of what God is doing in their lives.

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