Do you have emotional baggage?

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I know you’re fine

Lots of other people have emotional baggage.

They need to deal with it.

So they can get along with you.

But what if you’re wrong?

What if you have baggage too?

Click on the video and find out.

Now I want to hear from you

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  1. Do i still over react? Yes. But not like I used to. I used to feel crazy when triggered by my pain. I have much MUCH much more knowledge now.

    I’ve been to a few counselors. The most fruitful counseling is one that gives insight into your problems from a biblical point of view and brings you to a very humble, honest confession place about the hurts of your pain and then prays for Jesus to heal that most deep place. Then offers you direction for you to obey or teaches you how to hear the Holy Spirit direct you directly.

    Some Christians seem to want to say that once we are healed we have nothing to do with our former pain or triggers. I don;t think we need to say that. I don;t think it is biblical to say that. Jesus had marks of his scars. We are still human in a sinful world.

    I think it is best to keep tabs on yourself. Know your history. Know what gave you pain, what lies you believed, and what you’re currently tempted to believe/behave. Continue to pray for insight and healing in more and more details of your living. Be alert.

    I am a new spiritual creation when God came to dwell in me. But my two parts, the new me and my old sin nature, still wars with each other. That isn;t embarrassing. That is normal. That is Christian. Non Christians don’t have a born again spirit for their human self to war with. So we Christians have it tougher.

    But we are SO MUCH BETTER OFF!! I love God’s changes in me. I love having new understanding. I love all the details ways God’s disciplines and refines me. I love all the benefits. The blessings and rewards are non-stop. I love my life, despite the sin nature and difficulties, despite the pain and suffering i;ve had, despite i can feel alone sometimes.

    God is totally sufficient. He affirms me in my actions to please him and do life his way.

    Emotional baggage is hard to deal with. Our spouses, siblings, parents, kids can be really hard to deal with. But making yourself a great person of grace and compassion and patience and humility is the solution to every difficult person you have in your life.

    If you find your counselor hard because they are determined to get to the heart of the matter and pray over it, stick with it. If you find your counselor all over the map and letting you go on and on about other people… then experiment with a new counselor.

    Also, spend the money. Spend the time. Spend the resources you have. Ask for financial help from your church if you really can;t make it work. Let them see your budget. Do ALL THAT YOU CAN TO RID YOURSELF OF YOUR OVER REACTIONS!! END YOUR SIN!! Its the right thing to do. God is gentle and good. He guides you to deal with your stuff little by little. Each little bit is a big deal. You CAN do it!

    Blessings to you and your life of lessons! May your heart mature into a great, healthy, fruitful plant!

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