Do you have vision?

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You were designed to be visionary

God made humans to be creative. We are wired to change, invent and improve things.

In fact God’s will is accomplished on earth as man responds to God’s inner promptings to imagine and carry out His vision.

But how do you know when the vision is from God?

That’s the hardest question.

Do you know where you want to go?Do you know where you want to go?

No one wants to follow the wrong vision and end up in a disaster.

In this video you will learn the importance of vision and how one man with a Godly vision could change the course of history.

Just click on the video and expand your vision.

To live a transformed life you must step into God’s vision for your life.

Now I want to hear from you

What visions has God given you? Just leave your comments in the box below.

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Comments 14

  1. God has perfect timing. On the way to a session to address memories from my past, fear grips me and I opened your video. God’s words spoken through you help me face this day. My vision is to heal from the past and then, help others face their fears. Thank you for sharing with us:)

  2. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO!!!!!! It helped me make a decition on what I have to do. I was asked to lead “Maid for Ministry” and I was so scared and overweled and many other feelings when I was asked. I ignored the email until today. I will do it 🙂 THank You

  3. I have desire to go on a mission trip to either help in Africa with the starving women and children or with the human trafficking I have a deire to have a career change with youth but money issues and my kids need me at home. Also I am in a lot of debt and other problems that qould say now is not good timing unless God shows me otherwise and opens doors and oppoirtunities.

  4. You said at beginning of video God gives a vision to somebody and if they refuse the vision, God gives it to somebody else. How do you know this? While there is some wise, commonsensical advice in the video, I couldn’t get past that this is really the way God acts. Is there biblical evidence to support this?

  5. I read a great book “Emotions can you trust them?” by Dr. James Dobson. There is a section “How to test inner feelings & impressions” since some are from Satan, from God, or could be our own making. There are 4 questions which are expanded on: 1. Is it Scriptural? 2. Is it right? (eg would it result in the depreciation of human worth or the integrity of the family or related traditional Christian values – such as God would not tell a woman to abandon her children & be a missionary somewhere else). 3. Is it providential? Are the necessary doors opening or closing. 4. Is it reasonable? Does it make sense, consistent with God’s character, contribute to the Kingdom. – “Satan will offer false representatives of the will of God, including astrologers, witches, mediums, false teachers, etc. We must scrupulously avoid these alternatives and “hold fast to that which is good”… retain our faith and “wait on the Lord”.
    I know about Satan disguising himself as an angel of light. He deceived me to cause harm – since I was a child by speaking to me “No… should marry a (& last name)”, and then age 27 to 47? giving me dreams about this man – including after I prayed to God for an answer: where to find him, about him, & something into the future that would identify him 100% as the man I had been dreaming about – so that when I met him I was convinced (or wanted to be) that he was the man I belonged with – even though this obsession was not good for me and he was kind, believed me, didn’t feel the same interest towards me & had the right attitude “I don’t know what it means?” Also no other Christian or my pastor would confirm that my dreams were from God. Later my pastor described why they were not from God. So it’s very important to get confirmation & I would suggest from your pastor – or elder.

  6. Jury, you ask a good question. A Biblical example would be Judges 4 when God wants Barak to lead but he is too timid so Deborah has to step in. I have also been told by prophetic people that sometimes God asks them to do something because others won’t. I think God gives us lots of opportunities to do great things for him, some will respond, others won’t.

  7. hi Dr. Mullen ,

    I viewed the video on Vision ! I still don’t know what my Vision is from God?

    I know my dream and assessment I took once on career was and maybe still is to become a teacher ?

    Like you mentioned dr mullen, the FEAR + PAST BAGGAGE??? I would need to work on more and more as well the low self-esteem!

    Please keep me in prayers

    Thank you



  8. i don’t have a vision.the only thing i can come up with is to pay my bills and pay off my maybe instead of struggling all the time,be comfortable.

  9. I have felt a deep desire for over 5 years to pursue counselling and now lead a women’s group at my church. It is wonderful to watch women open up and apply God’s truths to their lives and I’m right in there with them. I am teaching now and hope to retire in 5 or less years. The big obstacle is money to do my masters to have the training to this end. My closest friends encourage me and I love the opportunities that I have had to hear my students’/parents’ hearts- their fears, hopes and worries. God really blesses these times and shares His wisdom with me for others. I wonder if I’m missing/not seeing something that I could be doing now. Can you please help me here? Blessings!

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