Do you have undiscovered gifts?

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Walking with God is an adventure!

What gifts and talents do you have that are waiting to be discovered and used?

Can you trust God with your future?

Are you willing to let him lead?

Click on the video to hear the story of a nurse from Nova Scotia who unexpectedly became a pastor in the Canadian Arctic.

To live a transformed life you need to allow God to uncover and use your gifts.

Now I want to hear from you

What unexpected gifts have you discovered in yourself? Just leave your comments in the box below.

Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories

Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories

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  1. Dr. Grant…what a delight to hear even more of the “treasures of the north”…Knowing Pastor Odell from our times into the NWT makes this even more meaningful. Bless you…bless the truths still in motion on those videos…I trust that more of our First Nations communities can benefit from your teachings. Bless you in all the ways you are resourcing the Body of Christ.
    With rejoicing,

  2. I too am amazed that I serve as a married priest in the Catholic Church. I knew God’s call to missions at Urbana Illinois n 1973 .I received a strong affirmation of that call in 1995 while a 40 day retreat that the field was “white for the harvest” and the call is to small communities that nevertheless have a rich life. It took 4 years before I was called to Yellowknife NWT and then February 2007 to be called to minister in the Sahtu (central) region of NWT to five mission communities that were fly in only. Ministry amongst the Dene is teaching to let performance addiction die and let the gracious love of God just flow through me as I listen and pray with people for salvation and healing….thank you Dr, Grant for your recent trip to Hay River. It is not enough to be justified by faith but also to believe and trust in Jesus as Lord to transform our lives daily until His return –from glory to glory. What a wonderful destiny we Christians have.

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  4. Dr. Grant,
    God is always full of surprises that we don’t anticipate. From 2004 – 2008 I was sent to a long care nursing facility where the average age was approximately 75 year old. Many of the patients were ‘ hungry for the Word of God’ yet there was no person in charge to nurture these poor souls. I was at that time 51 years. The Lord put it on my heart to take this role.
    At first I argued with the Lord that I was much younger than these people and did not have any ‘ papers or credentials’ to undertake such a venture . The Lord reassured me that He would guide me and give me the direction to do the work He was calling me to do.
    With great surprise the institution granted me permission for 2 days a week! So I prayed , made notes as I studied His Word and began to preach on Sundays and teach on a day through the week. I was amazed at how the Lord brought the residents in week after week and the numbers kept growing. Even some of the staff dropped in and began listening to His message through me. And Dr. Grant, on some occasions I was asked to come in and pray with those who were at the verge of their demise. It was a great and glorious experience for those years watching people giving their hearts to Jesus prior to their impending deaths.
    If God can use me like that , He can use anybody who believes in Him!!

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  6. God surprised me with my writing skills, and with the fact that I am indeed a people person. I never thought of myself like that; until the last few years. Wow. Who would have guessed that a social phobic could end up being a writer and speaker and loving it. 🙂

  7. Growing up in a traditional Chinese home; girls are only allowed to participate quiet activites like reading, playing piano, tea parties etc; I was inactive almost my whole life. Until 3 years ago, (I was 41), slowly discover my active side and abilitiy to exercise. Long story short, God healed my foot, now I’m on the road of being an group exercise instructor. He is amazing and anything is possible with God.

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