Do you have baggage?

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Your personality has been shaped by your emotional baggage

Is that a problem?

So what’s in it?

How did it get there?

How can you get rid of it?

Click on the video and start unloading.

To live a transformed life, you need to empty your baggage.

Now I want to hear from you

How has God helped you empty your baggage? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Emotionally  Free

 Here’s the book he’s talking about

Through patient interviews and my own personal journey God gradually showed me that there were three links in the chain of emotional bondage that kept Christians bound spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Emotionally Free describes those three links and how with God’s help we can be set free to live a transformed and victorious life.
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  1. Excellent video Dr Grant..this is not a topic that is talked about in many churches today.I recently had to deal with tremendous losses and I saw firsthand the lack of knowledge in the churches when it comes to emotional healing.In the past three years or less, I have had to deal with the deaths of both parents, best friend, very good friends, neighbors,etc..and the grief was almost overwhelming.Almost thirty-one deaths altogether. When I asked a mature, Spirit filled woman of God to pray for me because I was battling with so much grief, I was told that I shouldn’t say the word grief. She said I should say that I’ve had some pain or some crazy stuff like that. The churches in some areas are so ignorant they won’t even allow you to say that you have a problem.Some people are in bondage because the church folks wont allow them to be transparent enough to talk about their problems. They’re afraid they’ll be judged or people will condemn them for having no faith.To answer your question. the Lord has been helping me unload the junk in my life from my past through christian counseling, prayer and fasting and replacing lies with His truth..God bless..

  2. At one time I thought I would never get set free from all the emotional and physical damage that kept me in bondage. Through some good Christian counseling and reading your book thoroughly, I was set free indeed. . I also gave one of your books to a friend in need. I’ve been to many of your seminars and teachings and thank God for you and your beautiful wife. Both of you are gifted in the area of setting people free. Glory to God!!! I would recommend your book “Emotionally Free” to anyone who is struggling with any kind of baggage. Praying for you and this wonderful ministry God has placed into your care.

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