Do you have a secret place?

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How do you please God?

Do you work harder, hoping to earn his favour?

This question confuses a lot of Christians.

The answer is in the “secret place.”

Click on the video and I’ll explain.

Now I want to hear from you

How do you get to know Jesus in your secret place? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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  1. This is really good Grant! I find my secret place usually in the morning, where I take time in my big comfy chair with my Bible in my journal. It’s where I read the word, talk to God about what I just read, or my thoughts, and journal what he says to me. Sometimes I journal my prayers… Or layout my frustrations and wait for him to speak to me. It’s where I usually lay out the concerns or decisions that are before me and again wait for what he will say to me. And over time I’ve found that when I leave my big comfy chair, that place called the “secret place” that only He and I know about, where I check with him about his thoughts, or how he sees something, or what he thinks I should do, follows me throughout my days… We can truly dwell…live and abide… in the “secret place” continuously, all day long.

  2. This is my third year going through Jesus Calling. It still amazes me how each day meets me where I am at. I also have Jesus Lives and it is encouraging to. I do struggle with getting started and using these books help with that. I am fortunate to have time to myself but I don’t always take advantage of this but He meets me where I am at and I am always encouraged when I am done.

  3. Could you give my the name of the author of “Jesus Calling” or maybe post a link on you video blog next week? Blessings on your ministries. Regards Mike <

  4. Post
  5. Yes I also have that book. Second year of going through that book so now I’m going slower through it and looking up all scriptures. Have so many good devotionals but can get too much input and not enough meditation and waiting on God. Also like to take one verse in Ps. 91 and think on daily. Thanks for great message on secret place.☺

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