Do you have a handful of flour?

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Could God really use you?

I know, you think you are just an ordinary, dull, conventional Christian who doesn’t have any gifts or a TV ministry.

So many Christians think that their contribution to the Kingdom is insignificant so God couldn’t possibly use them in a supernatural way.

Yes I used to think that too until some people I prayed for were unexpectedly healed.

Do you think your unique gift is smaller than a handful of flour?

In this video I’ll show you what God and I can do with a handful of flour.

Just click on the video and get ready to partner with God to see miracles happen.

To live a transformed life you need to use your gifts then watch God do amazing things.

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Now I want to hear from you

How has God used your handful of flour? Just leave your comments in the box below.

I’ll talk to you next week,


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  1. Whew! So glad Cathy rescued you from making a disaster in the kitchen! 😀 God bless you for this wonderful video. It really points out that faith as small a mustard seed can provide great things if you only believe! Thanks for the words of wisdom! –Jan

  2. I had to be sent to a very large psychiatric hospital a few years ago which was a huge challenge and I did not understand why God had allowed this. I was not very happy and did not know how I would survive but to put in the time I decided to try to cheer up the other patients who were there and some more ill then I was. Looking back with God’s strengh I did make help those the other patients in a small way. – Patti

  3. Looks like big G is in trouble again. Messed up the simplest and oldest recipe. nice try though. Loved the illustration. Thanks

  4. The doctors said I would never leave a particular psychiatric hospital. God led me to forgive my mother and father. I am no longer the prisoner of my bitterness. The doctors released me thirty days later from this hospital in 2004. They acknowledged the miracle, but denied the Creator. I have never been back to any psychiatric hospital.

  5. Hi Grant!
    Six and a half years ago my wife and I went to Thailand to help rebuild homes destroyed by the Tsunami. Out of that work, God has rewarded our obedience by giving us a mission work in Thailand called Vision Thailand that now has about 40 national Thai workers, 25 church plants, a church planting school, three radio stations, a national TV program and much more. We followed God one step at a time, and God has multiplied our efforts; we have joined Him in what He is doing–what a privilege. Praise God!

  6. That’s amazing Jake. Aren’t you glad you took the very first step and acted on the initial thought “Should we go and help out in Thailand?” And now look how your handful of flour has grown into such a blessing to so many! What God can do with a small offering.

  7. God is an amazing God. He will take whatever we give and multiply it many times over. All you have to do is look at the lives that were totally surrended to Him and look at the lives they touched. I think of Mother Teresa, Billy Graham. They are two that first come to mind when I think of surrender to God.
    My greatest experience of surrender was during an unplanned pregnancy. It was only when my daughter’s father prayed for me, and then I was able to surrender to this gift of a new life. That was 19 yrs. ago. It’s been a difficult journey at times, but, God has carried me through. He can even take our negative experiences and use them for His glory. Praise the Lord.

  8. The book called Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer really drew my attention in a store. I mentioned it to a few women and the reaction was really positive. I thought of starting a book club at our church with this book as our first one and 13 women signed up! Then a woman from another church called me and her study group wanted to join us. We have all felt so blessed to firstly be meeting and sharing, growing in truth and God’s freedom! On this past Saturday I was at Weight Watchers and a woman really opened up to me about abuse that she has suffered and staying away from church for 12 years because of rejections and judgements. I asked her if she believed in God, had she heard of Joyce’s book. Her face lit up and we shared some more. We’re meeting to have our own bookstudy this week and its due to obeying God and buying a book at Walmart! Praise God!

  9. Love this video Grant and the encouraging truth it brings…to anyone. Love Kathy’s contribution as well… LOL!

  10. In 1993 I was asked to join a prayer group in Victoria. The renewal sprang from those prayers and we saw many lives touched by God through miracles and healings.

  11. I just spent yesterday with a longtime friend who doesn’t know the Lord. We have both lost loved ones and gone through some hurdles but we’re still friends. I could share with her about how Jesus is the only way to heaven. So often I have thought “Can the Lord still use me in some way”? I know He can. So thankful

  12. God has used me to encourage and spur on friends. My problem is that I never think it’s enough. That I have to do the « big thing ». God is in the process of setting me free from that. I am just retired and asking God ‘what do I do with the rest of my life.

  13. My little bit of flour with my little bit of oil? Well there’s the phone call to the person who’s having struggles There’s the pot of soup for the pot luck or the bag of oranges with the cookies for the after school program. There’s those bits of bright fabric scraps – enough to make a quilt to warm old knees or welcome a new baby or comfort someone grieving. There’s respect for the unsaved husband who closely watches my walk with Jesus and the sharing in the (dreaded) TV boxing specials he so enjoys. There’s the prayer team at church and my prayer time throughout the day. I’ve given up trying to impress God or to question His ways. He has given me small gifts, one’s that I may think are insignificant, but He knows I can handle. So I pass them around, share them or give them away and trust that He will handle the outcome.

    Grant, I like your apron it gives one the impression you are not out of your element.

  14. “Little is much when God is in it.”
    I have experienced this act of hospitality many times throughout my walk with God. He will take the little things and use it for His glory.
    I received a note from an individual who thanked me for “my pots and pans.” It made me weep as I realized God takes and uses what we give Him. Today him and his wife are in ministry; has credentials with the PAOC – to God be the glory.

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