Do you have a stiff neck?

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Do you have trouble looking up?

You don’t realize how much your neck moves every minute until you can’t do it.

The Bible talks about stiff necks.

Kathy had one and God spoke to her (gently) about it while doing the laundry.

Kathy demonstrates how to do laundry

Kathy demonstrates how to hang laundry

In this video Kathy will tell you what she learned about her stiff neck and how it affected her relationships.

Just click on the video and join Kathy in our back garden.

To live a transformed life you must regularly check your neck.

Now I want to hear from you

How can you prevent a spiritually stiff neck? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 16

  1. Stiff Neck –
    I check my heart by asking the Lord to show me anything that is not of him – asking him to show me blind spots too – always pursuing and praying to walk in his ways, his will and to have the mind of Christ. This gives me so much peace, joy and love. Asking God to renew my mind and to help me to change mindsets. I listen to all of your messages and have ordered materials from you. I am always pursing to overcome by determination and never giving up. Just finished a 2 year trial – and I am so thankful for this trial that has totally transformed me and my life. Glory to God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Being open to change is the key for me. If I am open to look at myself and willing to here what God and others have to say, my neck stays fairly healthy.

    If you’re sucking air, you will change
    Weather you want to
    Or not
    Weather someone is pushing you
    Or not
    Praise God
    And thank Him
    Because you are sucking air
    Thank Him for friends
    That love you as you are
    Thank Him for friends
    Willing to go through the process with you
    Thank Him
    For leading you down the path to betterment
    Thank Him
    For loving you as you are
    And loving you too much to let you stay there
    No one can change you
    They can only encourage you to be better
    No one can force you
    They can only share in the experience
    No one can make you do anything
    But they can be by your side in times of need
    They go hand in hand

  3. thank you kathy for sharing what the man upstairs and you have been talking about latley,…to be honest,i dont think ive ever known how to deal with my stiff neck and rebellion towards god…but what youve spoken on the issue does strike a chord within me and have started to try to deal with issue god bless you and grant and your family and ministry

  4. Thank you Kathy. I have found that getting alone with God in a dark room where it is peaceful and quiet helps me to hear from God. There I ask God to show me where I lack humility. I always do this with paper and a pencil. I confess my sins and allow God to tell me how to repent. I actually make a list of ways to repent while always trying to be Spirit led. thank you for your message today!

  5. Hi Kathy, That was a cool message! And I do believe I have a stiff neck towards the Lord. Still in the early stages but I am wanting to believe that God is not going to “make me” do something I don’t want or can’t do. I tend to avoid Him because I think He might tell me to give away all of money or move to some place with a frigid climate. Or worse yet, He may tell me to just cool it and relax!

    So, anyways…thanks for sharing this honest message. You and your husband are neat and I appreciate you caring about God’s people.

  6. I hope Kathy is not having any hand troubles. Love the banners. When I find myself being stiff necked and prideful I remember that Jesus came to this world for everyone including myself. Concentrating on that thought helps me to get rid of my stiff neck.

  7. Hi Kathy
    Thank you for your video and sharing with the video community. My question has something to do with a stiff neck because if we have not prepared ourselves to hear God, we can’t hear Him. We are starting a study on hearing God and was just wondering how do you hear Him?

  8. Had a minute so here’s my 2 cents worth… On this particular occasion it was an impression. I was busy trying to hang the laundry and suddenly out of the blue I had a sense God was trying to get through to me and the impression I had it was to do with my stiff neck. That is something I don’t normally talk to God about so it surprised me. Often He’ll give me pictures as the banners show… or He’ll draw my attention to a particular Scripture verse and show me how it applies to my situation. So for me those are the main ways. Hope that helps.

  9. having a stiff neck makes you a sitting duck. you can’t see things coming at you from different directions. it is such an important message. thanks Kathy and bless you.

  10. I love God and how because we are individuals and he knows where we are at in our relationship with him and knows what we need and when we need it, shows us what we need to see when we need to see it, reveals what needs to be revealed when it needs to be revealed and the most awesome thing about all of that is we don;t keep any of it to ourselves we are suppose to be a blessing to others and share our experiences. Thank you Kathy for sharing that revelation with us God Bless

  11. Kathy and Grant,

    I avoid my neck getting stiff by trying to be patient with everyone I meet and realising everyone has a story to tell and they’re looking for someone to tell it to.


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