Do you have a prosperous soul?

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Your soul can affect your health

And your income.

Your internal world has a big effect on your external world.

Would you like a prosperous soul?

Click on the video and get started.

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Now I want to hear from you

What results have you experienced by emptying your baggage? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Do you have a prosperous soul?

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  1. Your video is so ‘right on’! I truly believe that our emotional baggage can affect us in so many ways just as you mentioned here today.

    I was in a place a long time ago where I was holding on to baggage that really messed me physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    After my awful diagnosis I knew this was time for me to begin a ‘new life’ in more ways than one. The first for me was ‘spiritual’ and then I worked on my ’emotional’ stuff. I gathered all the scriptures on healing and I found many but the one that stuck out was the one about ‘forgiveness’ in Mark 11:25.

    I started to trust again, I began seeing things differently and began to release everything and gave everything to God. I asked for forgiveness with those who I had offended and I started to see great results in my health.

    God’s word is true, His promises are real. I have only come to discover just how much God really wants to have a personal relationship with each one of us. I have seen so many miracles in the short time since I forgave and what was even better was that I knew my Heavenly Father had already forgiven me.

    It’s about leaving your pride behind and humbling yourself. God knows everything before and after you ask, and asking Him to help you to forgive comes by praying and with a sincere heart asking God to forgive you first.

    Although, not everyone I asked forgiveness is ready to forget but I am reminded that those who haven’t as it says in scripture ‘neither will the Father forgive them’. I am forgiven and I am obedient to His word and in doing so I can say that I’m living a life free of sickness, have more peace in my heart and know that I can face yet another trial that comes my way, because I know my Heavenly Father loves me.

    So much of what I went through has been a great trial for a great testimony and all of it for the glory of God!

    Thank you Dr. Grant for sharing and allowing me to share my story too. God bless you and Kathy and keep on going for the work of the Kingdom!

  2. Thank you Grant!
    Before I was married and a new Chrustian I was happy but broke!
    As I forgave God brought Shirley into my life and prosperity flowed in line with this scripture.
    God bless!

  3. One night I asked God to show me the sin in my life and He gave me a dream about un-forgiveness towards my step-mother. I honestly thought I had forgiven her but God knows our hearts. He supernaturally showed me how she had suffered earlier in her life and with a broken contrite heart I repented and forgave her and myself. I mourned deeply for her that day because I wanted to tell her how much I now loved her but she died a few years ago.
    God also showed me in the dream not to be like Lot; not to look back now. The baggage had been lifted and I was look upwards towards Him.
    God bless you for your videos which are a great help to all of us.

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