Do you have a loved one with depression?

How do I get my loved one to accept treatment for their moods?

How can I support them in the treatment process?

These are two of the most common and important questions I’ve been asked in my mental health seminars.

Click on the video and get the answers.

5 comments on “Do you have a loved one with depression?

  1. Terry Lynn on

    Thank you for this encouraging information Brother Grant. I was hoping you’d have some comments about the ability to take antidepressants during pregnancy and/or pregnancy as a trigger and its effects on depression. My daughter has dealt with this in the past and is currently expecting again.

    Thanks so much!

    Terry Lynn

  2. Glory on

    Thanks Dr. Grant , for this valuable insight into depression and mood disorder. I came to know Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior while battling with depression and anxiety for two years, and having to take anti-depressants and sleeping meds during that period of time. I know how devastating it can be, to have the joy sucked out of your life and dwelling in darkness so black you cant even see the light at the end of the tunnel. Actually, you can’t even see the tunnel to begin with. But I thank God for the Light that came into my life and my heart when I accepted Christ as my Savior as a dying Moslem almost seventeen years ago. I found out I can choose to believe His Word over the lies of the enemy, and when I choose to renew my mind with His Word I saw a miracle happen in my own life. My parents were unsaved and my mom battled with depression constantly, and I know a lot of my problems were generational, and also me being unsaved at that time, and living in the darkness made my problems worse. He set me free and has helped me to stay free by the power of His Word, as I meditate on the Word and use it as a Sword and a weapon to cut the lies of the enemy. I love to share my testimony for His glory, because we overcome the devil by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. I have a relative battling depression and I’m praying she’ll give her life to Christ so she also can be free. Thanks again Dr. Grant for making a difference in helping believers to become emotionally healthy. There is Light at the end of the tunnel. His Name is Jesus Christ and He is the Father of Lights. God bless you. Glory.

  3. Debbie on

    Thank you Dr. Grant for this insightful video. I battled with depression and fought against medical treatment for many years because I thought it was a weakness to take meds. However, after reading your book, “Emotionally Free”, I felt so much peace at knowing the chemical imbalance could be treated with medication. My depression last 2 years before medication. I can’t stress enough your advice to stay on the medication. I came off as soon as I felt better and I relapsed even worse than before. The 2nd time on medication, I stayed on it 2 years after I felt better, just to be certain. I have been medication free for 10 years now. I have been encouraging a friend in our church, who has suffered from depression for 5 years now, to seek medical help. She resisted but has just recently met with her doctor and is taking a low does antidepressant. I had to encourage her not to stop taking it at the beginning because you often feel worse before you feel better and that is very frightening. I was encouraged this week by a text from her, “Debbie, I feel joy!!!” I’m so thankful.” That little sentence was so encouraging to me and I hope to others to keep at it when you are helping a friend to recover from depression. Now I have to pray that she doesn’t stop the medication too soon. Thank you, Dr. Grant, for your insightful wisdom from the Lord!


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