Do you have mood swings?

Everyone has mood swings

Most are normal.

But some swings are abnormally wide and disruptive to your life.

So how can you tell the difference?

What can you do about them?

Click on the video and find out.

To get the written prayer for the healing of depression, just email me at

To live a transformed life, don’t put up with mood swings.

7 comments on “Do you have mood swings?

  1. Laurie on

    Good Morning to Wayne King. In case Dr. Mullen does not get back to you in time for your afternoon appointment, the “Am I Normal”, questionnaire can be found by gently scrolling to just about mid-way on the left side. There are some boxes in bright red and just below information on ordering DVDs, CDs and the such you will find it.

    There will be a video picture and scroll further down to where it says self test and listed are depression, OCD, anxiety, bi-polar, schizenphrenia, and a few others I think. These ones are more written statements that you can check mark. There is also a statement with a line struck through it that leads you to an online questionnaire that you place your clicker on and at the end will spit out a scale. It is called your M3. Interesting.

    Best of luck on it and your afternoon appointment with your psychiatrist. Hope you find the it okay and gives you the info you seek.


  2. Laurie on

    Another comment I would like to add are a few messages I heard from James McDonald of Walk in the Word on Sept 1 & 2. The topic was on depression and the biblical person being discussed was Elijah. While some of the message is difficult to hear for various reasons; as in it somewhat over simplifies what we experience, there were some very valid points made.

    They ring true in my life whether i am willing to really admit it or not. Anyone willing, could go to their website, “Walk in the Word” and search for I am guessing recent aired messages. You can listen online for free I believe. I hope I am not stepping on any toes here Dr. Mullen, but I found the messages encouraging and meaty.

    Thanks for your blog you send out, the encouragement, and for the work you do. I have considered contacting you. Maybe one day.

  3. Susan Hamill on

    About 4 years ago I was given Celexa and this caused me to have hypomanic symptoms, through trial and error I was put on a mood stabilizer lamotrigine now I am on 150mg and clonazepam for an ongoing anxiety disorder a low dose. I had bipolar 2 caused by the antidepressant I was sped up and it was a really tough journey. I was wondering what would happen if I tried to come off of it as I am not taking an antidepressant and if it was caused by this as prior to this I was depressed then I should be able to come off of them as the cause was the antidepressants. It affected my past job and relationships and is painfull how emotionally labile I was. I was going to talk to my doctor but I have heard there are theorie that you must be bipolar even if caused by an antidepressant. Just wondered about this and trying to lower the dose or come off of them all together I do not want to slide back into the same scenario.i am kind of worried about a potentially serious Steven Johnson Syndrome risk even though its small. My tendency over the years is to have low moods and some normal ones. I have been on different types over the years and I think Zoloft gave me milder more normal symtoms.

  4. Dr. Grant Mullen on

    Susan, yes it’s true that an antidepressant can uncover a previously hidden bipolar disorder. Lamotrigine is my favourite stabilizer so you are on good meds. The risk of skin rash is only when you are starting out, not after you’ve been on them a while. If you stop it, you risk going back to the way you were. So I suggest you just leave it and enjoy a stable mood.


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